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Lala judges, NOT Trump, are in violation of the Constitution

The U.S. Code of Law is clear.  Trump has complete authority to institute a ban on whomever he, as President, deems dangerous to Americans even if that includes ALL Moslems! Liberal Activist Leftwing Anarchist judges are not ruling in accordance … Continue reading

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Deposing a tyrant

America is getting off Obama’s train of division and decline and jumping on the Trump Train to renewed prosperity that will bring unity. Barack Hussein Obama may have been elected president, but he was never the leader of the free … Continue reading

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Flushing Obama’s legacy down the toilet

Obama’s new home. America’s experiment in banana republic socialism by making a Moslem leader of the Free World is bearing the fruit it deserves.  Obama’s legacy of stifling the American economy, shutting down American energy, unleashing criminals on police, and … Continue reading

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Migrants Jesus and Muhammad and their legacy

Pope Francis in his Christmas prayer reminded the world that both Jesus and Muhammad were migrant refugees.  Apparently his history education and current event understanding are both lacking and dysfunctional. Pope says refugees like baby Jesus Those of us who … Continue reading

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Islamophobia and how leftist propaganda has been infused in media

“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” – Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins Whenever Christians denounce Islamic terrorism, liberals argue against the Right that it isn’t Islam.  When it is proven that Muhammad was the … Continue reading

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Still spitting on Americans the Obama way

American hater Obama never passes up a chance to spit on Americans. While overseas, Obama once again showed his contempt for Americans telling Laotians that Americans are too lazy to take the time to learn about other countries.  Unlike Obama, … Continue reading

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There May Be an Honor Killing at the White House

Obama’s 18yo daughter went slut at Lollapalooza 2016 leaving daddy upset While Obama and his liberal media are more than happy to slut shame Melania Trump for nude photos, it’s a different story when it’s Obama’s mother’s nude photos being … Continue reading

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