How Liberals are like Children

Liberals are easily misled by the corrupt because they are largely ignorant of how the world works.  Like children they can be taught to believe in Santa Claus and duped by the simplest of ploys (such as CNN running a graphic saying that the Democrat governor of Virginia, in a picture with blackface and a KKK costume, is a “racist Republican”).  They believe there can be a socialist Utopia if “the right people” institute it.  Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to be that person and he succeeded in initiating many socialist policies in America.  The reason he failed had nothing to do with Republicans but with the way socialism actually operates in reducing the American economy.  But people still voted for more of it just as they’ll continue to vote for massive Democrat deficits in the trillions of dollars because they believe the government can cover the costs by printing Monopoly money.  If that’s the case, then why do we have to pay any taxes?

What they don’t understand is that you can’t breed greed out of people.  A socialist government is only “successful” when it is a totalitarian tyranny that forces all people to live the same way – in poverty.  This form of government achieves this objective by taking everything from the people and doling it out as they choose.  No one is permitted to prosper.  Prosperity by anyone is considered to be stealing from others.  This is the mentality of the leftist who has the heart of a thief and doesn’t understand either economics or human nature.  Capitalism created the first middle class in history while socialism takes it away to make everyone lower class.  So, when they come to power, democratic socialists are the very epitome of corruption stealing the wealth of the people for themselves.  They propose enacting their “New Green Deal” to save the planet from climate change.  Nothing epitomizes leftist socialist fantasy like this.

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

President Trump properly defined MAGA on the national stage of the SOTU.  The left has been working hard to portray MAGA as white supremacy.  Democrats have been trying to erase their history of slavery, oppression, and racism by smearing Republicans as racists.  They even go so far as to declare they didn’t create the KKK.  Just because the KKK was not an official party sanction doesn’t mean it wasn’t a Democrat creation.  These are the lies that are filling the minds of ignorant liberals by pretending to be truth.  Liberals create a false precept in their victimology that only those with power can be bigots.  This flies in the face of terrorism in which the “powerless” commit murder.

Proving that “Politifact” is not truth but rabid leftwing propaganda

Liberals fall for every fiction that leftists put forth.  They believe Democrats can make America great through socialism.  They even propose that socialism will save the planet from death caused by capitalism.  The fantasies in which they live have been tested for a century.  Everywhere socialism has been imposed poverty follows along with genocide.  Obama already enacted socialist policies and the country, at least the portion that thinks thankfully, saw the results and got their fill of it before permanent damage was done.  America turned to an honest business genius to undo the damage Obama Democrats wrought.  After the SOTU that even leftwing internal polls showed 75% of Americans approved of President Trump’s speech, the leftwing media set out to smear him as “deranged and incomprehensible,” and that 100% of what he said were lies.

This is propaganda for their lemmings who refuse to listen to Trump but believe everything they are told by Democrats.  Ask them to explain a single lie told and see if they have any answers that make sense.  They don’t even pay attention to their own party at the SOTU when the women celebrated themselves getting elected to power while scorning Trump’s successes benefiting the people.  They cheered for women getting maternity support, and then sat on their hands when Trump said he was against infanticide for which Democrats are advocating and stopping human trafficking for sex slaves across the border.  Like psychotics they try to cast the economy as only benefitting white men out of one side of their mouths and try to take credit for it out of the other.

Brain dead liberal Cortez tries to explain Trump’s SOTU

Democrats following Cortez are nuts

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

Liberal Democrats think what they get from government is “free.”  They don’t understand that everything that comes from government was first taken from someone else as taxes.  “Fauxcahontas” Warren’s claim, that was echoed by Obama, that businessmen “didn’t build that” business, but that government enabled them is as false as liberal’s belief that K-12 education is provided by government for “free.”  Just as their parent’s taxes paid for schools and teachers, business taxes paid to build roads and bridges and provide police and fire protections.  Liberals don’t understand what taxes are and what they do any more than they understand how business operates and the purpose of profits, (hint: profits are not surplus monies used to pay business owners and investors big bucks).

Democrats promoting “Medicare for all” are preaching to fools who don’t have the first clue how Medicare is paid.  Medicare is for retirees who spent their working lives paying into the system.  To give Medicare to the young who have paid nothing would require quadrupling taxes on everyone who works.  Those who don’t work would just be leeching off of those who do.  Healthcare can be called a human right but providing healthcare costs money.  Doctors are not trained for free, hospitals are not built for free, medical supplies are not provided for free, and pharmaceuticals are not developed for free.

Obama’s big lie that people could keep their doctors on ObamaCare was quickly dispelled as millions lost their insurance.  Kamala Harris now openly admits that it was intended to destroy the medical insurance industry falsely claiming that government could provide all of it.  Those who were on ObamaCare learned as time went on that it was not “revenue neutral” as Obama lied but cost them far more than insurance ever did.  It was designed to be implemented piecemeal over years for the purpose of deceiving those who thought it would be beneficial and dupe them into supporting his law that all Americans live equally under single-payer government insurance.

This merely put the masses into one system while the elites in government maintained their Cadillac healthcare.  Greedy people who won’t work for their own benefits happily signed onto this believing they would get great healthcare paid for by the suckers who work for a living.  What they got was rationed healthcare complete with death panels that would deny those considered not worth the cost of expensive treatments.  Leftists do not want a surplus population that does not benefit themselves which is why they don’t care about stopping crime and drugs.  Instead they keep the border open to drug smugglers and vicious criminals who come into the country among those looking for cheap jobs.  They endorse these foreign moochers calling them “refugees” because they replace the future dependent Democrat voters that are being aborted through their infanticide.

Another Democrat issue to “end racism” is as false as all their teachings.  It is impossible to breed racism or prejudice or bigotry out of all people.  When Democrats talk of ending what they call “racism,” they are talking about ending criminal punishment.  Instead they would inflict persecution on those who complain of criminals.  We see that being done in the argument over illegal aliens as many of them are violent criminals coming into the USA killing and stealing from citizens.  We see that argument being used to stop law enforcement from arresting black criminals whose crimes Democrats say are justified for past oppression.  No one alive in America today has ever been a slave, and there are few who suffered under the Democrat’s segregation of the South.  To claim that their descendants are owed a free pass to commit crimes is the most heinous of immoral concepts ever promoted.

The Ministry of St. Pelosi

When liberals “quote” from the Bible they are usually quoting from their own ideology.  Nancy Pelosi said of her “favorite Bible quote:”

“I can’t find it in the Bible, but I quote it all the time, and I keep reading and reading the Bible,” Pelosi said. “I know it is there someplace.”

“It’s supposed to be in Isaiah,” Pelosi said. “I heard a bishop say, ‘to minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship,’” Pelosi said. “‘To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.’”

The closest analogy in the Bible to Pelosi’s misquote is this:

Proverbs 14:31 “Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but those who are kind to the needy honor him.”

What is meant by Pelosi and Proverbs are not the same thing but are easily confused by liberals.  In her arrogant ignorance intending to deceive people, Pelosi is speaking of illegal aliens and global warming.  Proverbs refers to the poor and needy of your own community.  Illegal aliens are not “the best and brightest” of foreigners who want to become Americans.  They are the dregs who do not share American values but want to profit from Americans by stealing prosperity.  The few who are truly seeking refuge from oppressive governments and murderous gangsters are far fewer and lost in the shuffle rather than the vast majority as Democrats claim.  This isn’t a charity but an illegal voter drive and effort to obtain cheap labor that doesn’t pay taxes but are given taxpayer benefits by Democrats.

Her quote is as valid as leftists claiming there is a Bible quote that “God helps those who help themselves.”  That quote isn’t in the Bible.  It’s the saying of a thief.  It’s a misquote of ancient Greek philosophy from Aesop’s Fables that you shouldn’t sit around and expect the gods to do things for you.  This is much like their misrepresentation of Robin Hood as “robbing from the rich to give to the poor.”  Robin of Loxley was a dispossessed Saxon lord who fought the oppressive taxation of Norman Prince John, which makes him a rebel fighting a socialist elite tyrant, not a thief.

Conflating rebels with thieves is an absurdity.  This is how easily liberals confuse wisdom just as they are confused by words because words have multiple meanings.  (Don’t understand that statement?  What does the word ‘bow’ mean?  Is it to tie a bow, or refer to a bow and arrow?  Is it the bow of a ship or to bow from the waist?  Similarly, liberals don’t understand there’s a vast difference between prejudice and bigotry, or ignorance and stupidity.  You can overcome for the former, but the latter is an inherent flaw.)  For these reasons one must be very careful in trusting sources these days.  Leftwing “factcheck” sites often promote leftist propaganda.  Even Wikipedia does not always critically examine the facts presented on its site.  Many leftists have posted false facts to deceive people that remain unchallenged until someone who is actually learned in the subject peruses their claims.

Democrat’s “tax the rich to pay their fair share” is more bogus dogma.  When the rich are taxed as high as Democrats want, they spend less on building businesses.  Poor people don’t give other people jobs.  The way Democrats make blue state living bearable for those overtaxed is by getting Democrats in Washington to give them federal tax breaks for their state taxes, thereby putting the tax burden on red states.  Democrats got control of family farms by instituting the death tax and confiscating them for back taxes.  The stupidity of liberalism are those liberals who become rich and then flee from blue state taxes to red state prosperity, and then the fools vote for the same socialist thieves they fled.

Likewise, the leftist fiction of man-made global warming from CO2 has nothing to do with science and everything to do with socialism.  Even someone with an elementary education in science recognizes the fraud in their charts and graphs claiming man’s CO2 pollution warms the planet.  If modern CO2 levels in the atmosphere (not the CO2 output of industries as Al Gore falsely displayed that is absorbed by the planetary ecosystem) is compared with CO2 levels in Ice Ages when most of the planet’s vegetation is frozen, do any of these liberals wonder why the planet wasn’t superheating instead of being frozen?

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Arrogant Millennials Indoctrinated to Reject Wisdom as Obsolete

Leftist Propaganda and Fictions

Leftists strive to create a caricature of President Trump as evil with their narratives depicting as stupid and cruel, etc.  They listen to others tell them what to think of what he says and are only told what snippets that are used to misrepresent and mischaracterize President Trump.  We didn’t have to manufacture Obama’s America hating intentions when he openly sold ObamaCare under the lie people could keep their doctors, or when he shut down American coal.  Leftists deliberately smear and slander the righteous in their efforts to warp the thinking of the ignorant who are oblivious of the truth.  Yet liberals have elected people who tell obvious lies like Obama.  Obama lied about wanting to reduce the tax burden on Americans and reduce the deficit.  He lied about affordable healthcare for all.  He lied about American energy.  He lied about his socialist ideology and being an Islamist.  Democrats like Warren (D-MA) lied about being Native American.  Blumenthal (D-CT) lied about being a Vietnam veteran.  But liberals still elected them to high office.

The Casual Cruelty of the Left

When liberal Democrats say these stupid things about Republican presidents like Trump, they are repeated by America’s enemies.  Venezuela’s dictator, who took power after Chavez bled the nation dry, is clinging to power in the face of the people’s opposition reciting American Democrat’s hateful claims about President Trump.  He regurgitated their fictional smears that Trump is the leader of the KKK and heading a capitalist effort to sabotage socialist states.  These kinds of absurdities are promoted by liberals such as leftist “comedians” who promote Democrat propaganda.

Most liberals never hear President Trump speak or know of his great achievements.  They only hear how leftists slander him.  This is why education has become of paramount importance in America because liberals are wholly distracted by their social media and video games and not paying attention to reality beyond bogus headlines and crude jokes mocking the truth.  All they hear are smears, slanders, and lies painting Trump Republicans as Russian agents, racists, xenophobes, white nationalists, white supremacists, and cruel bigots wanting to keep the wealth for themselves rather than share it with the world they are abusing as they destroy all life through global warming.  Until liberals develop the maturity to recognize obvious lies then America will continue to decline and risk falling into darkness.

Prime example of Democrat double talk

Slandering President Trump as Racist

Last Gasp of the Republic

The Socialist Inquisition

The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

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