Trump the True and Righteous Man

“White Supremacists” is the slander by which the Left tries to smear Trump Republicans as racist xenophobes because they want secure borders and a safe country.  “Literacy privilege” is a derivative of “white privilege,” which is the insane hatred by leftists of the righteous to label them for being better human beings than they.  The truth is that people who believe others think they are better than themselves prove this to be true by their own envy and hate.  White privilege is a false flag of racist bigotry invented by the Left.  It doesn’t exist.  If they were in Africa they would be complaining about Black privilege.  If they were in Asia they would be complaining about Yellow privilege.  If they were in the Middle East they would be complaining about Brown privilege (or maybe not because they would have their heads cut off if they complained about Islam).  The United States is the greatest nation in the world because here it doesn’t matter what you are, but who you are, and anyone can rise to be anything they want because, even though there are elitists who will strive to obstruct them, there are no laws that can hold them down.  Democrats try to make laws to hold people back, but any such law can be overcome through perseverance and talent, and occasionally Republicans getting their act together to elect a strong leader like Donald Trump.

There is no purpose in President Trump going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.  Most of these people spend every waking moment thinking up new ways to smear him with mud and spew bile at him constantly.  Obama could go there and joke with these people because they treated him like royalty, while they treat Trump like gutter scum.  Donald Trump is already a humble man of great achievement who has no need to debase himself before these hatemongers or buddy up to these pen wielding assassins.  No president, even the great Ronaldus Magnus, has ever had to face such a firestorm of adversity and yet succeeded in achieving so much against unyielding opposition.  The Left is entirely two-faced in both word and deed.  Trump offered a generous DACA bill and Democrats rejected it because it didn’t give amnesty citizenship to all illegals and called for funding a border wall.  They offered Trump funding for the wall, but on the condition that it was kept open for illegals to continue pouring into the country.  When he rejected it they smeared him as a racist xenophobe.  The two-faced actions of the Left are on display for all to see every day.

Trump popularity growing despite constant media character assassination

Rush Limbaugh spoke at length about the virtues of Donald Trump against the enmity of the Left and the sabotage of RINOs and NeverTrumpers:

“In any poll, how could Trump be at 51%? He’s fighting an unaccountable special counsel. He’s fighting current and former deep staters, a dominant radical left-wing media. He’s fighting the ChiComs’ illegal trade practices, dealing with an insane regime from North Korea, fighting to undo a deranged Iran deal. He’s fighting organized invaders coming through Mexico to corrupt the American culture. He’s fighting wannabe gun confiscators and he’s fighting Democrat obstructionists in Congress who will not move forward on confirming many of his nominees, including judges at a rate that is slower than anybody can ever remember. It’s an active shutdown of confirming Trump appointees.

“Now, what are Republicans famous for? Among this many things, what are Republicans famous for? (interruption) No, not ‘besides caving.’ Republicans are famous for not fighting, right? And, I mean, I may be overdoing the term here. Republicans are famous for what a lot of people consider to be surrender. You know, on these ongoing continuing resolution budget deals. Well, they cave and they say, ‘We’ll get ’em next time! We’ll kick this can down the road. We’ll do this three months from now and we’re not doing this again. We’re gonna take it to ’em.’

“And yet the procedure repeats. How do Republican voters respond? They respond with apathy and anger. If you want to know why Trump is at 51% approval, it’s because Trump is Trump. It is because Trump is taking on every enemy he’s got. In many ways, in many cases, he’s doing it single-handedly. He’s doing that which Republican voters have not only longed for, but believed is required in the midst of these political battles.”

Mueller Investigation of Trump Colluding with Russia to Steal the Election

“There never has been anything! There never has been anything here! There never has been any collusion which, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, is not a crime in and of itself. I’m still not sure I understand what you’re theorizing here, but I don’t think Mueller and what he’s doing has anything to do with the Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign. I don’t think what Mueller’s doing has anything at all to do with crazed leftists and how they’re looking at the upcoming election or any of that.

“This is about one thing and one thing only, and that is at the top of the list, getting rid of Donald Trump. If they can’t do that, delegitimizing Donald Trump. If they can’t do that, paralyzing Donald Trump. Oh. And there’s a tie up at number one. In addition to getting rid of Donald Trump, protect Obama and Hillary, because that’s where the real collusion and conspiracies took place.

“Now, as for Mueller leaking that Trump is not a target, that’s not gonna mollify leftist voters at all. It’s gonna drive ’em crazier. It’s gonna make them come even more unhinged. It’s gonna depress them. It’s gonna let ’em down. Because I tell you, these people, take your pick, any average, ordinary American radical leftist believes that Donald Trump cheated. They’re convinced. They believe that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin actually teamed up and got together and stole this election. They believe that.

“We laugh at such things. We laugh at believing such crazy, unprovable, no evidence for it theories. They believe it. And now here comes the lead investigator, who’s the guy that’s gonna frog march Trump out of the White House in shackles and handcuffs saying he’s not a target? This is not going to sit well with the people who believe that it’s only been a matter of time before Trump is charged with treason, with murder, with whatever they hope Mueller ends up getting.”

The Media is determined to slander Trump to cover up Obama’s crimes

“I just saw a piece during the break by Jonathan Turley. He has a piece at And he is genuinely curious why the media won’t give this up. And he compares it to people being given a terminal medical diagnosis. They go through stages of denial, but ultimately they end up accepting it.

“So he says for months now and dragging on into years, the media has refused to accept the reality that there isn’t any evidence linking Trump to any collusion with the Russians. Now, you and I know that there isn’t any period, that the collusion with Russians all happened with Hillary Clinton and we all know that this dossier’s fake. I mean, that’s why I think this is one of the biggest scams and hoaxes that has been perpetrated in the American public in the political arena in my lifetime and maybe ever. This is perhaps the biggest political scam and scandal ever.

“The exact opposite of what has happened is being investigated. What has happened that was illegal is being ignored. And in fact, it’s being covered up. The real scandal, the real collusion is Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, the intelligence communities, the FBI, the Obama administration, that’s the collusion, to try to destroy the Trump campaign and then his election, his presidency, and the transition.

“But Turley writes that the media is gonna have to come to grips here with the fact that, especially after Mueller last night saying Trump’s not a target, that there isn’t any evidence, and the fact that they won’t acknowledge this bothers him greatly. Which it should. But it doesn’t surprise me. Mr. Turley, if I may be so bold, I think you need to reexamine the way you look at the media.

“There isn’t any news in America anymore, and there isn’t any real reporting. The media is misnamed. The media has become its own political entity. And people discuss it as such. It’s the most amazing thing. A collection of journalists is now openly discussed as a political faction that both parties must deal with, except one party doesn’t have to deal with it because they’re on that party’s side. In fact, they are that party. They are the Democrat Party.

“The media, Mr. Turley, considers themselves part of the investigation. The media’s not sitting around waiting for Mueller to tell ’em what he’s found. The media are Mueller’s investigators. The media may as well be on his team. Not officially of course, but if Mueller says there isn’t any evidence, the media’s gonna say, “Well, we’re not through looking ourselves. There has to be evidence, and we’re gonna find it no matter what. And if you don’t, we will. And we may not be able to take our evidence to court, but we’re gonna take it to CNN and the New York Times and the Washington Post and we’ll deal with it that way.”

“The media’s not interested in Trump being exonerated. The media is not interested in truth here. The media has a desired outcome. As I say, it’s a mistake to even call them media now. Media implies that they’re a bunch of reporters doing journalism, running around seeing things nobody else does and then telling everybody about it so that we’re all informed. Long, long ago was that ever the case.

“The media is now its own political faction or party or identity or what have you. And they are every bit as involved in the political process as any other political organization or individual. That they continue to be called the media is just a furtherance of the game, of the illusion, that there’s some kind of arbitrary objectivity going on here, when of course there isn’t. The media has become willful accomplices of the special counsel, of the FBI, going all the way back to Obama utilizing them to help him spy on Americans who are opposed to his Iran deal.

“When Obama found out that they would report whatever they were fed, that they wouldn’t even challenge it, wouldn’t even try to corroborate it, wouldn’t even try to verify it, they just run with it, the Obama administration realized what they had. So if they want to report that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, all they’ve gotta do is tell a couple of ace reporters that will publish that without question and then everybody’s off to the races.

“The media can’t admit, Mr. Turley, that it’s been wrong here. They are every bit as much a part of the investigative unit as Mueller’s lawyers are. They’re going about the investigation in different ways. Of course, they don’t have subpoena power, and they don’t have an imprimatur from the Justice Department, but they have their own power base. They have their own means of using threats and blackmail and what have you to get what they want out of people.”

It is obviously better to have righteous men rule over the wicked than to have wicked men rule over the righteous.  When someone tells you that you have an unfair advantage of white privilege tell them GFY!  We don’t have privilege.  We live lives of responsibility, hard work, and consideration for others.  These greedy, envious cretins just want to take what we have earned.  Ask General Colin Powell or Doctor Ben Carson if they are suffering from white privilege?  Ask Condoleezza Rice if she’s the victim of white men?  These people rose in the world of “white privilege” because they behaves as white people do – they educated themselves, worked hard, and achieved.  The Left promotes indolence, laziness, greed, and envy blaming others because they chose to drop out of school, get on welfare, and do drugs.  They blame Americans for becoming wealthy declaring that they could only do so by stealing from poor nations as if poor people have great wealth to steal.  Leftists think this because that is how they acquire wealth – by taking it from someone who has it.  Democrats slander America as the worst nation in the world and then advocate for foreigners to come to America.  This is utterly backwards, but they do it for them to become their cheap labor welfare voter slaves because they need a permanent underclass of dependents to elevate themselves.  The sooner people wake up to this empirical fact that Democrats do not help people, but uses them, the sooner they can start taking charge of their lives and rise up out of the Democrat Party’s Plantation of their human swamp.

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