The Obama Generation

Is it any wonder that America is being attacked by the left after we had eight years of rule by a Moslem communist wannabe dictator? Is it any wonder that Democrats have undermined our culture after a generation to the degree that half of the children who have grown up here have learned to hate America? This subversion has been going on since the 60s when communists began infecting our people with the ideology of envy and greed that is born of socialism.

Is it any wonder that the party of slavery, fascism, and hate has duped millions of ignorant young people to believe that leftism builds, and righteousness destroys, which is obviously the opposite of the truth? America’s Founders said that the Constitution was written for a moral people and gave us a republic if we could keep it. Democrat communism has succeeded in warping the minds of millions of Americans, in utterly corrupting their minds with perverse morality, and the probability of holding onto the republic for the nation’s future is bleak.

[Please read all the way to the bottom and don’t miss the video of two Antifa punks picking on the wrong old guy.]

“It is startling to realize that 19 years ago, we were in awe… of the great courage and the great sacrifice of… the first responders. We were in awe of them! And, today, 19 years later, we are blasted hourly by the hate sponsored by the left, sponsored by the Democrat Party. We are blasted hourly, minute by minute, with hatred for the police. In just 19 years, we have all of these blue cities and blue states cutting funding for the police.

“Who would have thought just a few years ago that you would have players in the National Football League protesting the American flag and the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11? It’s an example, folks, of how quickly the left has taken over, how quickly they have politicized so many institutions. And, in the process, they’re ruining everything. They’re not making anything better. They are literally destroying what they corrupt and politicize… Many of these people [rioters] can’t even remember what was happening 19 years ago. They weren’t even born, or they were too young.” – Rush Limbaugh

Not even a generation ago, America united after the attacks of 9/11 in which 3000 innocent people were murdered by Islamist terrorists. Police and firemen were honored. But even then, there was the underside of America. The Dark Side in which Democrats stood against the country – undermining us. They have since come out into the open to show their true nature by electing a Moslem communist to be Leader of the Free World. Under Obamunism they empowered communists, Islamists, and criminals within our own country against us.

Now they inundate the media with their lies day after day to distract from their insurrection, their terrorism, and their attempted coup, to tear down America, and overthrow their greatest threat by a Christian American patriot to restore this nation’s glory. They do this to undermine and overthrow the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world that has stood against the evil of the left. From slavery to communism to fascism to Islamism the righteous American Christians have halted and pushed back the attempts by the evil ideology of the left to subjugate the world.

Leftists teach liberals that their hatred and racism against white people is righteous. Idiot NFL players standing against America believe they are standing for unity when they are standing for division. They have a “Black National Anthem.” How is that unifying? We don’t have a white national anthem! It’s disgusting how easily and how deeply liberal morons can be seduced by the Dark Side. Trump supporters shouted their love for what Donald Trump has done that other Republicans have failed to do – fight back against the depredations of the left. The left calls this a “cult of personality.” A cult following is what Obama had from his brainwashed, braindead followers who believed what he said and paid no attention to what he did. As he sold off American prosperity to communist China and empowered terrorist Islamists in Iran, Americans foolishly believed he was making the world better instead of making America weaker.

What Donald Trump has is not a cult, but admiration as a great leader for taking the fight for America back against the insurgents of the left. Like the great Ronaldus Magnus, one of his heroes who stood against the hateful left with Christian righteousness, Donaldus Trumpian is pushing them back even harder as they strive to complete their overthrow of Americanism. After Obamunism almost destroyed the country, the people are thrilled to have a Christian warrior leader once again to try to save this great nation. What the left has taught their criminals is that they will help them overthrow the righteous people of America. They are assisting invading communists to give them rights over citizens. Only now are some blacks beginning to realize how they have been used by the left and are turning to the Blexit Movement to Walkaway.

As far as any American Christian patriot is concerned, if they don’t like it here, they can go the communist country of their choice. Go back to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and live in those leftist controlled sh*tholes that leftism created. We don’t want them here. We don’t want what they’re selling – slavery to the government as one nation without a God, divided, with bigotry, and hatred for all. America is the land of the free and home of the brave, not the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

Understanding the Righteous and Leftism

The Right is the positive pole of humanity who see life as their glass being half full and thankful for it. The Left is the negative pole of humanity who see their glass as half empty and enviously resent those who have the other half of what their greedy hearts want. The righteous build and leftists destroy. This is the fundamental nature of the light and dark sides of humanity.

Leftwing communists have convinced themselves that fascism is their opposite when they are the same. The left fighting the right is not one extremist vs. another or two sides that are righteous in conflict. The left is wrong, and they are never right. It’s as simple as that. The righteous are Christians fighting for freedom and the leftists are satanists fighting for slavery, and they are doing so by lying about the righteous being evil. Only those who have a moral compass can see the difference.

These Democrats burning, looting, and assaulting police are not protesters. They are criminal communist insurgents. They are a tiny proportion of our populace, but liberal Democrats endorse their Jihad against America. Democrat mayors and governors, AGs and the media, and a few leftist cops are enabling them to terrorize the people. Every last one of these people should be arrested and thrown in prison. They are committing a myriad of crimes. Why isn’t our government protecting us from these Nazi goons? Must we take up arms ourselves and start shooting back? All of these people need to be brought to justice else they will succeed in overthrowing America to make citizens their slaves.

The NFL and other sports organizations taking up the cause of communism in America is disgusting to behold. Athletes have never been my heroes. I hold all Democrats in utter contempt and these athletes, these ultra-rich America haters are the lowest of the low. They are super-high paid for playing a game and expect people to bow to them. They are rich yet complain about being oppressed. They should be told to quit and go back to Africa if they don’t like it. Most of them lead immoral lives and they think they can preach morality to us!

Democrats are phony, they are false, they are deceivers and their dupes. We know that they are perpetrating Covid and climate terrorism on us. You know there are radical leftists who are deliberately infecting people with Coronavirus just as there are jihadis who are setting forest fires. Democrats are blaming Trump and global warming. Most of the fires in California are set by leftwing arsonists. Meanwhile, Gov. Newsome tries to tell us they are caused by climate change. Biden’s phony condemnation of the black terrorist that shot two police echoes through the halls of justice. Immediately after copying Trump’s call for law and order, he tweeted out that he would disarm citizens. Democrats have been teaching their black children to glorify thugs and criminals for decades.

We don’t have to adjust our thinking over the ignorance of liberals that follow Democrats like the jackass that represents their party – with blinders on, not seeing past the ends of their noses, not bothering to learn beyond the headlines they read, stubbornly adhering to their first thought, and blindly following like lemmings going off the cliff of socialism. Leftism is founded in lies and deceptions because it is evolved from satanism against righteous Christianity that they portray as Nazism. It wasn’t Jesus that duped Eve in the Garden. Democrats are swallowing lies because the leftwing media inundates their minds with nothing else. America’s only hope is to have righteous patriots defeat them and cast them down!

We don’t have to adjust our thinking over the ignorant liberals that follow Democrats like the jackass that represents their party – with blinders on, not seeing past the ends of their noses, not bothering to learn beyond the headlines they read, stubbornly believing in their first thought, and blindly following like lemmings going off the cliff of socialism. Leftism is founded in lies and deceptions because it is evolved from satanism against righteous Christianity that they portray as Nazism. It wasn’t Jesus that duped Eve in the Garden.

What will it take for President Trump to act?

[Author’s Note: As I began writing this over the weekend, I turned on the news to hear that two police officers in Compton, CA, were ambushed and shot by a BLM assassin as they sat in their car. When the ambulance got to them to the hospital, they found the Emergency Room entrance blocked by more BLM terrorists. They should be thanking God I wasn’t driving that ambulance because I would have flat out run their evil asses over and then got out shooting anyone that stood in my way. I wish I was a multimillionaire who could afford to outfit a militia reaction force to take the place of the police Democrats have disarmed and take down these terrorists.

The nation needs to rise up against these Democrat communists and rain justice down on their heads. This is a shooting war. Democrats are murdering Republicans and our government is treating this the same way that Democrats treat the war with the Islamic Jihad. They pretend it is our fault and we deserve the hell they inflict on us. Patriots need to rise up and take out these Democrats. Do you realize that they are a small minority of America? That these radical Democrats are composed of the ultra-rich spoiled snot noses of elitist society and their uneducated masses? They are only about 25% of the population with their jihadis making up about 1% of them.

I am enraged and I’m all for American’s righteous wrath avenging the injustice that lying liberals are imposing on America. Black Lies Murder. What needs to happen is for the police departments to rise up in revolt against these mayors that are stripping them of their defenses and making them victims of the mob. Drag them out of their offices and hang them in the streets – or at least stand back and allow the citizens to put a noose around their necks and drag them down the streets! Line up other Democrat leaders, their AGs and their council members, alongside them. Do the same to the fascist commies in Congress! Then go to town on their mobs, kill half of them, and put the other half in prison, and this sh*t will be ended!

These people are animals and savages that must be destroyed, not told they are doing wrong. They know they are! How naïve do you have to be to think they don’t? America is being undermined by an insurrection of communists. You want to know what the real Russian collusion is? It is the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party of Hillary and Obama that has been working with Putin and is now subverting America. Obama subverted our culture with the Islamic Jihad joining with Democrat’s fascist communism to pervert all that is good in America.

Portland’s mayor, reported to have the full support of citizens by the leftwing media, was proven by a poll to have 2/3rds of citizens against him. He now denies police the use of tear gas to control rioters thus “eliminating riots.” What they don’t count on is the 75% of patriotic Americans who don’t subscribe to their hate rising up to take up arms and counterattack in self-defense. They expect us to lay down and roll over for them as Republicans in Congress always have in the past. NO MORE! Donald Trump is a Christian Warrior fighting for what is good in this world, and we don’t stand behind him – WE STAND WITH HIM!]

Trump Rally Nevada 9-13-20 calls out Democrat’s War on Police

Cheers for Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Fascist Racism in America

[Addendum: What is the most horrible aspect of modern crime is that police know who and where these savage criminal animals are in their cities. They know who and where the Mexican drug cartel gangs and their bosses live across the border. They know who in government is enabling all of them to operate – the Democrats. Yet no one takes action against them because the Democrats have the power to stop them. This is the contrary evidence that makes me believe America is on the verge of falling to the communist Nazis of the left unless we have a leader who is willing to bring the fight into their homes and annihilate them. Leftists are the ones who demonize great America patriotic heroes like Wyatt Earp and Joseph McCarty. We should never listen to them when they cry about having their evil stomped out.]

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