Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

Democrats successfully used ballot harvesting to overturn a score of congressional seats in the 2018 election to help them retake the House and they intend on using this to overturn the presidency in 2020.  If you thought it was bad that dead people are voting for Democrats, or that it is a crime for them to give the vote to criminals, or that it is betrayal for their allowing illegal aliens to cast provisional ballots, and that it is a violation of the Constitution do unmake the Electoral College, that’s not the half of it.  This is all part of the voter fraud campaign that leftists have initiated with a new technique by which to stuff the ballot box with anti-American votes.

Democrats are sending their operatives out to get absentee ballots from people who are too apathetic to vote, which is roughly half of the electorate.  They use this as an opportunity not only to gather votes for Democrats but to have their operatives cast those votes in place of apathetic voters.  They also use the opportunity to destroy ballots for Republicans.  Democrats are even using this system to enlist illegal aliens to conduct the criminal activity and illegally cast multiple votes by filling in blank absentee ballots.

Operatives at the polls then fill in names of people who didn’t vote.  Then, when some of those people go to the polls on Election Day, they are turned away because their vote was already cast for them by these fraudsters.  To cover this up, Democrats then run to the cameras to declare that these people are being denied their right to vote due to Republican racism.  This is the basis of Democrats declaring that “every vote must be counted” because provisional ballots and phony absentee ballots cannot be verified by voter ID.

Along with the Steele Dossier used to spy on Trump, this is the most insidious treachery in American history.  The only solution is to do away with absentee voting by anyone except the military.  Even then, Democrats have a long history of disallowing the votes of service personnel because they mostly vote Republican.  Extreme voter ID must be required and intensely enforced.  Republicans need to get control of the border and the electoral process or Democrats will succeed in overthrowing the Constitution to remake America, land of the free and home of the brave, into their own banana republic of Amerika, land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

Ballot Harvesting

Ten Elements of the Democrat Coup

Democrats Seek to Overthrow Constitutional Elections

[Author’s Note: If President Trump doesn’t put a stop to illegal immigration, ballot harvesting, and institute national voter ID to combat Democrat voter fraud, along with crushing their attempt to overthrow the Constitution’s Electoral College, then he will be a one term president.  If that happens then America will be lost and his presidency to restore America to American citizens will be an utter failure.  America teeters on the brink of the precipice and, like their Russian collusion fraud, shows no real signs of defeating the left.  America is losing the second civil war to the Democrats who slander Republicans as being what they themselves are – racist fascists who would reinstitute slavery of the masses.]

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4 Responses to Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

  1. Roy says:

    The Republicans that I see on TV have no sense of urgency about stopping voter fraud and the same attitude is extended to removing the Electoral College. They do an abysmal job of explaining why the Electoral College is needed and naively say the Dems don’t have the votes to do away with it. At times I’m more furious with Republican arrogance than American destroying Dems.
    The Fake media is doing more to influence the acceptance of socialism and many Repubs are still leaving president Trump out to be hanged.

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