Democrat Terrorism and Washington Money Laundering

Say it, Mr. President! Say you condemn all leftist Democrat terror groups – KKK racists, neo-Nazi haters, Antifa fascists, and Black Lives Matter communists who have been terrorizing and murdering people. CONDEMN THEM ALL! Joe Biden won’t condemn Antifa/BLM rioters, looters, and murderers just as he not only never condemned or denounced but befriended and praised KKK Grand Wizards, neo-Nazi donors, Antifa rioters, and BLM cop killers! There is systemic racism in America by DEMOCRATS! The white masters of their welfare voter slaves now embrace black supremacy to destroy law and order and terrorize the people.

President Trump should tell the leftwing media they can shove their white supremacy narrative up their asses! Only Democrats have ever created and endorsed hate groups in America. All their big lie smears of Republicans are B.S. and they know it! The Democrat media are propagandists, and they KNOW they’re fake news that IS the enemy of the people! (Another leftwing lie is that Trump said “the media” is the enemy, not just their fake news.) They don’t pull the wool over our eyes! They keep making their false allegations over and over, incessantly claiming you endorse their own hate groups and never denounced them, when we know you never have praised them, and that you have repeatedly denounced them through words and deeds! Tell the Democrat media that We the People said to GFY! They will not be overthrowing this nation this year!

Republicans are going to prison over fraudulent charges to which they are forced to confess for lack of funds like Gen. Flynn. But no Democrats who have been exposed for the last four years attempting their coup has even been charged with their crimes! This is the only case that makes me suspicious of President Trump. Is he actually their greatest Trojan Horse before they take over absolute power and make elections as meaningless as those in communist and Islamist countries? Or is he finding that the swamp monsters in Washington are already too powerful, too big to fail, that he can’t bring them down? Only the result of the upcoming election will tell the truth. When Democrats announce that their massive mail-in voter fraud has given them the votes to cast him out of office what will he do? Will he fight, or will he fold?

As President Trump and 1st Lady Melania battle Coronavirus, the leftwing Democrat media smears him as arrogant needing to be brought down in humility. Trump has always been humble and forthright. But he is willing to fight those who smear him. This virus will neither make him arrogant or servile. The left is waging a civil war conducting a communist revolution to overthrow the Constitution and remake America in their hateful image. Now Sen. McConnell is saying that the Senate may not have a vote on SCOTUS before the election. This would please Democrats who don’t want a functional Supreme Court to rule on their voter fraud. This is cowardly. This is backstabbing. ACB was just fully vetted three years and there is no reason to hold hearings in which Democrats can smear her and delay the vote. If McConnell fails, Democrats will have an increased chance to succeed in usurping power. They do not hold a majority in this nation. Only their imported communists, rabid America haters, and ignorant liberals endorse them. Delaying the appointment of ACB would only encourage more Republicans like Romney to stand against President Trump.

When it comes to battling post-election fraud, if Trump fights, they will declare that he has usurped rule of law by overthrowing democracy to establish himself as dictator. If he folds, then he will have betrayed the nation that believed in him. In a hundred years, no one has done a deep investigation of voter fraud. Only the occasional doofus is caught. Yet we know that Democrat operatives invalidate millions of votes, sometimes so openly in places like Port St. Lucie and Miami, FL, and states like Minnesota, California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Still, no one in government ever goes into a deep investigation of the voter rolls where illegals and dead people vote along with multiple votes falsely cast by liberal fascists. What will President Trump actually do when Democrats try to evict him from the White House by declaring the presidential election null and void while putting Pelosi back in power? What will he do?

The DoJ has charged Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon, with misuse of a million dollars. This is to distract idiots from Biden’s son’s crimes and his own demented convention in which no Democrats condemned, or even mentioned, the violence of their mobs, only painting silly pictures of America as a destitute racist nation that must be destroyed and themselves as the saviors of the nation, humanity, and the planet. So, why has the DoJ never charged Hillary over the billions of dollars foreign governments filtered into her foundation to buy the next president, or destroying subpoenaed evidence? Why have they not charged any of the Obama administration with spying on the Trump campaign? Republicans are in prison over false allegations because even billionaires could not afford to fund their defense against the limitless resources of the U.S. government. Yet not one Democrat has been brought to justice in four years. Just some pissant lawyer who confessed to falsifying documents for the FISA court. Democrats routinely extort billions of dollars, money that is siphoned to offshore accounts, and they say it may “appear” unethical but is “perfectly legal.” They commit crimes against the nation and say they are doing it to fight Trump’s personal greed. If they are not brought to justice and allowed to usurp the government they will all go free.

How corrupt is the U.S. government? They give themselves platinum pensions and Cadillac healthcare for life at taxpayer expense. If and when they leave office, they are already set for life. But most also become multimillionaires if not billionaires on their six figure salaries. What happened to that hundred million Biden got from Ukraine and the billion he got from China? It’s not in his bank or the treasury. Again, they say what they did was “legal.” If you can make killing babies and extorting businesses legal, then you can make any crime legal. That doesn’t make them not crimes against humanity! They are stealing the wealth of the American people by shaking down businesses and foreign governments then smearing Republicans as the greedy corporate sponsors. Republicans that work with Democrats, RINOs like Boehner, Ryan, McCain, and Romney, also profit mightily from their piece of the action undermining conservative values as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Have Democrats corrupted the government beyond redemption? The Founders did their utter best in writing the Constitution to deter this, but nothing is foolproof. The Electoral College that protects the nation from a few states using voter fraud to control the government is under assault. Democrats want a true democracy they say. But as Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for what to have for lunch.” It is easily corruptible and eventually leads to a dictatorial tyranny. Rome’s great republic eventually fell to corruption undermining her ideals that made her the greatest nation in history until the USA. Is America now on the edge of falling off the same cliff? Will she join the communist nations of the world, the fascists and Islamists that govern by their totalitarian ideology? The land will always be here and populated by people, but they will not always be free. The left is ushering in their ideology of fighting for what is wrong as being right. Lucifer is called the “Light Bringer,” but what light does evil bring? That is a leftist accolade to the Archangel who betrayed God.

[Author’s Note: I don’t believe Donald Trump would fold under pressure by the left to surrender America’s government. He has proven himself time and again to be a fearless fighter in the mold of America’s greatest warrior generals like Gen. Patton. He leads from the front. The gall of two-faced Joe “Hidin’” Biden declaring from his basement, where he has been for the past six months, that Trump is the one who kept himself “safe in a bunker” is pure media comedy. This is what we mean that leftists all suffer from their dysfunctional mentality living in denial and projecting their character flaws onto others to blame them for the ills they bring on themselves. Wallace asked President Trump to denounce the Proud Boys as a white supremacist group and he didn’t quite do so because he didn’t know who they were. That is wisdom! On researching them I found that they are NOT white supremacists as their own leader proves! Wallace is fake news lying for Democrats! Just as BLM is led by avowed Marxists and populated mostly with white kids, Proud Boys is their opposite composed of Americans of all races, creeds, and colors.

Leftists would never stand forth as Donald Trump has done. Leftists never do what is good for the people as Donald Trump has done. Democrats get in government to make money. The Trump family lost a billion dollars being in government. No number of smears by leftists claiming that Trump is profiting from being president can hold water. They have only their hate, their rage, and their irrational fears on which to hang their lies. Only the stupidest and most hateful of people believe in them anymore since they have come out into the open to declare their communist fascism as their ideological foundation. Democrats continue to prove that their only goal is power over America’s wealth. Their blue states remain shut down to drag down the economy. Their jihadis riot in the streets to terrorize the people in the hopes of overturning the election and making Republicans pay for their revolution. I say make Democrats suffer the consequences of their second Civil War.

If Democrats create a chaotic election saying the results are ambiguous to deny Trump’s re-election in an effort to put Pelosi in charge, they have no right to do so on the same basis that Pelosi’s re-election is likewise tainted along with all ballots cast in the entire election. The only way to guarantee a free and fair election is to set up a week in which everyone can go to the polls, separated alphabetically each day, prove they are citizens, and have their fingerprints on their ballots in indelible purple ink like Iraq. This is what Democrats have reduced our election system to with their pathological, criminal sociopath voter fraud.]

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