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Democrat Convention vs. Republican Convention

False Hope and Dark Light vs. Truth, Justice, and the American Way During their convention, not a single Democrat mentioned the violence that has been rocking their cities for three months. President Trump made their radical thugs one of the … Continue reading

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Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

“Reforming the police” or defunding the police is not a conversation we need to have with Democrats. It’s just another distraction from the real problem – Democrats. Their “peaceful protesters” burning stores, destroying monuments, murdering innocent people, and screaming for … Continue reading

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This is the Democrat Zone

Imagine a world in which people believe what they are told without question.  Where people are told the innocent are evil and the deceivers are righteous.  Imagine a people who believe others are what they themselves are and condemn them … Continue reading

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Dealing with Pathological Lying Leftists and Gullible Liberals

Liberal science is more political opinion than actual science.  Leftists lie, period.  Liberals are just ignorant and gullible enough to believe them.  Every time we disprove a leftist lie, they, like the pathological liars they are, just invent a new … Continue reading

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Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

Democrats successfully used ballot harvesting to overturn a score of congressional seats in the 2018 election to help them retake the House and they intend on using this to overturn the presidency in 2020.  If you thought it was bad … Continue reading

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Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Democrats stealing the moral high ground is like stolen valor.  Stolen valor is when a pretender tells strangers he is a war veteran.  People like Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) and Nathan Phillips falsely claim to be Vietnam veterans when neither was … Continue reading

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Slandering President Trump as Racist

Democrats have been slandering Donald Trump as a racist ever since he came down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president as a Republican.  How is it that the party of slavery, the party of the … Continue reading

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Last Gasp of the Republic

Half of America has embraced Satanism. They made it legal to kill their babies. They make it legal for foreign criminals to invade our country. They welcome anti-God jihadis of Muhammadism. They strip citizens of their rights and protections. They … Continue reading

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The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

America’s state of disunion is because America is at war with itself!  Make no mistake, the USA is already engaged in the 2nd Civil War between Republicans and Democrats.  They are warring over who will be in control of the … Continue reading

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Honest Democrat is an Oxymoron

Are Democrats even capable of telling the truth anymore?  Newly elected Moslem woman declares that she wants to impeach “the motherf***” Trump.  Democrats say she is justified in using that language because they believe that “Trump has lowered the standards … Continue reading

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