What does Biden stand for? Post-debate analysis

As expected, Biden crawled out of his basement to bring nothing of substance to the debate. It was a Trump bashing event from beginning to end that Donald Trump would have none of – which was especially amusing when Biden accused Trump of “hiding in his bunker.” The president immediately began criticizing Biden. Joe Biden spent the debate spewing the lies of the Democrat Party while answering nothing. He claimed that Trump caused the deaths of 200,000 people from Covid and destroyed the economy. No Democrat would give President Trump credit for saving two million lives by shutting down the great economy he fostered because they know it was their lie in conjunction with China. Instead, Biden spent half his time running down the economy for being shut down and the other half promising he would shut it down again.

They couldn’t run against Trump’s economy that they tried to claim was of their making when it only came about because Donald Trump used his pen to scratch out Obamunism’s business crushing regulations. As expected, Biden was the one who made all the personal attacks calling Trump a racist and a clown not worthy of debate. He said nothing of what he would do as president but spent his entire time trying to belittle Trump. He denounced leftist socialism that has lifted him through his own promotions to be a contender and that he has endorsed on the Democrat website. Biden tried at the last to spin gold out of the crap that Democrats created in their false narrative that President Trump disparaged the graves of fallen soldiers.

Joe Biden saying this was his Democratic Party is as laughable as all of his claims about Trump as president being a disaster. Biden’s far left allies will be very perturbed to hear that he does not support the Green New Deal as he said he did during the primaries. There was nothing in his statements in support of his socialist base, but denials of being a part of it. Democrats have been socialists for the last hundred years and before that were the nation’s slavers. That modern liberals haven’t the first clue of what Democrats and socialists truly are is why America is going down the toilet of leftism. Biden’s claims that Trump’s economy only benefited the rich fell flat on his face as reports of pre-Covid economy was the best economy since the Reagan Boom.

Claiming that Trump’s tax cuts that he wants to abolish didn’t bring back 700,000 manufacturing jobs Obama said would never return, Biden proved himself a pathological liar. What President Trump achieved is forcing Biden to reveal he would shut down the economy and raise taxes. He made him denounce the Green New Deal that would cripple American energy even though it is featured on his website. Leftist media is crying at how Donald Trump stomped all over Biden. Those who thought this would be an engagement of intellectual enlightenment are fools if they thought Trump would lay down for Biden’s lies that Trump tells nothing but lies. The left hasn’t given Trump one iota of respect, so why should he roll over for them?

So, let’s examine Biden’s claims about the “noble military service” of his sons. Hunter Biden, the one who just received millions of dollars from the wife of Moscow’s mayor that Biden says is false, but has already been proven, was dishonorably discharged for drug abuse. He was in the Navy while Biden was VP and booted within a year. Beau Biden, his older son who died of cancer, was in the Army JAG Corp. He went to Iraq for a year at the beginning of his father’s VP stint. He spent his time enforcing Obama’s new Rules of Engagement. Those rules, about which Obama bragged in on television that required soldiers to be “a new kind of hero,” restricted soldiers from shooting back at terrorists who opened fire at them from a crowd of civilians. Iraqi terrorists and their supporters would shoot at Americans and the crowd would not duck but stand in the line of fire to cause civilian casualties on which to blame Americans. For this, Beau Biden was awarded a Bronze Star. Not for combat, but for prosecuting soldiers who disobeyed those rules.

The claim that President Trump said over the graves of fallen soldiers that they were losers and suckers was a fiction the Democrats created. A score of witnesses that were there testified in public that it never happened. The anonymous witnesses Democrats claimed to have never came forward. While Donald Trump did denigrate the service of John McCain, it was well deserved. McCain’s own comrades in his Vietnam prison said he aided the enemy. McCain proved his character in his last vote in the Senate when he betrayed his voters, whom he had promised to vote to remove ObamaCare, voted not to in scorn of President Trump.

Democrats have a long history of belittling those in the military and duping the public. Obama endorsed John Kerry who said our troops are terrorists. He endorsed Richard Blumenthal who falsely claimed he served in Vietnam in an act of Stolen Valor. But America haters and liberal fools voted for them anyway. If you watched the debate, you didn’t learn a damn thing except that Democrats will use every smear possible against Trump and that Donald Trump will fight back giving as good as he gets. If you’ve been listening to Joe Biden for the past six months, you’ll realize that they had him jacked up on Adderall, probably with an earpiece so they could instruct him, and directed him to talk to the camera and laugh as if he’s a personable guy.

Now Biden is saying Trump wants to eliminate medical care for hundreds of millions of Americans. What Obama created was a healthcare monster that doubled premiums rather than decrease them and punished those who did not buy ObamaCare with a penalty tax. It was the greatest peacetime tax increase on the middle and lower classes in American history. President Trump removed that vehicle by which Democrat stole from the poor. Though Obama’s economy was crushed by his taxation and regulations, that doesn’t keep Obama and Biden from trying to take credit for Trump’s economic boom.

That is, until they scammed the nation and the president to shut it down over unfounded fears of a plague. If the plague were real, then everyone should be praising Trump for saving millions of lives. Instead, they are smearing him for ruining the economy. For demented Joe to claim there would have been no deaths had he been president, when he was against stopping travel from China that originated the virus, is just leftwing stupidity. That’s why Democrats call this the Trump Virus while he has been calling it the China Virus. The fact is that Democrats worked with China to perpetrate this scam by unleashing this plague on the nation.

This debate format was a joke. It called for a contentious exchange over which Chris Wallace did his best to restrain Trump. Democrats are capable of telling a dozen lies in a paragraph that an opponent would have to write a book to refute. Donald Trump did right in just picking one subject to throw back in Biden’s face and go on a counterattack. Biden’s 47-year record in government has produced nothing for the people. His crime bill that labelled blacks as “super-predators” incarcerated a million minorities for non-violent offenses. President Trump undid this bill and gave pardons to many blacks who were imprisoned for life over nothing more innocuous than smoking marijuana. The poverty in Democrat’s city ghettos is Biden’s Democrat legacy.

The attempt to say President Trump doesn’t pay Income Tax is as false as all their narratives. For all they know, the $750 taxes he paid in 2017 was just a part of what he was taxed since they don’t have all the records because of IRS audits sealing them. If it was based on his presidential salary alone, Trump donated that entire salary to charity, so why would he pay any taxes on it? But that’s not how the IRS works. The common liberal idiot is no more capable of judging the taxes of a millionaire businessman when they can’t understand their own 1040EZ. Donald Trump doesn’t understand his own taxes. He has fifty tax attorneys doing them and the IRS has never found one scintilla of evidence that he ever had anything wrong with what he pays.

On the subject of law and order, Biden tried to claim he was for police when every law enforcement organization in the country has denounced their Democrat ties and declared for Trump. Chris Wallace asked both candidates at the end if they would ask their followers to not take to the streets after Election Day and wait until all the ballots were counted. This is farce as Republicans have not taken to the streets the way Democrats have for the past few months looting and burning and murdering people. For Biden to do this he would first have to get his rabid followers off the streets. President Trump knows that Democrats have mailed out some eighty million illegal ballots to be filled out and returned anonymously. There is nothing about this upcoming election that will be legitimate unless severe laws are imposed to prove each person’s ballot legitimate. That’s why we need a Supreme Court that is not stacked by leftists.

Today, the leftwing media will report the headlines they wrote before the debate began – that Biden is a genius who mopped the floor with the bad orange man. This debate did teach us one thing. Democrats will lie in their two-faced fashion saying everything that is backwards from reality. Their moral compass is skewed so badly that they see God as an oppressor and Satan as a liberator. To them, what is left is right and what is right is wrong rather than what is true about the right and left. Put your faith in them if you want, but a vote for Biden is a vote to go back to Obamunism and make America into a one-party socialist dictatorship where voting will be a joke on their slaves.

[Author’s Note: My greatest disappoint these days is hearing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger come out and denounce President Trump as creating racial division and strife. Donald Trump can’t say he condemns white supremacists enough because Democrat’s big lie is that he called them good people is infused into liberal’s brainwashed minds. Backwards liberals believe in their leftist masters who praised Biden for being nasty to Ryan eight years ago with his lies. They smear Trump as “unpresidential” for turning the tables on little Joe. It would have been hysterical had Trump goaded Biden into trying to bully him and try to punch him. Watching Trump knock Biden’s block off would have been the cherry on top.

As Antifa rioters, that Biden says don’t exist, and their BLM communist comrades burn down cities, they blame Trump for the police taking down criminals as the cause of injustice. There are no white supremacists in the streets rioting. There are only anti-white, anti-America socialists, communists, and fascists doing so. One would think that intelligent people would recognize this. But if your only news comes from MSDNC and the leftwing media then you don’t know the facts and fail in recognizing the truth – that Democrats are conducting an insurrection and rest their hopes in keeping the economy crushed, terrorizing the people, and winning through massive voter fraud. You want a fair election? Let everyone go to the polling stations, prove who they are as an American citizen, and dip their fingers in ink. That’s the only way we will get an accurate count.]

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