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Toxic Two-Faced Democrats

Fake bombs, fake news, fake morality.  This is a study in leftist victimology.  Democrats act as if there has never been a recorded video made of their hateful calls to violence.  They act as if there are recordings of Trump … Continue reading

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Leftists are trying to criminalize Republicans

In 2008, Democrats proved that they were willing to nuke the American economy, devastate the nation and all families, and blame George Bush for their own actions.  Ten years later they have proved that they are willing to nuke the … Continue reading

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Millennials Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

Trump brings world peace, Democrats curse him for unemployed soldiers Yes, the people who curse soldiers as baby killing racist murderers would suddenly take up their banner if Trump made war obsolete by bringing about world peace.  It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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CNN Democrats get Delusional over Antifa and Illegals

You can’t be a hypocrite if you’re a two-faced liar bent on deceiving people.  And if you play with fire you’re going to get burned.  The Lawless Left reaps what it sows. Tucker – CNN’s Don Lemon says Antifa is … Continue reading

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No Common Ground between Republicans and Democrats

The “Art of the Deal” relies on reaching a compromise with people over common ground.  Where is there any common ground with Democrats? Where is the common ground between Democrats and Republicans by which President Trump can use his superb … Continue reading

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American Fascists – Liberals in denial or Leftists in deceit

The First Right of every America is the right to speak their mind without fear.  Liberal fascists believe they have a right to silence anyone with whom they disagree. Obama’s Army of black hoodies is assaulting conservatives on college campuses, … Continue reading

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A President of the People, by the People, and for the People Fascists in America are fighting President Trump and American patriots for the soul of the nation.  Liberal fascists call themselves “Antifas” meaning anti-Fascists.  By taking the approach of thieves conning … Continue reading

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