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Giving Islam credit for science is like giving credit to the Inquisition

The Grand Mosque in Mecca where tens of thousands of Moslems pilgrimage to circle the Kaaba in veneration of Mohammad.  Mohammad did not create a religion of peace and enlightenment, but a religion of death, slavery, and oppression.  The history of Islam … Continue reading

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Praise for Democrat policies is defective understanding of economics

With propaganda like this for the ignorant people of America, Democrats continue to corrupt people into believing theirs is the superior economic system.  Few understand that Detroit is a city that has been run by Democrats, in a state run … Continue reading

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Reign of racist terror by worst bigot to be attorney general coming to an end

Holder’s crimes as Obama’s top cop would fill a volume of how criminal corruption can be instituted in government with the help of a community organizer given great power. Montage of Holder scandals Eric Holder, Obama’s top cop, has announced … Continue reading

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Obama’s Apology Tour part II – renaming Al-Qaeda and global warming

Flood Wall Street protest conducted by anti-capitalist socialists continuing to promote the global warming fraud under a new name.  Although the ice caps have not melted, they just change the name and extol a new danger, while Obama changes the … Continue reading

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Obama policies saving Jihadi’s lives, women, and the planet from America

Sex, bombs, and Chicken Little hullabaloos; Barack Hussein Obama is so dismissive about confronting the rapidly growing Jihadi movement in the Middle East, and so contemptuous of Americans, that he is bombing empty buildings to spare Jihadis’ lives while giving … Continue reading

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The Bear and the Dragon Encircle the Eagle

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The Demise of America By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton  –  The NoisyRoom In the light of Obama’s disastrously weak and intentionally ineffective foreign policy hijinks, over 90 percent of our military do not support the President. Listen for…

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A shining example of liberalism’s fecal brain matter – a lesson for the young

Jesse Watters interviews college students only to discover that two-thirds of them are grossly ignorant of their country’s history and government.  America can thank leftist professors like Ward Churchill for instilling their ideology of ignorance in our young. Ward Churchill, … Continue reading

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