Democrats in the House begin their onslaught of the Trump administration

Every Russian vote should be counted!

Democrats are screaming that every vote should be counted – even those cast illegally!  Why are they not afraid of Russian votes being counted?  Because they know they never existed.  At the same time, President Trump is shaking up his administration and Democrats are screaming “it’s a crime!”  If that’s not lunatic enough, they are demanding a federal judge order the President of the United States obey his commands to appoint Rosenstein!  With Republicans taking a major loss in the Midterms due to Democrat’s voter fraud;

  • Giving the vote to felony criminals who took away the rights of citizens
  • Allowing foreign non-citizens to vote illegally
  • Still having dead people vote
  • Crooked Democrats making multiple votes on “provisional” ballots
  • and their electioneers destroying Republican votes

There is no room for RINOs working with Democrats.  Democrats are acting against working taxpayers in their agenda to give welfare to illegal aliens, importing millions of them and wanting to give them Medicare and Social Security.  They know this will bankrupt those agencies so that our seniors, who paid into those systems their whole lives, are left with nothing.  This is all geared toward making millions of people dependent on government for survival.  Democrats see this as their key to unlocking absolute power to establish themselves as the undisputed rulers over Americans.

The Art of the Steal: Dems Set Stage for 2020

Acting Attorney General Whitaker

Democrats in the House are demanding that Trump’s appointed temporary AG replacing Sessions recuse himself from the Russia probe as Sessions did.  Sessions resigned following the midterms and leftists are bemoaning his fate even though they slandered him as a racist before he took the post.  They have been content with his lack of action of many Democrat frauds and crimes and cannot count on Whitaker doing the same.  Republicans are encouraged by President Trump finally getting Sessions out of the way who has been sitting on his hands for two years working only on immigration (and failing) rather than ferreting out swamp rats.

Democrats say Whitaker has no credibility to oversee the Mueller investigation which hasn’t had any credibility from its beginning.  Mueller and his team of Hillary supporters has done nothing for two years except cover up Hillary’s crimes, blow smoke, and take the taxpayer’s money.  They want Rosenstein as the new AG.  That alone tells you he is their man there to sabotage Trump.

Democrats cry “This is a ‘break the glass’ moment in Mueller probe”

“Voter fraud is a myth” says Democrats when Republicans point out their crimes.  But Russian collusion is real in their minds.  Their election supervisor idol in Broward County, Snipes, was found to be destroying Republican votes and stuffing the ballot box with illegal Democrat votes.  Arizona was lost to the same, but McSally is not fighting it.  Democrats set themselves up to be without oversight and no lawful authority over electioneers committing voter fraud.  This in itself is a crime!  They should all be charged with federal felonies.  But Democrats over the years have set up the electoral system so that there is no legal oversight.  This must be corrected, or their frauds will bring about America’s fall.  I believe fully 20% of Democrat votes are from their frauds.

Broward County voter fraud supervisor

As Democrats work hard to overturn the election of Republican senators through their voter fraud campaign saying, “Every vote must be counted,” their media slanders Republicans who declare that illegal votes don’t count.  Once Democrats have control of the House, they intend to take down Trump’s administration and render them inoperable by blasting them with subpoenas to find “Russian collusion.”  Their entire goal is to make it so the economy crashes and blame Trump, so they can get a new Democrat elected in 2020.  This dysfunctional, anti-Americanism by Democrats is why the nation is still in danger of going into decline until its eventual fall to their communism.

Democrats have a “subpoena cannon” aimed at Trump people

After shooting hundreds of rockets into Israel, Hamas was bombed by the Israeli Air Force.  They responded saying that they would shoot more rockets if the Israelis didn’t stop bombing them.  This is SOP for Islam – attack others and when struck back declare themselves the victims and threaten to escalate.  This is standard criminal bullying.  If you do not submit to the bully, then they threaten more harm.  The only way to defeat a bully is to pound them down.  Submitting to them will never make them your friend.  They must either be defeated or destroyed.

Israel under attack

Leftists will say this is not what Jesus taught, but what do atheists understand of the teachings of Jesus?  Jesus never said to join with evil people or to give evil people their desires.  When he said turn the other cheek he was not saying, “If they rape your wife give them your daughter also, or if they kill your brother give them your son.”  Jesus referred to a slap in the face which is an insult, not an injury.  Jesus extolled the virtues of not being petty in response to pettiness.  He never proposed being a slave to evil.

In summary, Democrats believe when Republicans win it’s because of voter fraud, but when they win via voter fraud it’s “justified.”  They believe Republican presidents have no right to govern but must yield to the commands of their low-life activist judges.  They are importing millions of invaders who want to set up enclaves of their countries within the United States because they support socialist communism.  They are promoting “Medicare for all,” pretending to be compassionate when they are actually attempting to bankrupt America.  If they can make the nation collapse again and re-establish themselves in power, they can set themselves up through greater voter fraud as the rulers by convincing their dupes to abolish the Constitution.  This entire plot is obvious to those of us who are educated and know how the Communist Manifesto works.

Americans who vote Democrat who don’t understand this are the greatest dupes in history.  It’s not right that all these elections with obvious voter fraud never be investigated and overturned.  These bogus Florida Democrat counties will deliberately continue to conduct recount delays in violation of election laws until they are shut down, at which point they will cry foul for not counting all the votes.  They commit this obvious ploy to discredit voting when Republicans win.  This is a disgusting display of fraud and stupidity.  Thanks a lot to all liberals for your ignorance following in the model of Ocasio-Cortez – the fool who would be queen.

Democrats argue for counting votes by non-citizens

Democrats argue that destroying Republican ballots is not fraud

Democrats demand election judge be removed for reporting Democrat voter fraud

Midterms Week 2018 – Days of Crime and Poses

Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Extreme as They Cry “Foul! Thief! Fascist!”

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