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Can Trump Flip Minnesota?

Minneapolis’ mayor just tried to extort twenty times the cost of security for President Trump’s rally venue as was charged to Obama during his presidency.  He says he doesn’t want Trump’s “hateful, divisive rhetoric” in his city.  This is the … Continue reading

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Ballot Harvesting – Democrat’s most successful voter fraud campaign

Democrats successfully used ballot harvesting to overturn a score of congressional seats in the 2018 election to help them retake the House and they intend on using this to overturn the presidency in 2020.  If you thought it was bad … Continue reading

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Democrats Seek to Overthrow Constitutional Elections

This article is not about the Democrat coup to oust Trump over fraudulent collusion, obstruction, or coverups.  It is not about the Democrats obstructing the investigation into their coup.  It’s not just about Democrats giving criminals the right to vote.  … Continue reading

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Sessions Needs to Investigate the Investigators

Why isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions doing his job?  Democrats violate immigration law, Mueller conducts a witch-hunt, and leftists persecute Christians and conservative businesses, and how does Sessions respond?  When will the man who was so eager to be on … Continue reading

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Democrats are Quietly Winning Elections Unseating Republicans

The Left has found that Trump hate is not a winning political strategy.  But as President Trump lifts America back onto its feet after a year of trouncing Democrats in special elections, suddenly things are being reversed.  It began after … Continue reading

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Draining the swamp of Leftarts corruption begins with stopping the voter fraud Democrats have been perpetrating for a century. So long as dead people and illegal immigrants are voting Democrat then Americans are in danger of losing their country.  This … Continue reading

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Democrats would eliminate the Electoral College making voter fraud king

By eliminating the Electoral College, Democrats would make America a democracy instead of a republic.  In a democracy the majority always rules and the minority has no rights resulting in their ability to challenge the system being stripped away.  This … Continue reading

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