It wasn’t Trump that was the cretin at debate as Biden says

The moment Biden started making the first false statement about Trump, The Donald was all up in his grill spitting in his chili. Before it was over, moderator Chris Wallace, who said he wanted to be invisible, who said he would not act as a “fact checker” on stage, was chastising Trump over 75 times cutting off his responses whenever an actual debate broke out, and demanding he condemn white supremacists for the umpteenth time. Of Biden he gave a complete pass for all of his racist remarks like, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,” and his support for Antifa rioters that he said was “just an idea.”

So, we’re not supposed to believe we’ve been watching them riot in the streets attacking Trump supporters for the last four years? Wallace and the leftwing media condemned Trump for some obscure group called “Proud Boys” that went to Antifa riots and battled them, but never once asked Biden about his endorsement of BLM rioters or his condemnations of the police. It was Biden who said Trump is not smart and only knows how to make personal attacks, not talk the facts, who made all the personal insults calling America’s president “a clown.” That leftists demand respect from Donald Trump when they smear him constantly with lies is the pinnacle of their arrogant insolence. The only regret is that Trump, in his ire, spoke over Biden as the latter was beginning to have meltdowns and saved him.

Wallace all over Trump giving Biden a pass

Trump didn’t have to debate Biden. He had to debate Biden AND Wallace. At the very last, Wallace threw the left’s false narrative at Trump demanding he again renounce white supremacists as if he ever endorsed them. This is the lie that Trump has borne from his first months in office. Democrats of the leftwing media created this lie by mischaracterizing his remarks about the peaceful protesters in Charlottesville. They twisted his words to claim he was talking about neo-Nazis, one of whom had just killed a BLM protester. Trump said, “Sure,” and then demanded that Biden denounce Antifa Nazis who have been rioting alongside BLM Communists for the last four years. Biden refused saying they don’t exist. His contrived talking to the camera was an appeal to his witless lemmings to believe anything he says.

So, which candidate told the truth, and which lied again? If you can’t figure that out, then it is no wonder that America is falling into the darkness of leftist democratism. The media has smeared Donald Trump 24/7/365 for six years now. Only the oblivious idiots of the liberal left believe in their lies about Republicans as Nazi racists, Russian collusion, and such fallacies as man-made global warming. Is it any wonder that these dupes are Democrat’s suckers who will soon be parted from their money? Biden’s denouncing the Green New Deal that he promised to Bernie and AOC is how Democrats plan to betray their rabid base.

What Trump should have said was: “Chris, you ask me to denounce white supremacy over the lie that I endorsed it, and you don’t ask Biden to denounce Antifa after he says they don’t exist? Wtf is wrong with you?”

Chris Wallace, who said prior to the debate that he wanted to be invisible and not be an on-stage fact checker, violated his own rules and became part of the debate against Trump. He fact checked Trump using leftist lies and failed to fact check Biden’s leftist lies. This debate was a debacle before it started. And it wasn’t Trump’s aggressive style that made it so. It was leftists who insisted that their lies be put forth as the truth and Trump’s denials of their lies be labelled as lies. This is the dilemma in which ignorant people find themselves being made dupes. One leftist pundit said his sixth-grade daughter ran out of the room in tears because of the mean orange man. Dear leftists – GFY!

Democrat Indoctrination of Ignorant Liberals

Democrats are saying America doesn’t need another debate like this because of the bad orange man. But they’re okay with smearing Trump 24/7/365 for years with their lies. They whine that Trump wouldn’t let Biden finish a sentence. That’s because Biden’s every statement was not about his policy or the state of America today. They were always smears and lies about Trump! Wallace even promoted two of those great lies. The white supremacy is one. The other, we discover, is that Trump doesn’t pay taxes and only paid $750 in income tax in 2017. This has been revealed to not be his taxes but a payment for an extension to file. This is the kind of lie that Democrats create to rile up their base of ignorant fools who don’t listen to the whole story. The idea that a billionaire pays no taxes is absurd. That Democrats have a tax code to allow millionaires massive deductions is lost on idiots who think Republicans created the tax code for the rich.

Miseducated liberals don’t know that Democrats are America’s racists, that Nazis are a product of leftist ideology along with all other facets of socialism like communism, fascism, imperialism, Islamism, and all totalitarian governments. They don’t know, even after an exhaustive three-year investigation, that Russian collusion was a fiction, and that the investigation into Trump’s past produced not one scintilla of evidence of wrongdoing throughout his entire life. Donald Trump has to be the most honest, honorable billionaire in the world. He is the opposite of Barack Obama who constantly says his administration was scandal free as more and more proof exposes how deeply corrupt and scandalous it truly was. Democrats are suckers who believe what they are told rather than what they see. Don’t believe your lying eyes, says their masters.

They think climate change of a couple of degrees that occurs naturally all the time is caused by man. If that were true, then we could control the weather. It should come as no surprise that there are liberals who believe George Bush created and steered Hurricane Katrina into New Orleans. These people, who think Republicans don’t believe in science, believe in their own phony science about things that are literally insane such as humans having more than two sexes. Liberals failed at all levels of education from math to history, from science and biology, to civics and politics, religion and morality, and everything else in academe. Philosophy and psychology are lost in their minds as they are lost in society. This is why leftists seek them out at younger and younger ages to warp their minds. This has to be stopped to save America!

[Author’s Note: Democrats will not denounce their criminal terrorist rioters that they have gone so far as to pay, transport, equip, and bail out of jail. They denounce voting because they want to count millions of anonymous mail-in ballots that are cast in the names of people who do not vote. Disappointed that millennials never show up to vote? They will this year by the millions via mail-in ballots. You can’t go to millions of millennials to ask them if they voted to find out they didn’t as usual. Democrats are counting on this to overturn the election after Election Day in whatever swing states they need a few tens of thousands more votes. This election is going to be a farce creating chaos that Democrats hope to ride into the White House and complete control of the nation.

That there are “undecideds” out there is not a testament to moderates who spend time weighing the candidate’s issues. It is a testament to the ignorance of people who are oblivious of what has been happening for the past ten years. The presumption of leftists that the righteous are guilty of crimes is their backwards ideology that is the equivalent of declaring God the oppressor and Satan the liberator. Democrats offer nothing good, nothing right, nothing moral, and nothing true to the American people. They only offer servitude to what they want – a one party socialist state.]

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1 Response to It wasn’t Trump that was the cretin at debate as Biden says

  1. Roy says:

    All the hype by FOX news about Chris Wallace getting to the bottom of the issues turned out to be bogus. The debate might as well been moderated by a CNN or MSNBC host.
    Wallace never lets a Republican get away with not answering a question. with democrat’s he just says okay, my next question is……


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