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Who Jesus Hates

Leftist liberals see humanity through the mirror of their dysfunctional immature mentality projecting their own bigotry onto others. Their ideology that racism is systemic in white people is the pure bigotry of their own systemic racism against whites – especially Christian conservatives. Their version of justice is to convict people on the basis of false accusations just as the witch hunters of Salem did along with their predecessors of the Inquisition. Their truth is based on false facts rendered from twisted logic formed by dysfunctional minds. Their mentality is that of the ignorant immature being so arrogant as to believe they know better than others despite being devoid of education and knowledge. Continue reading

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Trump’s rhetoric is not creating hate – it’s Democrat’s!

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of inciting violence through his rhetoric that they describe as hateful bigotry.  They say this because the El Paso mass murderer used the same words he did in describing illegal aliens invading the country.  What they … Continue reading

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Only Monkey-Brained Democrats Believe Trump Republicans are White Supremacists 

Let’s face it.  The problem with America isn’t people.  It’s monkeys.  More accurately, people who have no more brains than a monkey.  Only a dumb ape would believe the big lies repeatedly told by leftists about the righteous to be … Continue reading

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The Delusional World of Liberalism

“Hitler was a Christian, which would make Jesus was the first Nazi.” Skepticism – a word liberals do not understand because they apply their beliefs through bigotry – another word liberals do not understand because they assign it only to … Continue reading

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The Psychology of the Left

Liberalism is the product of an emotional disorder that inhibits maturity.  The defining characteristics of leftists are that of an intractable child who is ignorant, uncomprehending, irresponsible, and recalcitrant.  It takes years for most people to mature out of liberalism … Continue reading

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Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion as Liberals Demand a Unicorn Hunt

Fredo Cuomo demands proof that there is no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the presidency. Prove that unicorns do not exist.  Prove that the Moon is not made of cheese.  Prove that Democrats have a functional … Continue reading

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From drinking water to Comey’s firing Democrats prove they are psychotic

“Republicans want to drink dirty water.” The question is not, “How stupid are Republicans that they don’t want their drinking water to be clean?”  The question is, what kind of freaking retard could be so galactically stupid as to believe … Continue reading

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The cognitive dysfunction of the underdeveloped young mind

Top Democrat officials admit Obama has instructed his media outlets to create fake news, anonymous sources confessed.  “It’s our job to control what people think.” – Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC Our brains are not fully developed until we are 25 years … Continue reading

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Libtardia – The 3D world of liberalism

Dysfunction, denial, delusion; this is the world of leftwing liberal Democrats where what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.  It is a world of deception and desecration of all that is morally right and ethically correct … Continue reading

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