American Patriot’s Options

The clock is running out on American patriot’s hopes of saving the nation from the communist left and averting a future street war with tyrannical Democrats. Democrat’s massive election fraud by counting anonymous mail-in ballots after Election Day will become law if they steal the presidency and take power in Congress. American law does have safeguards against this, but they are failing from the Department of Justice to the Supreme Court to Congress. If President Trump does not stop Democrats from taking power to establish their fascist communism as the law of their new Amerikan Socialist Republic, there will be few options left to the people who still believe in liberty. Democrats will promise the Sun, the Moon, and their stars to fools who believe their smears of the righteous that will be their scapegoats as they continue to steal elections and American prosperity.

How to Combat Rigged Elections:

  1. Investigate the crimes (which is being conducted by Republicans, not the DoJ)
  2. Expose the perpetrators and their methods (which is being denied – surprise)
  3. Prosecute them in court (which is being obstructed)
  4. Congress reject Electors from states allowing ballot fraud
  5. Martial Law is the last option if Congress fails to act
  6. Secession is the last option for Americans who want to live free if Democrats succeed
  7. Submit to tyranny is the option for those who are too cowardly to fight
  8. War is the final option to combat the tyranny of leftism
  9. Death is the final solution to life’s problems

Democrats will use every means by which to enslave the populace. From confiscation of wealth to forcing compliance to new laws through such things as another Chicom bioweapon attack. They will pass laws that abolish Constitutional rights and remake America into a fascist state run by communists. The left will take away the rights of citizens to make them subjects of the new ruling class. There will be no more free elections. There will only be elections in which Democrat voter fraud overwhelms Republicans until the GOP is rendered extinct. Stopping their corruption now can be done if Congress and the courts take proper action and the President invokes the Insurrection Act to crush Democrats in the streets and in Congress. Otherwise, Martial Law will be his only course.

The two-faced lies of leftism are again exemplified in Pelosi’s Covid relief bill extolling the grand beneficence of Democrats giving American citizens $600 while giving illegal aliens $1800. This is the two-faced tramp that called Trump’s $2000 tax cuts for working people “scraps.” Democrats and their propaganda media rip every great thing President Trump has done while praising the glory of every crappy thing Democrats do. Biden promises to keep his integrity while investigating his family’s crimes? You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe this! This is how communists keep their sheeple of the masses in line to bow and scape for the pittance they receive from their ruling elites who live like lords over peasants. That has always been the basis of leftism from monarchies to these modern socialist oligarchies. They rule through force like gangsters. The turnabout of AG Bill Barr is a prime example of someone whose family is being threatened in a way they can’t be protected from leftist terrorism.

Communists win through violence. Stealing the election is just a form of violence. If President Trump doesn’t have the full backing of Congress and the military then options 4 & 5 will be useless. Biden/Harris are already encouraging caravans of communistas from south of the border. Many states may opt to secede from the Communist States of America to save themselves from Democrat invasions and confiscatory taxation. That will result in a war with the fascists throughout the nation. The option to submit is for cowards and quitters. No matter what happens, war is the only option that will result in the left either being crushed or enslaving all. At that point your only release from this will be death. So, the real option is either to fight now and risk death or die in slavery later. Patriots believe it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

[Author’s Note: Those who are foolish enough to expect any kind of justice under a Harris administration will quickly have their balloons popped. Harris will pardon the Biden family for their crimes while persecuting the Trump family for their patriotism. If Donald Trump doesn’t understand that he won’t see 2024 but must fight now, he’s already lost. This is the communist war on America, Putin’s Revenge for Reagan tearing down the Iron Curtain, and we are on the brink of defeat. Khrushchev’s tree of corruption is bearing fruit.

The Georgia senatorial election will be stolen just as the presidency is being stolen. Democrats are perfecting their anonymous mail-in ballot box stuffing that they will use to full effect in the mid-terms and forever after. Conservative voting will become an exercise in futility as the free states are steadily overtaken by the slave states of socialists. Only true patriotism now before the fat lady sings will see these Democrat criminals who are orchestrating this insurrectionist coup brought to justice or the nation will be lost forever.]

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

Democrats will create a nation of dependents who will be fed from stealing from those who work for a living to give to those who vote for a living. This is how they will retain the power they have stolen along with continuing to cheat the electorate. Voting will become an act of futility for Republicans.

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3 Responses to American Patriot’s Options

  1. Dorothy Potts says:

    I re-read in my 2015 diary all the horrendous acts of the terrors against Christians and Yazidis in Syria by BHO’s jv Team x all BHO’s excuses for islamic terrors his pro ‘communist’ stance and his derision for Patriotic Americans. My whole person revolts against the thought that this will happen again under Harris n Biden x I live in the U.K. and realise how good President Trump is for the World, if he fails, the Hounds of Hell will ride again.


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