Slandering President Trump as Racist

Virginia governor admitted he’s in this photo before he denied it.

Democrats have been slandering Donald Trump as a racist ever since he came down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president as a Republican.  How is it that the party of slavery, the party of the KKK, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crowe laws, the party of anti-civil rights, and the party of black oppression in America to this day can slander Republicans as the racists?  The answer is that Goebbels was right – if you tell a lie that’s big enough often enough it eventually becomes the truth.

Leftists create a caricature of Trump as racist

The truth will set you free, unless the truth in which you believe is a lie.  Democrats constantly and repeatedly declare that President Trump is a racist, has made racist remarks, and promotes racism in the Republican Party.  Yet what Democrats call “racism” qualifies as such as much as what they declare to be “hate speech.”  If you tell a Democrat that killing babies is wrong, they will say that is hate speech.  If you tell a Democrat that more blacks go to prison because they choose to glorify gangsterism and commit crimes rather than because “America is a racist nation,” they call that racism and hate speech.  If you tell Democrats you want to stop the flood of illegal aliens stealing into the country taking jobs and taxpayer benefits that Democrats are giving them to cast illegal votes, they call that racism, hate speech, and xenophobia.

Democrats are not just strangers to the truth.  They know they lie when they slander Republicans as racist haters.  They are doing this deliberately to warp the minds of oblivious voters who do not pay attention to more of a story than the headline.  They say President Trump makes racist remarks on Twitter, but they cannot bring up a single example to prove their case that isn’t their bogus definition of racism.  Securing the border with a wall to prevent the free flow of human trafficking and drugs coming into the United States is not an attempt to stop “brown people” from entering the country, nor is it a denial of those seeking refuge.

First off, being Hispanic or Latino or Native American does not make one “brown.”  Second, refugees do not sneak into a country and then claim refugee status only if they are caught.  If someone is seeking help from you, do they come into your house through a window and when found say they need help?  Or do they knock on your door and ask?  Ok, if they don’t get an answer at the door and are truly desperate, they may break in, but they then don’t demand you give them what they want.  That’s not what a refugee, that’s what criminals do.  Latinos come into America and are given all kinds of freebies by Democrats.  They are not charged with illegal entry and ejected.  They are allowed to get jobs working for far less than citizens.  They are given citizen benefits like welfare and IRS refunds while they are not paying taxes.  Democrats even give them drivers licenses and register them to vote in national elections.  They deny doing all this like children who smash their toys with a hammer and then deny they are holding the hammer.

Obama promoted the lie that America is a racist nation.  He declared that more blacks go to prison due to police racism rather than for crimes.  The lie that blacks go to prison because they cannot afford good attorneys is just Democrat crap.  Poor people in general can’t afford attorneys and poor white people go to prison as often as poor blacks just as rich white people get away with murder because they are millionaires as did O.J. Simpson.  Actual FBI records show that young black males commit ten times more violent crimes than any other demographic group.  Obama directed Attorney General Holder to persecute law enforcement in order for them to stop prosecuting crimes.  The result is that juvenile criminals learn they can get away with their crimes and grow up to be worse criminals.  Other repercussions are blacks in the NFL protesting the country and all police as being guilty of racist brutality, and the result of that has been black crime spiking upwards with the black communities setting records in increased murder rates.

Pediatric doctor Governor Northam (D-VA) explains how his abortion bill makes it legal to kill babies in the last trimester when they can live outside the womb even after they are born as matter of protecting “women’s health.”

The leftist kerfuffle over their Democrat Virginia governor being in photo with a man in blackface and himself in a KKK hood at a costume party is not about racism.  It’s about his open admission that leftists are committing infanticide.  This picture in which he admitted he was present, and later denied it, is just a distraction from the true evil of leftist ideology.  The Great Genocide of Abortion has claimed more lives than the genocides in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.  That American Democrats have made laws to allow this while at the same time making laws to import foreigners as cheap unskilled labor to replace those they are killing off is why the Democrat Party is still the party of slavery, oppression, and deception.  They cannot have their members, like Kamala Harris admitting that Obama lied about keeping your doctor, tell people the truth.

President Trump has never exhibited racism and was always been considered a friend to all Americans prior to his running for president.  Democrat slanders and smears are all they know to do in how they campaign because every policy they offer if they spoke of truthfully and openly, such as Kamala Harris is doing now with the truth of ObamaCare stripping people of their healthcare to put them under the Democrat’s boot, would result in their ouster from government.  Democrat campaigns are always founded in lies.  Their pie in the sky promises that are never fulfilled, such as voting for a wall but never funding it, fighting poverty, crime, and drug abuse, are never fulfilled.  They promise to provide healthcare and education for all, and their voters expect these for free.

Nothing in life is free.  Someone has to pay for it or work for it.  Government provides nothing without first taking it from someone else.  Democrats justify their stealing from those who work for a living to give to those who vote for a living by declaring those who make the most money steal it from the poor.  The only thieves are those in government who become ultra-wealthy far beyond the salaries they make.  They give themselves platinum benefits by telling the needy they will feed their greed.  Everyone in America already has a fair shot at the American Dream and pays their fair share of taxes.  Democrats don’t want to tax the rich more to make life fair, but to enrich themselves, and they slander Trump as to blame for the American wealth that is lost because they are the ones sucking it away.

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[Author’s Note: If you say that Islam is breeding violent jihadi terrorists, Democrats scream that you are a hater violating the 1st Amendment.  The 1st Amendment does not say you are free to promote murder even if Muhammad’s teachings in the Koran justify it.  That is why the Constitution and the Koran are incompatible.  Yet Islam represents what has been proven to be the strongest socialist institution in the world.  All the people are subject to the ruling elites.  This is why the Middle East is so backwards and violent – a truth that leftist Democrats deny by blaming the USA for the violence inherent in Islam.  Islam is invading the West with the intention of colonizing and forcing all people to submit.  More and more Americans see their women wearing their slave garments.  If these women don’t think they are slave garments, then see what happens when they take them off and the wrath of Allah descends on them by their husband’s hands.]

Stop fooling yourself; the Left wants America destroyed – BAN SHARIA!

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  1. Roy says:

    Upon the advice of so many Republican’s in congress “If you don’t like the laws then run for congress and change them.” That’s exactly what the Leftist youth did in the 1960 and now the Leftists, Hispanic, and Muslim youth are converging to do it again. Democrats have raised ignorance and lying to an art form and gaining a strong foothold in politics to erase our way of life.

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