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Communism’s Ugly Fascist Face in Democrat Controlled Amerika

Which of the following statements is racist?

All lives matter
All white people are racist

Liberals get it backwards because their morality and thinking are backwards. Dysfunctional people cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. Continue reading

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Barack OBiden depleting America’s military arsenal AGAIN while crushing our economy into decline AGAIN!

Corrupting our election system with anonymous mail-in ballots, Democrats have set the stage for a one-party dictatorship under their fascist communism. Opening our borders to all invading illegal immigrant criminals and communistas, closing down businesses and American energy, while stealing prosperity from red states to bail out their failed blue states, Democrats have initiated their great wealth redistribution from the makers to the takers. They are destroying education by miseducating the young to their Chicken Little science religion teaching them that Democrats can control the climate of the planet. They are reinstating all the corrupted damaging policies of Obama and sweeping away the nation saving policies of President Trump. They are giving away American prosperity to foreign enemies while choking citizens. Continue reading

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Democrats – American’s new fascist dictators promoting racial superiority in their new gulags

The left is now smearing the righteous as evil, Jesus as a Nazi leader, and the church as the evil in America. They are promoting atheism and Islamism because both want to destroy Christianity. All of them operate under the lie that they are tolerant and loving when their actions are the opposite. How stupid do you have to be to not see the obvious? Only liberals will be fooled all of the time to not believe their lying eyes. Continue reading

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Election Rigging Must Not Rule

To be truly informed requires listening to both sides of an argument and understanding both sides in any conflict. Democrats have laid out their plans to establish themselves as one-party rulers. Those who cannot see that the party of slavers, corporate dictators, and union thugs are the people who would subjugate the masses to their utter regret are America’s biggest problem. They only exist because good people listened to leftists and allowed them to teach their evil lies instead of righteous truth. This is why Donald Trump must not and cannot concede this election. Continue reading

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If Trump Concedes, America Dies

There will be no Trump making a Grover Cleveland style return due to Democrat’s destruction of the American economy and culture because they will own the ballot box. If they steal the presidency this year, they will also steal the Senate. By 2024 they will have instituted their complete control, not only of Congress, but the Supreme Court as well. Even if Trump isn’t in prison or fled the country, they will just have a rerun of this year and steal the election. Only they will be the ones controlling government from top to bottom. Continue reading

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Are you an informed voter or an ignorant lemming?

There is no doubt that Democrats rigged this election to steal the presidency from Trump and as many congressional seats as possible. Despite their efforts Republicans still made gains, so they concentrated their final efforts on election night by filling out millions more ballots for Biden alone in a coordinated action. What has to happen from here is that the people must have patience, faith, and prayer for a speedy process in the courts. Continue reading

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The Legal Battle for the True Vote

They believe we should accept them at their word that Trump’s increases in minority votes to the tune of ten million Democrats switching parties was offset by twenty million new Democrat voters. They reason that so many people are put off by Trump’s gruff manner, and are so in love with communism, that they joined the Democrats to promote socialism. They want us to believe that no one rejects their defund the police movement, and that twenty million new voters want their fascist thugs to riot in the streets against the America they love. #MakeBidenGoreCry Continue reading

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Democrat Convention vs. Republican Convention

False Hope and Dark Light vs. Truth, Justice, and the American Way During their convention, not a single Democrat mentioned the violence that has been rocking their cities for three months. President Trump made their radical thugs one of the … Continue reading

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Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

“Reforming the police” or defunding the police is not a conversation we need to have with Democrats. It’s just another distraction from the real problem – Democrats. Their “peaceful protesters” burning stores, destroying monuments, murdering innocent people, and screaming for … Continue reading

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This is the Democrat Zone

Imagine a world in which people believe what they are told without question.  Where people are told the innocent are evil and the deceivers are righteous.  Imagine a people who believe others are what they themselves are and condemn them … Continue reading

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