Immigrants want to carve out their own state in America

Islam in Washington

Islamists are infiltrating the West, not to assimilate, but to carve out their own territory within the territory of their ignorant enemies.  Obama and the Democrats are allowing Moslems, Mexicans, and Africans into America who are establishing enclaves of their own countries within the borders of the USA.

In the 19th and 20th century, tens of millions of people immigrated to America to live the American Dream.  They left their lousy countries behind them and came to America to become Americans.  Now in the 21st century Moslems, Mexicans, and Africans are coming to America not to become Americans, but to carve out their own states within America.

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey declared that western nations expecting Muslims to assimilate are committing a crime against humanity.  He also said that calling some Muslims “moderates” was an insult to Islam.  “Islam is Islam,” he affirmed saying there is only one Islam and the members of “so-called terrorist organizations” are as Muslim as anyone.

Dearborn, MI institutes Sharia Law in violation of Constitution in America

Assimilation is a “crime against humanity”

Erdogan – there is no moderate Islam

This is the result of Democrats catering to anti-American multiculturalism and pandering to whoever declares themselves to be a minority.  The fact is that everyone in America is a minority – including and most especially Christian white men who are the primary target of Democrats.  Christian white men fought for, established, and built this nation – the greatest nation in history.  The Left consists of all the jealous, petty, mean spirited people of the world who believe they have a right to steal what Americans have worked to achieve.

Obama Democrats want America to fight their global warming fraud

Democrats open borders to Ebola, Enterovirus, ISIS, and Obama’s Revenge

Rush Limbaugh –

“A lot of people see the country falling apart trying to grant all of these demands.  And the theory goes they’re not going to be a part of it anymore.  To them, particularly religious conservatives, it’s unacceptable.  So the formation of a parallel society exists.  Now, the Islamists, there’s a parallel itself here.  The Islamists and their main champions — and one of them is the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  One of his beliefs is to pressure Muslims into assimilating in the culture of the west is a crime.

“Erdogan is the president of Turkey, he’s the grand poobah.  He claims that to pressure Muslims, say, for example, in the United States, to pressure them to assimilate in the culture, into our culture, is a crime against humanity.  So what they want is a parallel society within a society, where they govern their affairs under Sharia Law and we handle our affairs according to the Constitution and everybody peacefully co-exists.

“Now, one of the reasons this is so interesting is that our government tells us that Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the other Islamists are moderates.  We’re told they are moderates.  These are the moderate Muslims we can do business with.  And the moderate Muslims we can do business with want a parallel society of Islamists living in America under Sharia Law and everybody else goes about their business.

“The same people, the Barack Obamas and the Chuck Schumers and you name it, the same people in this country who tell us that guys like Erdogan are moderates tell us that the Christian right, religious conservatives, Judeo Christian people who believe in religious liberty, want to live under the Constitution, are extremists!  This is how the Islamists in our midst can be called moderates. They want a parallel society under their own law. Conservative Christians who might want the same thing are nutjobs, wackos, and extremists that have to be dealt with.  Same people, Democrat leadership, defining both groups.  And it’s the conservative Christians who end up being the wackos and the extremists and pose the real danger.”

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