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The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

This is the same as liberals being taught that America stole wealth from the world rather than created its own prosperity. How people are so obliviously stupid as to believe in such lies when it is obvious under even the most cursory examination that trade with America made all other countries rich is beyond intelligent understanding. The stupidity of liberalism is why America has fallen to the totalitarian dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Liberals believe all the world is backwards from what is truly righteous and wicked. Continue reading

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How communism has infiltrated and infected America

Communism has been successful because of all of us. We allowed it to succeed! We listened to liberal’s arguments about being fair, about allowing free speech, about permitting them to indoctrinate our children rather than fight them. While we are being tolerant of their false ideals, they were silencing us. Communism, like Islam, never spreads peacefully. They use coercion, intimidation, and violence to force others to submit to their will. Their bogus arguments about morality are all designed to confuse issues and dupe the ignorant. Continue reading

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A national disgrace of deplorable black lies that matter

A few bad apples… While Hillary slanders Trump supporters as deplorable racists, athletes have disgraced themselves and are shaming their professions as well as spitting on their fans.  NFL players choosing to follow the example of a fool are “protesting … Continue reading

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Democrats crying ‘wolf’ incite assaults on police stressing them to break

After being assaulted during a routine traffic stop, this officer responds with excessive force.  Democrat’s crying “wolf” and inciting attacks on police have stressed them to the breaking point.  Liberal media is to blame, but they’ll be happy to now … Continue reading

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Democrats live the Big Lie and laugh at congressional crimes

The Democrat Party holds its head high as the creator of the very successful Big Lie campaign! Former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted that he not only lied about Mitt Romney, but did so proudly and without regret … Continue reading

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