The Righteous Lessons of Cartoons for Christians

I wanted to publish this article on this day of September 22nd that is known among fantasy fans as the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.  Why?  Because of the importance of fictional literature and movies in relating stories that teach Christian morality.  Many of the books and movies we read and watch today are Christian morality tales of good over evil.  Audiences are far better educated than those of the Medieval era, but they are every bit as susceptible to being duped.

These lessons are lost on liberals who hear the stories but can neither relate them to either historically or morally because they haven’t learned.  Rush Limbaugh, America’s truth detector and doctor of democracy, recently spoke of American’s obsession with childish things like superheroes.  But I am speaking in defense of them.  Fantasy, science fiction, comic book superheroes, cartoons, and fictional stories of myth and legend are often used to teach moral lessons.  These are Morality Plays that teach lessons of righteousness, of the love of God, and of turning away from evil and temptation.  That they take place outside of reality is just a vehicle to keep the listener’s attention.  They are not just lessons of the mind.  They are lessons of the heart.

Naïve liberals, however, overlook the Christian undertones of these productions.  They are often scorned and diminished if they do see or hear character’s professing their faith as in Stan Lee’s Spiderman with Tobey McGuire.  The Christ figures in stories and movies like Gandalf, Aslan, Neo, Captain America, and Superman are also easily missed by those who do not understand the Bible.  All of them stand against evil guiding others to righteousness, and all of them have brought themselves back from death just as Jesus did to become the Christ.

When it comes to liberals, however, these lessons are often confused, distorted, mistaught, and misunderstood.  How many liberals actually believe that Nazism is a rightwing ideology?  How many think Trump is Hitlerian and Republicans are Nazi racists?  How many are ignorant of the Democrat’s history of slavery, oppression, terrorism, and endorsement of leftist ideology?  How many do not understand that Democrats in the 1930s lauded the socialist ideologies of fascism, communism, and Nazis just as they are praising, protecting, and promoting the leftist anti-Christian ideology of Islamism today?  Has anyone taken an accurate poll of this delusion that is promoted by leftist media propaganda?

Deception, C.S. Lewis teaches us in “The Screwtape Letters,” is the Devil’s primary tool.  We are fortunate in having him become a Christian advocate thanks to his friend J.R.R. Tolkien leading him to Christ.  Other authors teach the importance of Christian morality in a variety of ways.  For myself, it was friends and teachers who guided me to the writings of Tolkien, Lewis, and others like Felix Salten who wrote “Bambi.”  Great film makers like Walt Disney that are also great Christians infused Christian teachings into their movies and incited interest in learning more about them.  Bringing fairy tales to the silver screen and inspiring youngsters to find the books from which these lessons are taught is a method that eludes leftist condemnation.  (e.g. Bambi is not a cute story about a deer, but a story about finding God.)

Modern comic books, or graphic novels as their fans like to refer to them, are a mixture of Christian teachings and humanism depending on the authors.  In some cases, corruption from younger generations seeps in as they did with Superman becoming a “citizen of the world” when the world is wholly corrupt.  This happens often in morality plays that are scoffed at, as is old wisdom.  Youngsters who do not understand that wisdom never becomes obsolete but is timeless, unlike technology, are often easily misled to believe that humanism has values superior to Christian faith and the teachings of Christ.

The reason we must always stand up against wickedness, perversion, and immorality in all its forms is because embracing them is what leads people to reject God.  Rejecting God to embrace selfishness, which is Satan’s realm, is what leads people down the path to their own destruction.  No matter how hard it becomes to stand against evil, no matter how dangerous, we must always stand for righteousness.  Sam’s monologue at the end of “The Two Towers” is a speech for the ages.  Even as Islam once again invades Christendom to overthrow the Messiah and impose their false god on the people, and atheist socialists seek to impose their humanist rule, it is more important than ever to not back down in the face of leftism.

Sam’s monologue at the end of “The Two Towers”

It is an unfortunate truth that many actors are not grounded in Christianity as the characters they portray, but it should never be overlooked that the writers have the greater wisdom and that actors only pretend to be those heroes.  The difference between actors who rely on their emotional memory pretending to be heroes and soldiers who actually live the lives of heroes in faith, sacrificing for others, is profound.  Where 90% of soldiers turn to Christ as they face death, 90% of actors turn to humanism as they wallow in their luxury.  Actors can speak the words, but few truly understand the faith behind them.  The same is true for all people.

While good and evil are easily identified in stories, they are often confused in life.  In “Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith,” George Lucas thought he was teaching conservatives about being misled by deceivers to embrace the Dark Side, but his story reflected the misguided beliefs of liberals – if only they understood that following leftist ideology is following the negative, wrong, wicked ideology.  But those who are deceived cannot see through the deceit when they ignore all the facts to arrive at their own erroneous truths.  The reason liberals never engage in debate with conservatives is because their leftist ideology is always ripped to shreds in a rational exchange that leaves them spluttering in irrational hate.

The corruption of heroes by the left occurs often and subtly in tv and movies.  I first noticed this when, in Star Trek VI, Spock referred to the more violently inclined Klingons as “conservative elements” that would want to go to war.  What about war has ever been conservative?  Nothing is conserved in war.  It’s always a roll of the dice that leads to destruction.  Liberal language even found its way into the Avengers.  Black Panther used the leftist quote of “build bridges, not walls,” but he certainly didn’t take down his walls and build a bridge to his enemies.  Even tv writers get into the act having their characters declare fraudulent things like climate Armageddon to be a real-life danger and heroes to be liberals.

But, if you understand how propaganda works, and can recognize foolishness in media that promotes leftist ideology, you can often get past their bad ideas to enjoy the show.  I will never stop watching the movies I love that teach great morality despite their leftist actors cursing the righteous.  Likewise, I will never believe the smears and slanders of good people in the media.  Leftist liars always throw crap at the wall hoping it sticks, but it only sticks in the minds of the ignorant.  The purpose of leftists is to deceive people in order to turn them away from what is righteous.

There is no better way to do that than to smear the righteous as sinners.  What the naïve do not understand is that we are all sinners.  The only difference between the righteous and the wicked is that the righteous accept Christ as their Savior and are forgiven.  For this “sin against humanity,” leftists curse and revile them seeking to cast them down to promote their own anti-God beliefs.  Faith is not absent in atheism or agnosticism.  It is only rejected.

These stories may be cartoons, they may be fictional, they may be unrealistic, but the morality they teach is always real.  All of us, in our temporary lives, are here for one purpose, to learn to recognize evil and turn away from it.  People have a choice in life to love others as they love themselves or to detest others as they detest themselves.  Love is about caring for others and not just serving oneself.  The lesson of morality plays is to teach people that God is about loving others while embracing Satan is about selfishness.  We are all born sinners just as we are all born ignorant, and it takes education, learning morality, and life experience to learn that selfishness is self-destructive.

The left errs in believing that God creates evil and sends people to Hell.  Evil is only found by turning away from God and choosing Hell.  Those who choose salvation do not automatically become perfect people that live without sin, and it is that human flaw on which leftists focus to tear down their message.  Becoming Christian does not mean you cannot enjoy life, only that you should not let pleasures consume you.  You can still eat ice cream and have sex, just don’t be a glutton or lecherous hog.  Morality teaches us not only to do what is good but to do what is right, and they are not always one in the same.  Learning the difference between good and right is what learning morality from fiction helps people to understand.

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[Author’s Note: Ask a liberal, “Do you understand that walls have two purposes?  Can you name them?”

  1. To protect those inside by keeping enemies and the elements out.
  2. To protect those outside by keeping criminals in.

Socialists have a third purpose – keep their slaves from running away.

In the movie, “Black Panther,” liberals cheered when the greatest nation in Earth, Wakanda, said he would take his walls down.  But he didn’t, did he, because they were needed to protect them from Thanos’ invasion fleet.  Liberals have a great deal of trouble thinking sensibly and are easily duped into believing irrational fictions.  Cartoons should be a way to reach them, but for some reason they are learning opposite reasons to good moral sense.]

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