Trump & Russia – Fraud; Obama & Muslim Brotherhood – Fact

MSNBC pundits stuck both feet in their mouths again and swallowed another phony report that Donald Trump is funded by eeeeeevil Russian oligarchs.  They continue to ignore the established fact that Barack Obama used billions of American taxpayer dollars to fund the Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad to create ISIS in an attempt to re-establish the Caliphate, and then sabotage the America military.  The left cannot verify any story they create because they are fiction, while the right cannot report enough facts to overcome the left’s media noise.

MSNBC host says Trump funded by Russians

The fundamental characteristic of all leftist liberal Democrats is that they are two-faced liars and dupes.  The people who steal taxes from working citizens and give away their money to drug addicts and foreigners say they are the compassionate party working for the masses.  The people who fought a war to keep their slaves blame Republicans for slavery.  The people who initiate the climate Armageddon scare say that they are the people of science.  The people who endorse atheist socialism and anti-Christian Islamism and who ban God from classrooms say that God is on their side.  The people who nuked the economy in 2008 and 1930 to blame Republicans in order to get themselves elected say they are patriots.  The people who embrace leftist democratic socialism and all of its offspring; Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Islamism, Imperialism, and Monarchal tyranny, say they are the party of freedom.

To say Two-faced Democrat is redundancy.  It serves no purpose to point out that they are duplicitous hypocrites because no one pays attention to titles belaboring the obvious.  Everyone knows Democrats are two-faced, so saying they are liars, deceivers, and self-righteous hypocrites doesn’t stick.  Not because they are sweet and innocent but because their hearts are as black as their souls and everyone with a moral heart and intelligent mind knows it.  It serves no purpose to try to turn those who follow them down the road to Hell away from them.  The only course is to defeat them and educate those who are fooled.  Ignorance is the foundational principle character flaw in every liberal that must be overcome.  What happens to Democrats who are educated?  When they grow up, they become Republicans.  Such was the case with Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and, thankfully, myself.

Democrats Sabotage America

Obama was the absolute worst person in the history of this nation to whom any power could have been given let alone elevate him to the presidency.  He is a Moslem communist that Democrats elected to be Leader of the Free World.  You may as well elect Andrew Jackson again.  The facts that Obama is a Moslem communist is not tinfoil hat conspiracy theory but established fact out of his own mouth!  Did you read his books?  If that isn’t enough then his actions to foist abortion and gay marriage on the Christian church, along with putting men in girl’s bathrooms and his minions persecuting Christian business owners while promoting Islam, is more than enough proof.  He hogtied our military virtually ordering troops to let Moslem jihadis kill them or be prosecuted.  There are still remnants of the Obama military persecuting soldiers for killing the enemy.

Democrats under Obama weaponized the government and media against the people.  Obama weaponized the executive against the military, Hillary weaponized the State Department to aid America’s enemies, Holder weaponized the DoJ against Christian businesses, McCarthy weaponized the EPA against Republican businesses, Lerner weaponized the IRS against American patriots, and Comey weaponized the FBI to spy on Trump.  Virtually every department, bureaucracy, along with state and local governments, saw Democrats assailing citizen patriots on every level.  The media concealed Obama’s economic depression to the greatest extent possible by blaming it on Republicans.  They blamed Democrat Congress’ economic sabotage on Bush.  They also smeared Republicans at every turn as the coverage of President Trump has proven when they speak negatively of his improvements and great accomplishments.

Liberals accusing Christian Republicans of being Nazi racists is the pinnacle of duplicity and backwards thinking.  Just like their phony climate science/religion, their embracing democratic socialism that has destroyed more lives and wealth than any ideology in history is proof of their dysfunctional thinking.  Donald Trump is proving to be a great president enacting what Republican Christian conservatives have been demanding of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.  The betrayal of this nation by the ruling elites is not over and America is not out of danger.  Unless Trump is able to continue his American revival, and his successors carry on, then this greatest nation in history is still in danger of falling into the darkness of leftism.

Recognizing Nazism in America

Comey Spits in Republican’s Faces

Sanders’ Socialism for Criminals; Blexit the #Walkaway Movement

Forging a Global Utopia

[Author’s Note: As Americans fight Democrats to stop their voter fraud, leftists counter with laws of their own.  For every law that denies Democrats using the votes of dead people, illegal aliens, and allowing their voters to cast multiple votes in multiple districts and states, Democrats retaliate.  They make new laws to allow their fanatics to go out and gather votes, and when they do, they fill out absentee voter forms for their candidates while destroying votes for Republicans.  You can count on Democrats outlawing this practice for Republicans just as they are now trying to criminalize Cambridge Analytica for data mining and targeting Facebook ads better than Zuckerberg did for Obama.  They will eventually make it a criminal offense punishable by death to vote for Republicans.  This is how leftist socialist tyrannies seize power.]

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