The Free World is Dreading America Becoming a Communist State

All the free peoples of the world are currently living in dread that Democrats will succeed in overthrowing President Trump to establish themselves as America’s new communist dictators. For the USA to become the CSA – Communist States of Amerika – will be completed within the next two years as Democrats unmake constitutional law and fundamentally transform the greatest nation of liberty in the world into a totalitarian socialist state. Any pretense they foster claiming to represent liberty will be a transparent façade like Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, and Mao’s China as the USA falls to the communist left. They will stack the courts and Congress to make voting an exercise in futility for Republicans as they keep Covid lockdowns in place and milk red states for tax money to pay for blue states. Believing there was no election rigging by Democrats requires accepting the word of thieves on their honor that Biden won the fewest counties with more votes than any candidate in history, but only in certain swing states. The same people who believe this are those backwards thinkers that believe you shouldn’t treat Covid flu with antibiotics.

America’s future will be decided in the next two weeks. Will we remain a republic or become a communist state? Liberals may be in denial of everything they do wrong and every lie they tell, but those of us who don’t suffer from their dysfunctional backwards thinking know better. Donald Trump is America’s last hope to save this nation from the darkness of leftism. It remains debatable whether the Congress or SCOTUS will take any action or sit on their thumbs and twirl. The future of America is at stake to a hostile, violent overthrow by criminals, thieves, and their terrorists. America relies on patriots like Donald Trump to stand against the onslaught that the people cannot. We cannot order an investigation into our government. Only those we elect can do so. If they fail, then all hope is lost because we know the criminals running the Democrat National-socialist Communist Party will certainly not investigate their own crimes. They will persecute us!

Medical Science vs. Liberal Science

Liberals say they are the people of science, yet they don’t understand that there are only two human sexes or that mankind cannot change the climate of the planet. When it comes to Covid-19 they say that antibiotics should not be used and that Hydroxychloroquine, a common drug that has been safely used for decades in tropical countries to fight Malaria, is poisonous. Meanwhile, while people are dying because they are not being given antibiotics for flu caused infections, everyone in government from Washington, D.C. down to local mayor’s offices are taking Hydroxychloroquine. So, why did they say people shouldn’t take it? Because they needed to save the supplies of this medication for themselves in government. Why are they refusing to give people antibiotics? To reduce the elderly population that typically votes against Democrats because we have learned that they are pathological lying sociopaths driven by greed running a propaganda machine to dupe the ignorant.

Ask why deaths from other causes are attributed to Covid-19 even when the case is the victim of a shooting or car wreck? Why have other flu virus related deaths vanished? Is it because of the lockdowns and travel restrictions? If that were the case, then why is Covid increasing? Is it because all flu and cold viruses are all Coronaviruses? So, now all testing attributes them to be Covid-19 to make it appear ten times worse than it actually is? Doctors make excuses why flu viruses have disappeared that only sound reasonable if you’re not very bright and don’t question what they say. You begin to recognize lies when you realize what someone is saying on deeper examination doesn’t make sense. Our government is lying to us. Democrats are lying to us. And RINOs that join with them are the same as them.

The truth that this Covid-19 originated in a Chinese lab is now being admitted by Democrats and exposed to the general public just as Biden’s mobster family crimes are now being admitted to in the leftwing media after the election. The same is true of Democrat’s terror groups like Antifa. Portland’s lying mayor is now calling them hazardous saying they should be crushed as they are now threatening him rather than threatening Republicans. This is the degree to which Democrat’s two-faced lies will go to destroy liberty in the United States and make us a totalitarian communist state under their rule. All liberal Democrat leftists are two-faced, lying, sociopaths who believe they have a right to steal from Republicans because they smear us with their lies.

These are the people who will rule over the masses as totalitarian dictators. Like their predecessors, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao who killed over 200,000,000 people with their wars and pogroms, gulags and concentration camps, re-education and extermination camps, the communist Democrats will tire of trying to dupe patriots and act to destroy us through persecutions. This is why it is extremely imperative for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and enact Martial Law to bring them to justice. Otherwise, in the coming years, millions of Americans will die to leftist tyranny, which they will, no doubt, blame on Trump as they destroy him and his family for daring to stand against them.

The Socialist Inquisition

[Author’s Note: Thieves do not surrender what they have stolen voluntarily. They do not admit their crimes but justify themselves through their immoral mirrored lens by which they see others. This election will not be settled peacefully. If President Trump does not take action against the Democrats, they will overthrow him and abolish our Constitution to fundamentally transform American into their communist state of fascism. Even if he is successful in fending off their attempt to steal the election through actions by Congress, their Antifa/BLM fascist commies will take to the streets and do far more than burn a few downtown businesses. Democrats will continue their shadow insurrection to enact a coup in the next election and ever after until they are brought down hard!

In either case, the only resolution will be invoking the Insurrection Act to put down the Democrat’s coup attempt and to crush their terrorists. America is in for a war either to save the nation or be destroyed by Democrats who will persecute everyone who stands against them. What thieves take by force must be taken back by force. President Trump currently stands in a position of power with which to defend liberty and mete out justice. If he fails, then the full might and power of government rule will fall into the hands of leftists who will bring it down on the heads of the righteous patriots and their children. Khrushchev’s threat will become a reality. Biden is bragging that the senate runoff in Georgia will see massive ballots like no other election has. That would be ballot fraud. Why would anyone be allowed to vote in a runoff that didn’t vote before? If this isn’t a setup for more massive anonymous Democrat ballot fraud, what is? That’s why patriots must vote and expose their lies.]

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Science or God

Deranged Liberal Journo Wants to “Beat Antimaskers to Death,” Claims Jesus Condemns “F***** Christians” (Typical Jew hating atheist leftist telling Christians what Jesus would do. Leftists always claim to act for God when they hate God. Their god is not the Father of Christ.)

“Christian” opens 117th Congress with prayer to Hindu god

Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’

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President Trump vs. Democrat’s Insurrectionist Coup

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