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Leftarts indoctrinate children who believe in truth and righteousness

LEFTARTS – Leftwing America-hating radical terrorist socialists who are liberals lacking a moral compass.  Learning to think morally does not mean learning to reject God. American liberals have been indoctrinating children into their deviously flawed ideology for decades through schools, … Continue reading

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Hillary wins recount to become President!  Democrat prayers answered!

Don’t they wish?  Hillary’s Leftarts are terrorizing America in an effort to overturn the election and thwart democracy. Democrats are proving they are the true threat to democracy in America.  They believed their own lies about a Hillary landslide that … Continue reading

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LEFTARTS! – Leftwing America-hating Radical Terrorist Socialists

A leftist by any other name is still a deceiving, uninformed, delusional socialist whose dysfunctional logic is based on false premises leading to America’s decline. Leftists are always trying to label the Right as they see us – racist, sexist, … Continue reading

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Leftwingnut media launches all-out propaganda war on Trump

“Trump’s ‘dark vision’ of America must be stopped at any cost!” What liberals want to do is stop Donald Trump from restoring America to greatness and keep the corruption of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes alive.  What liberals want … Continue reading

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It takes a village of idiots to raise a liberal

“Those who can – do.  Those who can’t – teach.” – Liberal saying As a former liberal I can speak with complete authority on what it takes to be a liberal and what it takes to be a conservative.  I … Continue reading

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My five questions for President Trump

We won the election, but we haven’t yet defeated Washington.  Donald Trump has a mandate and that is not a mandate to work with Democrats or be part of the Washington corruption. President Trump, what will be your legacy?  Building … Continue reading

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Liberals say ‘fake news’ denigrates Obama’s great achievements

Obama labels conservative media “fake news” due to his own delusions of grandeur and deceptive nature. Leftwing propagandists say rightwing propaganda is why Trump won the election.  Obama’s great achievements have been smeared by conservatives with “lies and distortions” according … Continue reading

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Trump’s election will end American’s freedom and life on Earth

Liberalism – the contradiction between knowledge and intelligence. Liberals are suffering from psychotic breaks over the election of Donald Trump.  They believe life on Earth will end from man-made global warming and that it is guaranteed because Trump is president.  … Continue reading

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Democrat Derangement Syndrome result of leftist deceptions

Hillary lost and liberals don’t just want a trophy – they want the crown! Cowboy’s EPIC takedown of liberal protesters Defining American liberals is easy – ignorance lacking morality compounded by bigotry.  Now that they lost the election the spoiled … Continue reading

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CO2 the global warming lies

Liberals have no clue why they believe the scientists that say mankind’s CO2 pollution will destroy all life on the Earth.  But they’re ready and willing to give your money to their Democrat overlords in the name of saving the … Continue reading

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