Recognizing Nazism in America

Overcoming the dysfunctional, brain dead mentality of liberalism

Ignorant youths are programmed by leftists to believe the far right is evil Nazism while the far left is benevolent socialism.  Recognizing the truth that Nazism is another leftist socialist ideology, and that they are all evil, is the beginning of wisdom.  Realizing how Nazis behave in America begins with overcoming leftist propaganda.  Leftists slander Trump, Republicans, Christians, and conservatives as the ideology of Nazism.  This only works with people who are ignorant of history, sociology, politics, and culture.  Being duped results from being naively ignorant so that you are easily misled by false premises, erroneous facts, twisted logic, and the lies told by hateful leftists.

Liberals are easily duped because they are oblivious of what is actually happening.  They are told Trump is insane and believe this because they never listen to him talk the good sense he constantly makes.  They are told Biden, Bernie, and Warren are good candidates because they don’t listen to them make their inane comments like doddering old fools who don’t understand how business works.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  They do not understand Nazism but are easily guided into supporting them.

Liberalism in Two Words – Arrogant Ignorance

The primary foundation of Rightism and Leftism is that the righteous strive to elevate humanity, while the leftists strive to bring people who are better than themselves down.  Leftists create problems and then blame the righteous.  Their glass is always half empty rather than half full.  They destroy rather than build.  They twist words, logic, and facts to inflict their negative ideology on ignorant, naïve minds.  They promote immorality as righteous and righteousness as evil.

Nazism in America

What is the best way to destroy a civilization without using overwhelming force?  Convince them to destroy themselves.  Leftists are encouraging drug use to kill Americans.  They even resort to filling seemingly harmless drug capsules with fatal doses.  Democrats are overcoming America with these deceptions.  They have taxed citizens into decline.

They terrorize conservatives while decriminalizing liberal crimes.  Democrats are giving America to foreigners because they have ruined citizens.  They are importing new welfare voter slaves, drugs, rapists, murderers, and human traffickers.  When citizens realized they have been duped by Obama & Co. they turned to Donald Trump.  President Trump is a great businessman who stepped up to stand for righteousness against leftism.

Doxxing students for democratic socialist terrorists

In retaliation, leftists created militant groups like Antifa to terrorize students.  Leftists are doxxing students on campus.  There is only one reason to DOX Republicans.  That purpose is to intimidate and terrorize if not murder conservatives.  Yes, I say they will murder them by any means possible.  The way they are doing so now is by lacing seemingly innocuous drugs with fatal doses to kill them.  If Antifa doesn’t show up at your bedroom door in the dark of night to harass you, they may just slip you a Fentanyl suicide pill and tell you it’s Adderall.

Trusting Democrats is like a frog trusting a scorpion to ride on his back across a river.  Learn while old tales are ageless wisdom, not obsolete thinking.  Learn to recognize deception so that you are not duped.  Learn to listen for yourself rather than allow others to tell you what to think.  Learn or you’ll find yourself weaving your own handbasket wondering where you’re going and why you’re in it.

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