Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

Liberal Woke Cancel Culture is dedicated to the destruction of the American Christian Liberty Culture of our Founding Fathers. They declare the truth to be “misinformation” and their lies to be righteous truth. Theirs is the ideology of deception, corruption, perversion, and slavery to the state. What do communism, fascism, Nazism, imperialism, feudalism, and Islamism all have in common? All are subsets of socialism. All are totalitarian. All make the people slaves to the ruling elites. Democrat’s H.R. 1 “For the People Act” is not an act of Congress to preserve liberty. It is an act by the rulers of the proletariat to make all Amerikans slaves to their one-party totalitarian rule through massive mail-in election rigging.

A more accurate title would be “For the People to be Slaves Act” believing in state lies about the economy, climate change, and their rigged election system. They deliberately change the language to give their actions credibility through a façade of righteousness. No one would approve of a resolution to make all people their slaves by making elections meaningless with mail-in ballots. So, they instead tell their slaves that they are going to be living well as the ruling class. This the same method used by Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Mussolini after they seized power through their coups making their Communist Red Brigades and Fascist Brown Shirts the ruling militant overseers of the people.

Have you realized that Democrats are the opposite of what they say? Their ideology is the opposite of righteousness. Their beliefs are the opposite of what is right? Their actions are the opposite of what is good. Like the way they tell stories in leftist media these days. Have you noticed how they made all the Disney villains are now heroes and all the heroes are villains? How they have reversed fairy tales that teach moral lessons to be the opposite? (Some writers probably thought it was clever to have the evil characters be portrayed as only turning bad because they were deeply wronged, but then redeemed. But there’s no excuse for making the heroes become the evil villains.) Liberalism is the mirror of morality and those who are duped by it fall prey due to ignorance and lack of education especially in ethics. Those who believe they know righteousness in liberalism are deluding themselves. There is no liberty to be found in leftism. Those who promote this ideological mirror of the world are the sociopaths who would make slaves of us all. They portray Republican freedom fighters as Nazis and Democrat Nazis as freedom fighters. How do you uncover their eyes to see the truth? This is what communists do. They make good citizens into criminals by outlawing their actions so they can justify persecuting them.

Democrats shut down Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine over claims of blood clots [Author’s Note: J&J is the only non-mRNA vaccine. The others have been shut down in foreign countries for causing blood clots. This has been going on a long time. Democrats are pushing these mRNA vaccines. That they found six people out of six million to claim J&J caused blood clots and pulled it tells me this is deliberate sabotage to force everyone to take their mRNA vaccine. I don’t know what all is behind this, but I do know that if Democrats are pushing it, it can’t be good for us. Who knows what kind of effects these drugs might produce down the road? Could they cause a DNA response that compromises our immune system so that the left can depopulate the world as they’ve been wanting to since they announced the Population Bomb? They quarantine healthy citizens while telling their criminals they have a right to riot because white supremacy is a public health hazard. Never believe a liberal and never trust a leftist.

I had a recent incident with a BLM member on the road where I was passing his car at much higher speed than he was going, and he tried to cut me off by starting to pull into my lane as if he didn’t see me coming. I know damn well he did and that he was just trying to force me to slam on my brakes for fear of an accident. I honked and blew past him anyway. Like all liberals, he took this as a personal affront and used his backwards thinking. Why this moron would think I knew there was a young black guy driving this car is proof of how dysfunctionally liberal Democrats think. That he thought I would be intimidated by him was even funnier. He chased after me into a parking lot and pulled alongside honking his horn wildly. I parked my car and got out and he started yelling at me that I “cut him off and almost hit him twice!” When he saw I wasn’t some woman or scrawny guy he could intimidate, he pulled farther away and continued cussing back at me as I responded, “No I didn’t, keep it moving!” He wouldn’t let me get close to his car and I was ready with my hand on my gun in my belt in case he or any of his buddies pulled a gun on me. Lucky for him he was all mouth and just cussed more and drove off.

This is typical Democrat thug liberalism. He caused an incident and then blamed me. This is what criminal liberal leftists do. They attack the innocent and then blame them for a fight if their victims defend themselves. These thug bullies will even call the police to have them persecute you on their behalf by lying to them, which is why police must be so cautious when they come to a scene because they don’t know who is in the wrong. Then the thugs will call their brown shirt friends to come after you. The only way to stop this is to confront them and be ready and willing to fight them and beat them down. Never yield anything to a bully. We are always intimidated by them when we are young. They always get together in packs like the wolves they are to hunt and prey on the weak and intimidate the strong. You have to be stronger and more courageous to face them down. Like all predators, they want weak prey or to sneak up on those stronger and attack from behind. Always face them down! This is why Democrats want us disarmed to allow their criminals to control us.]

Back in the nineties, FOX had the “Hannity and Colmes” show wherein leftist Alan Colmes contended with Sean Hannity. Colmes wrote a book titled, “The Left is Right, and the Right is Wrong.” Nothing could be more backwards from reality and truth. This is how leftist liberals think. Their morality is warped so badly that they see what is good as wicked and what is wicked as good. Their corruption runs so deeply that they think backwards seeing the world through the mirror of their dysfunctional minds. This is an examination of their psychology.

How liberals see themselves and others is the opposite of their true character as if they live in a mirror world of dysfunctional irrationality. They like to see themselves as heroes, as wise, as intelligent and knowledgeable. They like to see themselves as caring, as helpful, as compassionate, as giving, as strong and determined. There is a difference between being America’s righteous military and law enforcement who protect and serve versus that of a leftist militant agitator. You can see their nature in how they demonize Republicans as racist Nazis then glorify criminals as noble victims. You can see their nature in how they criminalize good citizens for protecting themselves then demand police be defunded to strip away their government protections. Their nature is exposed in their two-faced characterizations of anything, especially when they say what is bad for Republicans to do is good for themselves to do.

Leftists are criminals who demand respect from their victims while liberals are dupes to their lies. Amerikan Communist Democrats are what you get when criminal tyrants seize power. They take from others only to benefit themselves. Their character is “hooray for me and f*** everybody else!” They don’t do anything good for others. They might benefit their own family, but it will be at the expense of the families of others. They lie, cheat, deceive, dupe, steal, extort, racketeer, blackmail, bribe, threaten, torture, terrorize, and kill the innocent. (If you think I’m talking about all of them, that is liberal dysfunctional thinking. They are various grades of wicked by degree with some being mild and some being the worst.) They will take away your livelihood and destroy your career if you do not submit their will. They are the opposite of what they see themselves as and project their own character onto the righteous as being evil. Liberal’s backwards thinking is their negative pole of morality believing their own lies as they lie to themselves. They scorn those who are righteous as being evil while justifying the evil they themselves do as being righteous. This is identical in every way to the thugs of socialist ideologies.

The Year of Fear descends into communism

Thanks to Covid and racial terrorism enabling a Democrat coup to overthrow the government, America has become a communist controlled dictatorship with OBiden obeying his puppet masters to sign orders overriding the Constitution. We are not seeing anything different today than we have seen in the last hundred years of violent socialist overthrows of governments followed by their erosion of liberties. All that is different is that there are oblivious, immoral people in Amerika today who believe they are endorsing righteousness as they support evil despite the lessons of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and their satellite third world despots. They censor truth and promote their biased, irrational opinions in which they have been indoctrinated to believe as fact and science. Antifa and BLM are Democrat’s new militant arms to replace their outdated KKK and neo-Nazis to terrorize the people. They are just a different façade to conceal their ugly face as Democrats strive to subjugate the people once again.

In their backwards morality they condone every form of perversion while condemning those who are normal as bigots for not declaring what is abnormal as normal. They call self-defense murder, they call flirting rape, call their terrorist riots peaceful protests, and they call cheating the election righteousness. They demonize Trump as a womanizer while they laud Clinton for being a rapist. They overlook Clinton being a pedophile with Epstein while falsely accusing Trump of being Epstein’s running buddy. They slander Christians as haters while applauding Islamists for their terrorist oppression. They lie about every conservative they want to eliminate as molesting women and produce pathological liars to substantiate their frauds. They demand every Republican they falsely accuse of immoral behavior be cast out as they circle their wagons to protect Democrats who run homosexual pedophile rape rings from their homes. Those who tell lies about the righteous they call heroic declaring their words unassailable even as they destroy those who tell the truth about them. They doctor videos to produce the illusions they want to dupe ignorant liberals. This is the degree of two-faced, backwards immorality we face today.

Every time there is a mass shooting by a hateful liberal Democrat wacko, who are the ones that commit all mass shootings, Democrats use that as a reason that good citizens should not have guns. They used their Las Vegas psycho to blame Republicans. They blamed white people for the jihadi in Boulder. They are even using their Atlanta sicko to blame Christians as anti-Asian haters. Where in the Bible did Jesus, or anyone for that matter, ever say to kill those who tempt you? If the liberal wacko followed the teachings of Jesus, he should have cut off his own wiener rather than murdering the innocent women he blamed for his lust. That’s not Christian. That’s Islamic. That’s what Muhammad said to do. Muhammad blames women for inciting men to lust rather than the men who do not control themselves. Democrats are always ready to blame Christians for wacko leftist violence, but you never hear them condemn Islam for the massacre of fifty gays in their own nightclub.

Lying liberal leftists always use our laws against us. They use free speech to promote their lies calling for violence then say that our speaking the truth is violence. They then sue the righteous for speaking the truth by calling it hate speech ito bankrupt us in our own legal system that they have corrupted. This is why all socialist ideologies must be defeated and their proponents destroyed because they will pervert our laws and culture to destroy us. Leftists will use their corrupt laws to make good citizens outlaws while empowering their criminals against our law enforcement. Liberals justify their crimes by criminalizing if not outright demonizing the righteous. They would defund and eliminate our police protections from their criminals and then strip us of the ability to defend ourselves.

President Trump was wrong to allow Democrats to investigate their bogus Russian collusion fraud to use as a means of persecuting his supporters. Not one Republican went to prison for any crime related to the election, but all were convicted on trumped up charges. He was equally wrong in allowing pissant leftwing activist judges to stand in the way of his executive orders to stop Moslems from terrorist infested nations from coming to the U.S., and to stop illegal aliens invading over the open border Obama created with his catch and release. Obama never obeyed a single judge who ordered him to stop trying to shutdown America coal and oil. President Trump failed to even charge any Democrats for their crimes and ultimately failed to stop their coup by invoking the Insurrection Act.

Lying leftist liberal Democrats have opened our borders once again to the Mexican drug cartels to drug smuggling and human trafficking. The only reasons to do this are because they get kickbacks from the cartels and profit from the slaves sent over the border. They give them taxpayer benefits to make them welfare voter slaves to replace those minorities in America that have had their eyes opened to their duplicity and turned away from them. This importation of foreigners to supplant citizens is deliberate as is all their foreign to aid to our enemies like the Chinese, Iran, and even the Palestinians. They give billions to foreign countries that hate us to launder the millions of dollars they get back in bribes by extorting those countries like Biden bragged about doing to Ukraine.

Liberalism as defined by the rules

Liberals are told they should condemn the racist KKK as Republicans because they haven’t the first clue that they are a Democrat organization. Likewise, they are being told that Georgia’s legislature making voter ID laws is remaking Jim Crow laws to keep blacks oppressed. How ignorant do you have to be to not know that Jim Crow was a rabid Democrat, and how stupid do you have to be to believe what someone else says without verifying their words? Only liberals blindly believe what they are told without question. They are so stupid that they believe anything Democrats say regardless of how insane it is like declaring that science says there are 37 genders not just two. This is the degree of irrational, dysfunctional thinking with which we must contend.

Liberals believe that the United States became rich by stealing resources from around the world. They believe no country has profited from trade with the USA. To believe these things is to deny that those countries have not modernized their cities. It’s not just being deaf, dumb, and blind, but unable to smell. Liberal ideology fundamental characteristics self-righteous hypocrisy, arrogant ignorance, selfishness, believing their own lies, control freaks suffering from penis envy, believing their religion to be science. They believe God to be the oppressor and Satan the liberator, believing Heaven is slavery and Hell is either a party town of orgies or “God’s torture chamber.” They are the negative pole of morality believing in the opposite of right and wrong, that good is evil and evil is good, that socialism is equity and capitalism is greed.

Liberals believe that laws are for others to obey their dictates. If they think something is bad, then they make it wrong for everyone like owning guns and having free speech. They label the truth about liberalism as “hate speech” while they deliberately smear and slander righteousness. They believe, like Democrats, communists, fascist, national socialists, Islamists, and imperialists, that elites should rule over the masses who should serve them as their slaves. They believe they are benevolent masters putting others under their iron boot. Their Cancel Culture is to destroy Americanism and force the promotion of leftist ideology. They are Woke to believe their own lies. They damn Jesus and applaud Muhammad. They believe Jesus told His followers to be door mats for evil and venerate Muhammad as a man of peace despite his life of waging war to conquer others and force them to submit to Islam. Islam literarily translates to “submit.”

ACAB and Defund the Police vs. The Thin Blue Line and Back the Blue

Nothing is more sickening and sinister than the left’s demonization of police. Yes, we all have reasons to resent cops who give us speeding tickets. But when you see some idiot blow through a red light, or who is obviously driving drunk on his way to kill some unsuspecting innocent, or who is committing a crime, you always wish there was a cop around. The people who wish police are never around are the criminals who don’t want to be caught and punished for their crimes.

Liberals are fools who fail the morality test. They think they know right from wrong but are so easily duped by honeyed words. Leftists speak of fairness, of righteousness, of sharing, then stab them in the back when they are too oblivious to pay attention to what leftists actually do. Here’s your first clue; when the choices are to worship them or be destroyed, they are evil. God offers a choice based on love. Satan offers a choice based on fear. Liberals can’t tell the moral difference between punishing a criminal for their crimes against the innocent and punishing the innocent for defending themselves. They don’t understand the difference between an avenging angel righting a wrong through justice and revenge by a criminal for being stopped from doing wrong. They see killing in self-defense to be the same as murdering an innocent person.

They are the people who make up fascism’s Brown Shirts and Mao’s Red Brigade. In the past, they have been the witch-hunters and Inquisitors of the Spanish Inquisition. Today they are called Social Justice Warriors and they use their militant tactics to terrorize those upon whom they are set. Leftists use whatever lies and propaganda they need to warp their minds and misguide their hands. In their culture, they rewrite history to condemn the righteous and idolize the wicked. They outlaw citizens and glorify criminals. Their movies like The Godfather and Fast & Furious are prime examples of how they cast law enforcement as wicked and the corrupt and outlaws as heroes. They do the same rewriting history like the story of Robin Hood who they say robbed from the rich and gave to the poor as if he stole from rich merchants which he did not. He actually rebelled against an oppressive government stealing back from Prince John’s wicked tax collector’s the money they took from the poor. Merchants don’t rob the poor. They rely on them to buy their wares. Only criminals and the government are the entities that takes money from others. The government is supposed to provide protection from criminals. But what happens when the criminals like communists control the government?

How we know that liberals are wrong – because they are two-faced. e.g. Whenever they address something that is the same for us and them, it is bad for us to do it but good for them to do it, like the filibuster in the Senate. If we use it then the filibuster is bad, and it is good if they abolish it. If they use it then it is good, and it is bad if we abolish it. That is extremely two-faced social justice. Justice is when all sides have the law applied equally. That is the justice of criminals who would make good people outlaws and make evil criminals legal. Laws are only righteous when applied equally to everyone. Evil always conceals itself. Evil never comes out and declares its true nature. They always hide within the good as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Liberals rewrite history to justify their wickedness

Liberals deny history by declaring you are still guilty of your past sins of your ancestors allowing the South to keep their slaves. But they don’t hold modern slavers to account in their own cities as they bring them over the southern border. When you try to hold them accountable for their own crimes, they deny their guilt by declaring you guilty of slavery in the past and that you must pay reparations to their descendants who have never been slaves. Their militant racists created by Nathan Bedford Forrest and their oppressive laws created by Jim Crow are all excused and blamed on the Republicans who freed the slaves.

They scorn Jesus as a Savior who forgives sins saying they are triggered by you threatening them when you tell them about how they are choosing Hell. They deny truth by declaring it hurtful. They impose silence on truth while shouting epithets at those who speak it. Theirs is the modern Inquisition self-righteous hypocrites. They politicize everything under false pretenses. They love drugs because it brings them money in many ways. Democratism is slavery to the elites that rule the state.

Liberals think they’re doing something good when they are doing something wrong. Everyone gets a participation trophy. No learning is required. They teach immorality rather than ethics. Cheating to get ahead is good. They justify it by slandering the righteous as having done so. They slander America as having become rich by stealing rather than through the benefits of trade. Liberals are bred to fail. Democrats are dumbing down the country. Google from which they get their information is corrupted by communist propaganda as Facebook and Twitter censor the truth with false warnings it is lies.

Democrats change the meaning of words to dupe liberals like how they changed global warming to climate change and changed the application of the term infrastructure to now mean welfare, childcare, and public housing instead of roads, bridges, and the water supply. The Keystone pipeline is part of infrastructure, as is oil and coal production, but that didn’t stop Democrats from shutting it down. That saved Warren Buffet by forcing them to be transported by his railroads. Democrats are and always have been the chief obstruction to progress. They practice crony capitalism which is just a version of communist government control of businesses to extort them. Some may call it corporatism, but it all adds up to national socialism that Germany had in the 1930s.

According to liberals, yelling “Democrats are communists” is the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Their ideas of limiting guns are not to stop their mass shooters. It’s to suppress good citizens so they can’t protect themselves. If you point out that blacks are ten times more likely to commit violent crimes or spread venereal disease, they call you racist. Riots are not for justice, especially when they are in response to police killing criminals. Riots that destroy the property of innocent people is hate. It is intimidation to terrorize innocent people. It’s all part of glorifying criminals while persecuting police who protect us. It took communist propaganda just one generation to turn entertainers from honoring police to villainizing them.

[Author’s Note: As an example, the left is now waging a campaign to change the definitions and meanings of equality, equity, and emotional intelligence. They want equality to mean what equity does and vice versa and re-equate EQ as empathy rather than maturity. Empathic people do not necessarily understand the motivations of others and whether or not they lie. Maturity recognizes disparity and ambiguity rejecting false premises. Equality is giving everyone access to the same things, while equity is making sure they all receive the same thing. The following picture is prime example:

Equity vs. Equality

Leftist Democrats are reversing the meanings of these two words to dupe liberals. The correct definition is that equity is the picture on the left where everyone gets the same thing. That’s socialism. The picture on the right is where everyone has equal opportunity to get what they need. That’s capitalism. America is about equality. Communism is about equity. There is nothing fair and equal about communism except in that everyone gets the least regardless of what they produce.
The Reality of Socialist Justice

Ever wonder why so many words have different meanings and so many words are confused with seemingly the same meaning? It’s because leftists deliberately confuse the language to dupe ignorant liberals and because liberals don’t fully understand the words they use. For example, the word “bow.” Am I talking about a bow and arrow or a bow tied around a package? Or is it the bow of a ship or a bow from the waist? Likewise, equality is confused by leftists to mean everyone gets the same things, not that everyone has access the same things. By confusing words, they change the language to what they want it to be which is always detrimental to those who are good that tell the truth.]

Recognizing Fascists

The fascists will promise freedom, truth, and love then murder those who reject them. None of those promises liberals make do they actually intend on keeping. When they see disaster strike people, that’s not when they rush to help. That’s when they rush to the microphones to announce what great people they are and how much they care and say that they will help. The help they give is to themselves by raising taxes to pay for the next disaster, but most of that money ends up in their own pockets. Liberals caring and offering help are just words they use to conceal their poison. The left is unforgiving, like Islamist tolerance in which you must pay for the privilege of being oppressed.

There is no border crisis for Democrats with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens breaking into the country to feed off of taxpayers. To Democrats, the only border crisis was when President Trump stopped the easy inflow of drugs and human trafficking. These are crimes off of which Democrat politicians profit in multiple ways. They tell people how much they care about south of the border “refugees.” They encourage them to sell their children into slavery of coyotes and cartels. No, that’s wrong. They don’t sell their children. They pay for them to become slaves. The cartels and coyotes make money from the parents and then make money from Democrat slave buyers. The same with drug smuggling. Why else do Democrats fight against Republicans to stop the influx of drugs that are killing tens of thousands of people every year?

All groups of any sort have good and bad people in their ranks. Some groups have more good people, and some have more evil people. But even the most righteous groups have some evil people striving to corrupt others. Churches and our police have far more good people than evil ones. Groups like Democrat militants and mobsters have far more evil people than good ones. There are always exceptions in every group. Evil people killing each other is always a good thing. Gangsters and mobsters, communists and Nazis, Islamists and atheists killing each other means that innocent are spared. Ancient Rome fell to the same internal corruption. The Republic fell to an authoritarian empire then hired foreign mercenaries to replace citizen soldiers. America is following in their footsteps. The Republic has fallen to the communist empire of socialist dictators. They will replace our police with a military populated by foreigners to take away our rights and abolish our Constitution.

Funding police to protect the government rather than the people is how Democrats roll. There are reasons that the police and military are separate. The police protect the people from enemies of the people. The military attacks enemies of the state. When the military becomes the police then the people become enemies of the state. The National Guard troops that Pelosi weeded out 10% of the twenty-five thousand that were in D.C. to be the Capitol Guard are all those who are dedicated to Democrats rather than the Constitution. Any police and troops surrounding Democrat politicians are not there to serve the people, but to protect Democrat tyrants from the people. When they cry for defunding police, they don’t mean their police. They allow militant zones in our cities and BLM terrorists to assassinate our police. To the leftist, justice is when a dirty cop murders someone innocent, leftist criminals murder an innocent cop.

They demonize Trump Republicans by criminalizing their every word, smearing them as the KKK that blacks are too stupid to figure out is a lie, or as neo-Nazis that liberals are too stupid to figure out is a lie, and declaring anything they say or do to be evil, wicked, and inhuman. Leftism is evident throughout history in the corruption and control exercised over good people by the wicked.

Leftists in history:

  • Village Shaman
  • Witch Hunters
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Fascist Brown Shirts
  • Nazi SS and Gestapo
  • Communist Red Brigade

Democrats will now use their control to take more from the people under the guise of promising to provide more. Just as before, they will reinstate the hefty ObamaCare tax that will cause healthcare costs to skyrocket. Then they will promise the solution as socialized medicine that is just a placebo for real medicine. The people will be treated to clinics rather than doctors and surgeons as Democrats kill the Golden Goose by sucking up prosperity for themselves.

How Democrats are stealing prosperity:

  • Taxes on the middle and lower classes known as gas and mileage taxes
  • Control healthcare while bankrupting the poor called the ObamaCare tax
  • Tax the rich and corporations which kills small businesses and growth
  • Re-establish trade deficits with China and Mexico
  • Create border insecurity by permitting unlimited illegal immigration
  • Give illegal immigrant benefits at taxpayer’s expense
  • Give felons benefits at taxpayer’s expense and declare them innocent
  • Reinstate the state tax federal deduction in high tax blue states
  • Use the Lottery to milk the poor
  • Schools unionized teachers indoctrinate our children into socialism
  • Neglect infrastructure to launder money back into Democrat pockets
  • Remove police protection from citizens while garrisoning the Capitol
  • Welfare for deadbeats at the expense of working taxpayers
  • Unending unemployment benefits
  • Deficit spending to bankrupt the nation
  • Foreign aid to enemies to launder money back into Democrat pockets
  • Restrict privileges of free speech
  • Restrict privilege of gun ownership
  • Restrict privilege of driving
  • Restrict privilege of eating
  • Eliminate the filibuster to make the minority meaningless
  • Force unions to launder money back to Democrats
  • Change voting to mail-in so they can produce millions of bogus ballots

We all live our lives in sin. The list of the Seven Deadly Sins and Three Virtues are not to be taken individually. We all commit all sins and have all virtues. It’s only a matter of degree which is our worst flaw, and which is our best character trait.

The 7 Deadly Sins

  • Lust
  • Sloth
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Gluttony
  • Greed

The 3 Virtues

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity

People in general are stupid and mean. As proof I lift up to you the fascist liberals of the Democrat communist party. It takes education and morality to be intelligent and caring. Would immature Millennials understand if you told them Democrats are Decepticons? They say one thing and do the opposite. Democrats who refuse to wear the Covid masks for which they voted are the worst of the shit-for-brains two-faced fascist thugs. They live by the credo “Rules for thee, not for me.” They live by a different moral code than righteous people. Answer this: Why did the author of Superman have him grow up in Smallville instead of in NYC? The answer is because cities are cesspools of crime and corruption and dysfunctional families wherein the elites sit on the throne that the mob wallows in and believes themselves anointed by God! Superman had to be raised by a righteous family which is typically found in what city bred liberals refer to as “flyover country.” That is the part of the country where America’s true prosperity is derived from their work that is the sea of red surrounding their tiny blue islands of scum and villainy.

Liberals are never heroes. The TV show “The Boys” is a perfect example of what happens when a liberal leftist pretends to be a hero. Liberals judge people on the basis of their demographic groups. Democrats use those groups to divide the nation and feed grievances. A righteous person judges each individual on their own merits. It doesn’t matter what your sins are, only the kind of sins you commit. You will find that liberals most often suffer from greed and either envy or anger will be at the top of their lists. The worst will be violent criminals. All that truly matters is the kind of person you are. Are you a giver or a taker? Are you kind to others always being gracious and considerate, or are you malicious always plotting how to get even? Are you loving or hateful? Would you work with others or make others work for you? Liberals like to think of themselves as caring but never do anything other than mouth their discontent.

Liberals believe that they can rewrite history, that people didn’t say what they said because they are uneducated slobs who misattribute words and meanings then say all are unknowable because you weren’t personally there to see and hear it. These are the pathological liars who deny the video of them committing crimes isn’t them! America can no longer be saved at the ballot box that Democrats have utterly corrupted with their control of anonymous mail-in ballots. They will purge every suggestion of doing what’s right by demonizing those who speak the truth. America has fallen to communism. Amerika cannot be saved by protests or voting. This country can only suffer under Democrat communism until their iron boot gets so heavy that the people rise up against them. Just pray that they don’t wait until it’s too late like a frog in a pot being brought to a boil.

The Eternal Glorious Wisdom of Rush Teaching Righteous Moral Intelligence

[Rush podcast 040121 hr 1 12:12-30:26 Economics 101]
[Rush podcast 032421 hr 1 30:08-36:00 Liberal Hypocrisy]
[Rush podcast 032421 hr 2 16:12-25:29 Kids in Cages]
[Rush podcast 032421 hr 2 25:49-32:04 Democrat Victimology]
[Rush podcast 032621 hr 2 32:20-33:30 Sycophantic MSM drooling over OBiden]
[Rush podcast 033121 hr 3 21:43-28:02 College Indoctrination]
[Rush podcast 033121 hr 3 2:18-9:52 Election Rigging]
[Rush podcast 032621 hr 3 20:00 mins-27:52 Democrat Tyranny]

[Author’s Note: The Rush Team has been putting together broadcasts using guest hosts and thirty years of Rush’s timeless wisdom that, like lessons from the Bible in dealing with bad people, applies today as much as it did when he first said it. Every hour of every show has the genius of Rush tearing apart leftist lies and Democrat propaganda that is swallowed by unthinking liberals. Here is where you learn about the dysfunctional, irrational mentality of liberalism and the hateful, negative ideology of leftist criminals. I haven’t met a liberal who isn’t a useful idiot to lying leftists. They are the quintessential representation of the Buddhist monkeys that are deaf, dumb, and blind. There is a western saying that applies to liberalism.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” means you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.

Being a liberal means believing what you are told without thinking beyond the possibility of lies or critically examining the facts but believing that you are intelligent and knowledgeable despite evidence to the contrary. They are emotional, irrational, dysfunctional thinkers who have convinced themselves to believe their own lies. This is what Jesus meant when He said, “The Truth shall set you free.” That’s why liberals believe their facts are true and that the truth is alternate facts.

This is how Satan dupes the unwitty to believe he does not exist and that if they think he does then he is the good god while casting God as the wicked one. Liberals believe God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator. In their dysfunctional mentality they alternatively believe Heaven and Hell are opposites. On one hand they believe that they don’t exist. On the other hand, they believe Heaven is enslavement while Hell is alternately either God’s torture chamber or Satan’s party town. This is the kind of two-faced, dysfunctional thinking that disrupts liberal’s uneducated minds.

To remain a liberal into adulthood requires lacking a moral compass. They continue to believe what they are told without question like a child being taught by their parents to believe something because they don’t know any better. Liberals may have a high IQ, but they have a low EQ, the Emotional Quotient that measures mature, rational thinking. It takes a moral heart to grow out of the ignorant arrogance of teenage liberalism and childish faith in lies. Liberals have been told by leftist Chicken Littles that the planet will die in ten years for the last fifty years now. When do you think they will ever get a clue?

Those liberals who do not have a moral heart and are too foolish to learn grow up to become leftist liars, propagandists, and criminals of every sort from street thugs to government thugs extorting businesses and foreign governments like mob bosses. This is what we are fighting. This is what has taken control of our country through their bogus ballot coup and militant terrorism. America has fallen to communist fascism and will remain enslaved as their new Amerika until the next revolution takes place as no communist fascist government has ever fallen at the ballot box.

It took just one generation for Democrats to corrupt our culture to tear down police from American heroes after 9/11 to demon racist murderers. And they did it with the help of America hating millionaire black athletes who would have been in Africa chucking spears at rabbits were it not for America. Some like Charles Barkley may have their eyes opened to the plague of the Democrat cancer, but then stupidly still votes for them! Liberals have no concept of history, math, science, culture, or logic. They only know the lies they’ve been fed and that’s all Democrats ever do in politicizing, criminalizing, and demonizing the righteous. Imagine the world liberals would build in which there was no law enforcement to stop criminals and prosecute them for their crimes. It’s disgusting how easily sheeple are manipulated. This is the world they are creating with their ideological communist fascism.]

[Rush podcast 040621 hr 2 27:46-32:53 Warped Liberal Thinking]

True wisdom comes from the understanding that you should believe only half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say.

P.S. This is the last post for and will be the first post for my new blog, The Left is Never Right. Hope to see you there.

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4 Responses to Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

  1. gbat2017 says:

    You covered all bases. I pray people hear your message and act upon it. Possibly our nation has to go through Hell before we get to Heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      It would seem so. If only these are the portents of the 2nd Coming as foretold, but I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. To a leftist, Armageddon is the end of the world, not the end of wickedness. Understandable as they are the wicked.


  2. Patriotic American says:

    Contrast mass shootings to cases where a young mother murders her newborn, infant or toddler (one of the most infamous being Casey Anthony murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008). Never was there any call to restrict abortion in response to that atrocity – though there should have been. Planned Parenthood is complicit in this and other infanticides where mothers throw their babies out of high-story windows, or strangle or suffocate them to death, by their constant drumbeat of children being “unwanted, unwelcome, and an undue burden that prevents the mother from living a fulfilled, liberated life.” Mrs. Anthony’s attitude towards her daughter, from what was reported in the media, pretty much echoed point-by-point Planned Parenthood and NARAL talking points. They have fostered a callous indifference to life to the point where mothers feel they could kill their newborns, infants or toddlers with impunity and get away with it.

    Another example of this evil is the drive to totally transgenderize society. “Reassignment surgery” is frankly indistinguishable from the Muslim practice of FGM, which shows just how much the radical fringe Greenwich Village/San Francisco/Fire Island “values” of the LGBTQ supremacist “community” (which is more what Robert Spencer termed about Islam, “a political system that is authoritarian, supremacist, discriminatory, expansionist, violent and aggressive”) are to Islamic Sharia law and koranic doctrine. It is also keyed in to the war against what the Left has deemed “toxic masculinity,” as well as being another front in the Left’s war on women (by their giving s–ual predators, pedophiles, perverts and human traffickers license to abuse their victims in bathrooms, showers, locker rooms etc.). The so-called “rainbow flag,” as I’ve said, is as much a symbol of totalitarianism and loss of freedom as the Nazi swastika, the Soviet hammer and sickle, and the ISIS flag.


  3. Pingback: Liberals Backward Think is suspended indefinitely | Liberals Backwards Think

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