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There are three types of people in the world

Profound philosophy can be found in the silliest comedy. People as they are born are small, petty creatures filled with envy and greed.  They are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, (sic MIB) who resent those who are not, and they will … Continue reading

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How you can help the black cause to stop oppression in America

Blacks are protesting and rioting across the country all in the name of a lie that cops are racists hunting blacks.  Barack Obama and Democrat leaders are encouraging this in order to secure their LIV base. What will it take … Continue reading

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Baltimore mayor gives protesters the go ahead to riot, loot, and burn

Black rioters in Baltimore reign supreme with mayor’s blessing.  Police withdraw as rioters loot and burn at will. Mayor Rawlings: “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” Baltimore mayor: “Give protesters space to … Continue reading

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Bush damns Obama’s weakness vs. ISIS

Democrats wouldn’t give President Bush and America’s soldiers credit for taking down Saddam Hussein.  Instead, they condemn them for fighting an “unnecessary war” and stirring up a hornet’s nest.  W finally came out to denounce Obama’s weakness in the face … Continue reading

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Assassinating the Clintons, Obama releases damning evidence of corruption

Hillary says, ‘Nothing to see here, it’s all Faux News,’ and LIVs buy it. Democrat media propagandists, Obama’s hand puppets, have all acted as if the corruption inherent in the Democrat Party doesn’t exist.  But suddenly, as Hillary Clinton is … Continue reading

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Explaining Koch brothers and Palin Derangement Syndrome

Democrats instill insane hatred of Koch brothers and conservatives through liberal media propaganda.  The Democrat Party engages in fascist tactics against the Right, and acts as organized crime against business demanding payoffs for protection and favoritism.  They push frauds like … Continue reading

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Democrat fascists unmasked – terrorizing the Right

Wisconsin Democrat prosecutor persecutes Walker supporters with police raids to steal their property on false pretenses.  Nationally, as Jihadis gain power around the world Obama announces that climate change is the greatest immediate threat to national security.  He announces plans … Continue reading

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The 13th Dimension of the Universe and God

In our physical universe, the one which we perceive through our five senses, we know there are four fundamental forces that interact in our universe.  They are known as; strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational.  But while three are comparable, gravity … Continue reading

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Reason vs. Emotion – the rift between conservative and liberal thinking

Why does it seem men are from Mars and women are from Venus?  For the same reason that conservatives are rational and liberals are emotional.  For the same reason Republicans are the party of reason and Democrats are the party … Continue reading

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Leftists fail to understand the difference between socialism and pensions

Private pensions are superior to both government and corporate pensions Why do liberals think Social Security and pensions are socialism?  For the same reason they think being a business owner taking a higher salary than employees is greed.  Liberals do … Continue reading

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