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Ted Koppel has massive brain fart with Hannity proving Churchill theorem again

“If you are over thirty and a liberal you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill In his interview of Sean Hannity of which Ted Koppel only released a few seconds from an hour long examination of Hannity and conservatism.  Koppel’s … Continue reading

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Patriotic Democrats do not exist even in myth

Pick the Patriot! Democrats are saying they are more patriotic than Republicans.  They say Trump wants to destroy this country by stealing from the poor to give to the rich.  But that is what Democrats have been doing all along … Continue reading

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Democrats trying to declare Trump presidency DOA

As expected, Republicans failure to choose how to undo ObamaCare resulted in a conflict by which Democrats hope to profit.  Leftists are trying to write an obituary for the Trump agenda before he’s even been in office for his first … Continue reading

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RyanCare fails to go to a vote even after Trump’s ultimatum

Republicans first attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare went down in flames before even going to the floor of the House of a vote. Speaker Ryan: “We need 216 people in the House to agree with each other to pass … Continue reading

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The Potomac Two-Step

“Too many chefs spoil the broth,” and too many politicians spout out half-truths to stir up sh*t unnecessarily.  Whether its socialized medicine, illegal aliens, or global warming, you can bet there is always somebody who will contest any action be … Continue reading

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RESIST! The Left’s war on America, liberty, and righteousness

Young liberals are being programmed by media, entertainment, and political propaganda to believe that Donald Trump is an insane totalitarian they must resist.  Media portrays all things President Trump does as evil and all that Obama did as good ad … Continue reading

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Liberals suffer from a dysfunctional comprehension of America’s heroes

Marvel’s Captain America is a paragon of virtue and righteousness who fights for the American ideals of truth, justice, and liberty against the totalitarian socialism of the dictatorial Left.  But somehow his message is lost on liberals. The movie “Captain … Continue reading

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