Democrats, Leftists, Liberals and Their Dysfunctional Thinking

“No Justice No Peace” is the battle cry of the hateful, racist, leftwing commie fascists of America demanding the righteous submit to their violence. By instilling fear and creating chaos they hope to force you to surrender your rights and prosperity to them and submit to be their slaves. Republicans represent the free people of America, while Democrats represent the city ghettos where they breed crime and corruption. They use the word “Progressive” to describe their backwards ideology of liberal fascist communism. Leftists see the world through the mirror of their lies. They do not teach righteousness. They commit extortion to coerce through threats and violence to force people to submit to their totalitarian dictatorship. The Great Error of conservatives has been giving them freedom to spread their lies through schools and media without smacking them down because it might “hurt their feelings.”

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America doesn’t need superheroes to fight supervillains. There are already real heroes fighting real villains. The world doesn’t need the League of Assassins or Hydra or any of the myriad fictional evil organizations that seek world domination and destruction. We have the Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party seeking to destroy America and take power to dominate the people. And we have real heroes like President Donald J. Trump and the United States Military, from the armed forces to law enforcement to rescue services, American patriots who have always served as the sheepdogs in a world where the leftist wolves try to devour the sheep. The most dangerous of these are those that corrupt the flock by dressing in sheep’s clothing like the NeverTrumper RINOs who would destroy the Republican Party after claiming to lead it in favor of Democrats. The left’s motto isn’t “no justice, no peace.” It is, “No just us, no peace.” True justice would mean their demise.

The power of negativism is what dominates most people’s minds until they grow up and reject it. No one writes books on how to fail. We all know how to do that. No one writes books on how to be a pessimist. We must learn to be pragmatic. The Power of Suggestion is very real. This is how leftist manipulators use implication to create assumptions by which to mislead the unwary. Take, for example, Epstein. There have been thousands of reports about Bill Clinton being his running buddy flying on the Lolita Express to Pedophile Isle for twenty years. Yet liberals reject this body of proof in favor of one photograph that Epstein took with Trump before The Donald threw him out of his club for molesting the young girls. Now they believe it was Trump and not Clinton who was his running buddy. This is how easy it is to manipulate liberals with false allegations, false premises, and false narratives. They say Trump is too crude and demented to lead. Joe Biden can no more pass a cognitive test than he can pass an intelligence test. Democrats consistently fail tests for intelligence, morality, and ethics.

Leftists are negative people. They see the bad in others but not in themselves. They actually project their negativism onto the motivations of others. They dupe themselves and are easily duped by others into wrong-headed, backwards thinking seeing the world through the lens of their dysfunctional minds as a mirror of themselves. They redefine words to mean what they want them to mean rather than what they actually mean. They try to change the language to corrupt the thinking of others. Liberals are so stupid that they don’t understand the difference between “positive thinking” and “self-delusion” because the righteous think positively while leftists delude themselves. They think positive thinking is a philosophy of always seeing what is bad as good rather than seeing the good through the bad. This is why they project their hate and fear onto others. They are greedy and envious but believe the only way to get rich is by stealing from others.

Think on this; have you ever seen a nice car and thought that the person driving it must think they are hot stuff, or do you just think it’s a nice car that person is fortunate to drive? The former is the thinking of an immature person who is obsessed with material things. I drive a red Saturn Sky. It’s a beautiful car! I get compliments on it all the time. I also have to deal with the negative people on the road who resent me for having it who obstruct me and try to race me and keep me behind them so they can somehow feel better about themselves. They’ll turn on their blinker and start moving into my lane as I’m passing them. They will slow down and block me. Some will even speed to get past me so they can get in front and try to make me go slower than them. This is all an exhibition of how leftist liberals are immature control freaks who want to force others to do what they want them to do so they can feel superior.

Take leftist liberals in schools. They resent the students who are smarter than they. They want everyone to learn the same things at the same rate. This form of communism is designed to keep anyone from excelling so these slower people can stay equal or ahead of them. My wife is from an Asian country and always laughs at Americans with all their “learning disabilities” she rightly sees students use as excuses to not try harder. She says she told her students, “In America you have learning disabilities as handicaps. In my country we call you dumb.” This says it all about how our country of Christian conservatives have allowed leftist, anti-Christian liberals to tell us that we are not good people if we don’t let them behave badly. They tell us it hurts them to be told they are wrong. Being good people, we tried to take their feelings into account in dealing with them. Rather than use that opportunity to improve themselves, leftist liberals used that as an excuse to wallow in corruption.

Bill Maher stupidly said that the suburbanites and rural people of “flyover country” all secretly want to be like city folk. ROTFLMAO! We don’t want to be them! They are the most corrupt and crime ridden people in the nation! We despise them! Not because we are envious of them, but because we are disgusted with them! They scorn the country class because they believe we are all ignorant hicks with no education when we are far more educated than their ghetto dwellers and just as educated as their elites. Add to that our being far more moral than they have ever been. Can you decide which person you would want to be? A rich, elitist, atheist snob like Bill Maher who scorns the God that made him and enabled him to become wealthy? Or a common, conservative, middle class Christian who is thankful to God for their good lives living here in America? Democrats declaring that they are the most righteous Christians are the epitome of leftist delusions. Believing they are without sin when they endorse killing babies in the womb and promoting anti-Christian Islam as righteous and benevolent is the opposite of Christianity.

Liberals constantly try to change the language to confuse issues. We don’t have to accept their false premises. We don’t have to change the words and culture to suit them. They mock the term illegal alien as referring to creatures from outer space, so we call them illegal immigrants thinking to clarify for them. Then they say of illegal immigrants that no person is illegal and demand we use their terms to call them undocumented workers. In this way they are not criminals who stole into our country to take our jobs. If that’s all they did then we would make a way for them to do so legally and pay taxes, but they don’t want to participate in that part. So, they steal from working Americans who pay taxes just as the welfare queens do. Should this be allowed to continue?

What about Democrat riots, attacking police, and their mayors persecuting police if they defend themselves? Police are there to protect us from these domestic terrorists. They are not there to be the whipping boys of angry leftist to vent their rage. Should police only meet their violence with less violence? They use bricks, sharpened poles, and lasers which are all deadly weapons and our police may only respond by cowering behind shields if they have them and gently arrested the perpetrators. That’s not how you win a war with insurgents. That’s how you lose a country to an uprising by anarchists wanting to overthrow the government and install a tyrannical dictatorship.

The next election will be about who rules America – the People or the Democrats. Elect Donald Trump or Joe Biden to do one of the following:

  • Keep taxes low or reinstate the ObamaCare penalty taxes on the poor
  • Give Police Support or Defund Police
  • Imprison Criminals or Empty Prisons
  • Protect the Border or Eliminate ICE
  • Remove Covid Terrorism or Keep America Shut Down
  • Exert Law and Order or Allow Fascists to Riot
  • Allow Self-Defense or Force Citizens to Submit to Criminals
  • Keep Your Prosperity or Surrender Prosperity to Democrat Rulers

As I have said before, Democrat’s agenda is anti-Christian, anti-America, pro-Islamic, pro-Socialist, and pro-totalitarian. The only difference between Democrats of the past and now is that they are completely out in the open rather than promoting their ideology through subterfuge. The only people who don’t see this are liberal lemmings who believe in Russian collusion, man-made climate change, and Covid terror, all of which are going to kill everyone and make them slaves. People are being made slaves to Democrat’s Chicken Little lies as they strive to kill the Golden Goose because if they can’t have it then no one can.

What kind of stupid do you have to be to believe that abolishing police would reduce crime to make life better and safer for anyone besides criminals? There’s a reason we called the Wild West the “Wild West.” Law only comes from the barrel of a gun. As Brad Pitt’s character in “Fury” said, “Ideals are peaceful. History is violence.” The ideal of people working together as a community does not exist in communism, but it does in capitalism. Capitalism is not the greed leftists portray. It is motivation for everyone to improve. Those who succeed are not “life’s lottery winners.” Socialism is the greed of elites ruling over the masses. Their goal is to make everyone equally poor in service to them. It takes moral smarts to be prosperous. If you took all the money from the rich people today and gave it all to the poorest, it wouldn’t be five years before the poor were poor again and the rich were rich again. People stay poor not because they are oppressed but because they don’t learn. People get rich because they work hard and smart.

Liberals do neither. They take rather than be responsible. Some leftists get wealthy in this manner, but they are rare. In fact, they work only to beat down the system and make everyone equally miserable for their own benefit. Feminazis created their #MeTooMovement to beat down men. You can’t even flirt with women anymore who will conflate a fun male-female pastime with sexual harassment. They won’t recognize the fine line between the two. BLM is not about racism or police brutality. It’s advancing communism by freeing criminals while eliminating peacekeepers from restraining them. Antifa is not about fighting fascism but about being Nazi thugs oppressing the righteous in the ultimate two-faced lie of the left. Leftists, who see God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator, likewise see themselves as the rightful rulers and the righteous as usurpers. Democrats are in complete endorsement of all these leftwing socialist ideologies, including Islam, that seeks to destroy Christianity in America.

America is in danger of the Democrat rebellion overthrowing the Constitution through massive voter fraud. If the people do not rise up and revolt against their attempted usurpation of their rights with their false claims of making voting fair for everyone, then America will go down in flames. Democrats will use their new rules for mail-in ballots to allow millions of false ballots to be counted. If Republicans object they will be called criminals suppressing votes of minorities to deny the rights of the people to righteous elections. The people they will be denying these rights are those who are cheating such as felons, criminals, and illegal aliens. They will use their fraud tactics to stuff the ballot box after election day to overturn the results of Trump being re-elected then say he is usurping power by refusing to leave office. Democrats will do anything, say anything including lie, cheat, steal, and kill to regain power. They are proving this on our streets and in our media. If we are not willing to use greater force to beat them back, then the barbarians will burst through the gates and rape our nation.

Democrats are encouraging criminals to run rampant and citizens to submit as victims. Children are being murdered by gangs and Democrat’s response is that Trump should keep the economy shut down if it saves one life. Using liberal’s own stupid dysfunctional logic; if it saves one life it is worth it to overthrow all Democrats. “Enlightened” liberals who think they are so “woke,” “progressive,” and “intellectual” purveyors of “science” and individual free thinking are always quick to follow the latest leftist fad. These zombies just do as they are told when someone tells them that the word ‘woman’ is fascist try to change how people think. This is how Feminazis seek to dominate people’s simple minds. It is the leftist control freak dysfunction that creates this irrational backwards thinking mentality. They are gaslighting the righteous with their lies. Mail-in voter fraud is how they would wrest control of the nation for all time. Trump often exaggerates when he speaks for one simple reason – to snooker the lying leftwingnuts in the media to reveal the truth they had been concealing in order to disparage him – such as the fact that children are not in danger from Covid-19. He forces them to reveal themselves as deceivers. Pray he reveals their mail-in ballot fraud as easily.

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[Author’s Note: Why is President Trump not taking action against Democrats? He talks about them preparing massive mail ballot fraud but takes no action to prevent it. No one ever investigates voter fraud on a grand scale, only the occasional individual. He allows Antifa to operate without declaring them domestic terrorists despite threats to do so. BLM calls for police to be killed, has had members assassinate them, and uses deadly weapons against them in riots, yet they still run free. He has allowed Republicans to be put in prison by the Democrat’s phony Russian collusion scam yet has not prosecuted a single one for spying on his campaign or attempting a coup. People like Gen. Flynn have been financially destroyed with no protection from false prosecution. The NRA is under assault by New York’s AG to persecute them into bankruptcy and destroy their membership. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are openly censoring conservatives then saying they are not after they declare our posts to be violations while they promote even Islamist jihadi’s death threats.

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP along with their Covid terrorism and destruction of the economy! Patriots are reaching a boiling point that will not be resolved by voting in an election rigged to allow Democrats to flip the election with late ballots. We already know the scenario. President Trump will not be ousted by this scam and they will declare he is usurping the presidency, destroying democracy, and is a dictator. We know this because they are already saying it! They’ve even put out a commercial featuring Reagan calling for a change in leadership on the basis of being better off than people were four years ago. And they blame him for the Chinese virus they conspired with the Chicoms to unleash and destroy the economy. There comes a tipping point when legal action and strong words are not enough when those who would steal, destroy, and kill are allowed to run rampant. This pot is going to boil over in November when Democrats attempt to steal power from the voters by declaring that every illegal vote must be counted. Democrats cannot be allowed to seize power and patriots must be ready to rise up against them or kiss the greatness of Christian Americanism good-bye.

On Fox & Friends, Cardinal Dolan said we must shine as Christians to bring others into the fold. This is wrong. We have been doing this passively and the left has risen up intent on silencing us and destroying us. Jesus said to turn the other cheek when slapped. That refers to insults, not to assaults. If we don’t fight back against evil, then we permit it to rule. Jesus did not tell us to give our children to those who would warp their minds, corrupt their hearts, and enslave their bodies. If Jesus instructed us to not fight against evil, to lay down for them to be whipping boys, He would never have overturned the moneychanger’s tables in the Temple of God. We cannot stand back and be restrained for fear of hurting leftist’s feelings when they promote what is wrong as being right. We must be willing to stand against them as President Trump has been doing and disregard their whines that always turn into smears and violence.]

Mentally unfit Biden won’t be president, but is the “generic democrat”

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