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Trump calm, Cruz, Rubio score, Christie up, Bush out, CNBC crushed

CNBC moderators took it on the nose from Republican candidates who took no guff off the hostile questioners and their very nasty attacks. The 3rd GOP debate was more a battle between the liberal media and the Republican candidates than … Continue reading

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Moslem invasion and rape of Europe

The insanity and suicidal dogmata of the Left is leading the world into war as they invite Moslems jihadis into the West where they form gangs going on sprees of rape and murder of infidel whores. Millions of Moslems from … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz brings down the house at 3rd GOP debate

CNBC’s GOP debate moderators were smacked around by Republican presidential candidates who are disgusted with being treated contemptuously by the liberal media.  NBC’s questions for Republicans were better suited to a monkey fight than pose any serious questions about how candidates … Continue reading

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Is there any media capable of a real Republican debate?

Republicans debate again tonight on CNBC.  Is it going to be another contest of petty squabbles and gotcha questions?  Trump and Carson lead the field with very opposite character styles. The first Republican debate on FOX was a waste of … Continue reading

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Could Trump do a Clayton Williams?

Trump is bold and brash and says whatever he wants.  Could he be a Clinton shill and be setting Republicans up for a fall? Texans know this story: Clayton Williams was everything Texas needed for a governor in 1990 while … Continue reading

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Ryan Republicans already defeated if they believe they are the problem

Boehner’s first choice to replace him as Speaker was rejected by the Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of Republicans who want to stop the liberal agenda that is causing America’s decline.  Paul Ryan is thought to be a good alternative, … Continue reading

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Hillary lied when Americans died

Ambassador Stevens and three Americans were assassinated in America’s Libyan embassy in Benghazi by jihadis on 9-11-12 two months before the 2012 presidential election.  Despite hundreds of emails retrieved from the private server Hillary attempted to wipe, Ms. Clinton claims no … Continue reading

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