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Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

It didn’t take a day for Roseanne to go from making an off-color joke mocking Valerie Jarrett to being the leading “Nazi White Supremacist of the Trump regime.”  Leftist liberal Democrats demonize Trump at every opportunity.  One liberal even went … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth of Prejudice and Bigotry

ABC just cancelled Roseanne Barr’s reboot, despite being it’s first #1 show in 24 years, because of a tweet the actress made that was deemed racially hateful.  Leftist execs wanted to cancel the show anyway because Barr supports Trump.  This … Continue reading

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Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

Haters have to hate and, like thieves who see dishonesty in honest people, Democrats see hate in Republicans who bear no one malice.  Liberals do not see Christians as being patriotic, forgiving, considerate, selfless givers of America who only lock … Continue reading

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White Privilege is Leftist Code for Anti-White Male Christian Bigotry

Liberalism represents the gravest threat to American freedom and they are achieving it by guilt tripping the gullible.  They call righteous people racists and demand they prove they are not by giving in to leftist demands.  Their primary target is … Continue reading

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Trump the True and Righteous Man

“White Supremacists” is the slander by which the Left tries to smear Trump Republicans as racist xenophobes because they want secure borders and a safe country.  “Literacy privilege” is a derivative of “white privilege,” which is the insane hatred by … Continue reading

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Rush Exposes Liberal Lies and Democrat Subterfuge

Obama lied and Americans died.  Not just Fast and Furious.  Not just Benghazi.  Barack Obama and Eric Holder, America’s first African-American President and his Attorney General, are not innocent of the mass murders that have been taking place in America … Continue reading

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Democrat’s 2 Faces – Now the “Pigs” are Noble

Liberal Democrats constantly smear American law enforcement as corrupt, racist pigs who murder innocent black men.  They’ve had riots against the police for killing criminals.  They’ve organized assassins through Black Lives Matter to murder police.  Even the NFL has been … Continue reading

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