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Thank God This is Trump’s Economy Fighting the Washington Cesspool

If Hillary was president, the Democrats and their sycophantic media would be singing her praises for America’s booming economy.  Because it is a Republican that is president, they are trying to credit Obama.  Hillary, who accused Trump of suggesting he … Continue reading

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Liberal Media is Nothing but Smears, Slanders, and Trump Hate 24/7/365

See no evil, hear no evil, speak nothing but evil.  This is the maxim of the liberal leftist Democrat media.  “In order to blow up liberalism you have to tell people what it is.” – Rush Limbaugh This is the … Continue reading

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The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists

Democrats under Obama have become so corrupted that they’ve become the anti-American party. Democrats under Obama’s leadership turned from representing themselves as the party of the little guy to being the party of the anti-American.  They became the party of … Continue reading

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There are three factions in the DNC – Deceivers, Numbskulls, and Communists

The Democratic Convention is in chaos, but don’t expect the liberal media to tell you about it. Michelle Obama says, “Don’t let anyone tell you this country isn’t great.”  Eight years ago she said she was never proud of this … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama for president

Democrats – the party of old, rich, white people.  They claim to be the party of the poor and minorities, yet spend all their efforts funneling America’s wealth to their rich friends.  This only proves that liberals suffer from a … Continue reading

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