AOC – Future Pelosi-in-Training

Socialism is a system of government whereby the elite’s rule over the masses and all wealth belongs first to the rulers.  Capitalism is a system of government whereby people can prosper from their own labor and rise as high as they can through their success.  What leftists teach liberals is that this is exactly opposite.  With a century of history proving leftism is wrong, how do liberals fall into the trap of being so thoroughly duped that they would cut their own throats?  Corporations didn’t become ultra-wealthy by stealing from the poor but by producing products everyone wanted and most could afford.  Socialists seize that wealth for the government rather than allow individuals to rise in society.

When President Trump said at his SOTU, “America will never be a socialist nation,” can we affirm that will be so?  Democrats say they are not socialists, yet at the same time the future of the Democrat Party is founded in people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, aka Chiquita Khrushchev, has openly declared she is a devout socialist.  She is the future Nancy Pelosi.  The only difference between Cortez and Pelosi is that AOC has not yet learned to be viciously duplicitous.  Both say the most galactically stupid things, both are leftist control freaks, both have diarrhea of the mouth, and both propose agendas that will destroy America as founded and remake her into a banana republic toilet.

The United States is predicated on the American Dream of prospering from your own labor without government confiscating what you earn.  The history of socialism is a history of the destruction of advanced cultures falling into tyranny in which all wealth is confiscated and people are killed off.  This is usually by revolution but just as often comes of democratic election.  Cuba fell by revolution, while Venezuela voted to become a socialist state.  Both saw their wealth get sucked up by those in power of their new socialist governments.  Never in history has socialism benefited the people yet fools like AOC believe it can be done right.  They always said it could never happen here but America’s future with Democrats is AOC; putting the “galactic” in “stupidity.”

The stupidity of AOC and Pelosi is only exceeded by the foolishness of the lemmings that elected them believing they speak intelligently.  In a sane, intelligent, educated world these and many other Democrats would NEVER be elected to office.  But they are now powerful congresswomen and, despite any scoffing by conservative unbelievers, AOC is the future of the Democrat Party.  Here’s a clue – when someone says something that doesn’t make sense to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are speaking so brilliantly that its just over your head.  Half the time they really are just speaking nonsense and voting for them to be lawmakers is just the blind voting for a blind person to lead them.  Cue the cliff.

Cortez says Trump is “scared of socialism”

How Liberals are like Children

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

Cortez says we have 12 years to save the planet

These are the existential threats to America as seen by Republicans and Democrats:

  • Republican – democratic socialists, liberal-fascists, Islamo-nazis, Latino-communists
  • Democrat – climate change, civilian owned guns, anti-abortion, patriots, capitalism

Democrats are all-in on Socialism

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi has nothing to be proud of except obtaining power and making herself rich.  Her district of San Francisco is literally a human toilet with homeless illegal aliens pitching tent cities in parks and dumping their waste, including their feces, on the sidewalks and in the streets.  Democrats have given illegal aliens the vote in California and unless the federal government enacts laws against this then that state will continue to literally be a Democrat sh*thole.  Were it not for Democrats in D.C. funneling money to them from productive states like Texas that have growing economies then California, that used to be the nation’s richest state but is now listed as the poorest, would be exactly like Venezuela.

It was Pelosi who said such galactically stupid things like, “For every dollar of unemployment insurance, two are added to the economy.”  Cortez, like Bernie Sanders, is all-in on socialism “sharing the wealth” by taking money from those who work for a living and giving it to those who vote for a living because they are unwilling to work.  These people are not in a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the country.  They are parasites.  They are symbiotes of the Democrat Nazi Communist Party living off of each other by empowering each other.  They vote Democrats into power and Democrats give them scraps off of what they take on which to feed.  A large part of how Democrats obtain taxpayer money by which to subsidize their deadbeat base is through their global warming scam.

AOC declares loudly that the world will end in twelve years unless the United States makes radical adjustments to its use of fossil fuels to eliminate them in ten years.  She expounds on numerous other economic transitions in her Green New Deal that would effectively put the USA back into the 19th century while China becomes the world’s economic superpower.  She talks about replacing all gas-powered cars with electric cars.  Where she thinks Americans will get electricity if she does away with all the coal-fired electric plants when windmills and solar produce only 1% of the nation’s electricity is part of her “genius.”  She would have cars run on wind power, too.  (Picture your car with a sail on the roof.)  Banning cow farts and stopping whale poop used to be considered hysterically insane.  Now Millennials are advocating for those very things and they are gaining power in government in support of their lunacy.

She talks about eliminating airplanes by substituting high speed rail as if that can be built in a decade.  Refitting all houses to use solar panels rather than electric lines is a financial nightmare.  She hopes to achieve “net-zero CO2 emissions.”  This, like ObamaCare being “revenue neutral,” is just flat out Democrat lies.  We are already at net-zero emissions.  The planet’s ecosystem can process any waste that humans can produce even from industries.  When Al Gore exhibited his bogus hockey-stick chart his “scientists” measured only the CO2 output of industries.  The amount of CO2 that is actually in the atmosphere remains the same.  So, the Earth is not going to “super-heat” from any greenhouse effect.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Follow the money of the global warming scam

Appeasing the Climate Change gods – the Science of Duping Liberals

Their published Green New Deal has been altered to hide these facts.  They say they want to use nuclear power, which is an outright lie since they’ve condemned it for decades.  They say they wouldn’t eliminate all fossil fuels, which is an outright lie as Obama already shutdown coal mining forcing states to get their coal from China.  They say they wouldn’t put restrictions and taxes on companies for their pollution, which Democrats already did through legislation like Dodd-Frank.  Everything Democrats propose would destroy the U.S. economy and, once the public gets wind of that, they immediately deny they would institute the very policies they intend to impose on America.

AOC flunked economics 101

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat’s Millennial upstart darling, gave another interview in which her galactic stupidity was on full display while the audience applauded her vacuous words.  This is simple proof that Democrats are uneducated as the mouthy Cortez, who understands economics about as well as Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren understands DNA, spewed garbage out from the garbage she took in from Boston U leftist professors.  The most telling moment came when the interviewer asked her about Marginal Tax Rates, and she ducked the question.  MTR is Economics 101 but learning to duck questions by deflecting is Pelosi 101.

For a graduate of Boston University with a degree in economics, Cortez understands diddly squat about economics and probably couldn’t win a contest with a fifth grader.  She slams Trump’s tax cuts that are fostering a job expanding economy and then says that Democrats can create jobs and make the economy grow by doubling taxes and paying people who don’t want to work.  The eight years of Obamunism in which her messiah already attempted to institute socialism was the worst economic debacle in this country since Jimmy Carter and FDR.  This is bass-ackwards thinking!  Her lack of understanding of economics was further exhibited in her attempt to use terms like “externalities.”

The Great Obama Depression; 2008 – 2016

This young fool believes she can dupe people by using words that the common person doesn’t understand, but some of us know how to use a dictionary.  Her use of the term “Externalities” from economics she claims can mean something like corporations polluting and the externality being government having to pay to clean it up.  This is as backwards thinking and opposite of the meaning of the word as one can get.  If one listens to her talk, she does this kind of backwards thinking constantly in everything she believes from socialism to global warming.  This is what socialists try to describe socialism as being – everyone working together to pay for everything for everyone’s benefit.  But that’s not and never has been what socialism is in practice.

An “externality” in business would be something like a car manufacturer producing automobiles with the externality being a bunch of service stations popping up to maintain them.  Cleaning up garbage is NOT paid for by the government!  Government actually pays for NOTHING!  Taxpayers pay for everything, and businesses are TAXPAYERS!  Those sanitation workers who the local government supplies to pick up your trash – they are paid for by your taxes!  Government doesn’t provide businesses with services that people in government pay for because no one in government uses their own money to pay for anything.

Scammers like Elizabeth Warren who say business owners didn’t build their business except through government aid reveals just how deeply flawed and backwards the thinking of Democrats to be.  Government salaries and benefits they give themselves all come from your taxes!  They use taxpayer money they take from businesses and the people who work to pay for the services government provides.  Roads and bridges and schools are all paid for by working citizen’s taxes.  That six-figure salary and Cadillac healthcare package AOC now enjoys she gets from taxpayer’s money just because she could talk over the heads of Democrat dupes in the Bronx to get elected.

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

Chiquita Khrushchev’s Socialist Utopia Dreams;

Aka – The Blissful Ignorance of Brainless Millennials.

AOC believes that government and people can live off phantom money.  She thinks the U.S. government can just print up money to cover its overspending.  She has no comprehension that this is how and why Venezuelans are now suffering under 1,000,000% inflation.  She thinks people can live on credit cards without paying their bills.  Those groceries you just bought?  You don’t have to pay for those.  Just use the maxed-out credit card that you don’t pay the bill on each month.  (You can do this because of the “externalities” being that you live in a white supremacist patriarchy that dominates you and you have a right to live free.)

Democrats vs. Republicans is a psychological war of fiction vs. reality.  What Republicans believe of Democrats are truths – that they endorse killing babies and importing foreign invaders.  What Democrats believe of Republicans are their fictions of white supremacy and corporate greed.  Democrat idiocy wants to abolish ICE and tax corporations into poverty.  These same fools believe the world will end in twelve years.  It will end for the USA if they get the power they want.  They hope to do this by duping the uneducated with their science frauds.  Twenty years ago, Al Gore’s “scientists” said the seas would rise 25’ by 2020.  But they haven’t risen an inch.  Don’t they want to give Obama credit for that since he said with his election the rise of the oceans would slow?

Democrats are living in a booming economy with the lowest unemployment on record and a thirty percent reduction in welfare rolls.  Yet they are in public saying that people are destitute, suffering from class warfare on the poor.  It is the greedy who are engaging in class warfare on taxpayers, especially those who become successful.  They say they want to create an economy that is fair for everyone.  What do they consider to be fair?  Paying people who are unwilling to work for a living?  President Trump is actually leading an economy in which everyone can participate and prosper, and they are damning him for it.  Socialism does the opposite and they are all begging for it.

H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”  Certainly not leftists like Pelosi, the Clintons, and the Obamas who all got rich, not by building anything, but by taking bribes, duping people through a phony charity foundation laundering campaign donations, and manipulating the economy by subsidizing cronies on Wall Street while conducting insider trading investing in businesses that they subsidized with taxpayer money, i.e. they made millions from suckers by cheating in a way that would get civilians thrown in prison.  That’s why leftists accuse men like Donald Trump to be thieves because they think the only way to get rich is to steal.

Americans cannot afford for Democrats to regain power in the federal government or maintain their power in blue states.  They have corrupted the voter system with democratic elections empowering voter fraud rather than citizen elections.  Democracies always fail because the people become corrupt and vote only for goodies for themselves.  They only vote for corrupt politicians who promise them goodies and those corrupt politicians make themselves rich by taking from those who worked to earn their wealth.  That’s how socialism works.  They destroy economies by stealing the wealth that the righteous created through hard work, manufacturing products, and trade.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of morality and bred on education.”

Rush: “We used to mock this Democrat lunacy and now Millennials actually believe this!”

This is not a joke.  Two generations ago who would have thought that refusing to be part of a gay wedding would result in criminal charges?  Who would have thought that there would be an argument over men in women’s bathrooms?  Who would have believed that Democrats would pass legislation allowing babies to be killed after they are born if the mother didn’t want it?  Leftist liberals believe the Constitution that guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was defective because it didn’t outlaw slavery from the get-go.  They want to replace it with a socialist manifesto – the same socialism that advocates for genocides.  Socialism IS slavery to the state, of all the masses submitting to the elites who rule the state.  What do they believe they will accomplish with this?

American Exceptionalism is not national hubris.  As the great culturalist, Rush Limbaugh, explains;

“American exceptionalism is simply an acknowledgment that America is the exception in a world of tyranny, a world of poverty, a world of bondage.  We in America don’t often stop, if ever, to think about this because we’ve never experienced anything other than America.  But the history of humanity is primarily a history of poverty, as opposed to prosperity.  It’s a history of tyranny, dictatorships, suffering, bondage.  I’m not making this up.  I mean, that is the way in which most people who have lived on earth since the beginning of time have not experienced the life we as Americans take for granted.

“We’re the only country that has a charter indicating and enshrining that the very existence of citizens and human beings is in a state of God-created freedom.  That charter, that Constitution was written by brilliant people whose primary objective was to keep it that way.  They sought to keep it that way — the focus on individual liberty and prosperity and freedom, pursuit of happiness — by limiting the role of government in day-to-day existence.

“The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, specifically lay out what government cannot do.  The Constitution does not say what government can do.  It does not empower government in certain ways over people.  The Constitution reserves the premise of individual liberty and freedom for the people and gives the people the freedom and the opportunity to choose those who will govern them or lead them or what have you.  Most of the people in the world have never gotten close to being able to live under such circumstances.”

That is why people in the world are struggling to come to America, not striving to flee it as Democrats perversely believe, otherwise they would get out as they promised.

America means everything to the world

In 21st century American leftism leads to liberalism leads to socialism leads to communism leads to fascism leads to Nazism leads to totalitarian Imperialism in which all the people are servants to the rulers.  The rainbow dreams of AOC are just a fantasy of the ignorant by which corrupt politicians dupe them.  That’s why all socialist’s goals are the same; to take over all businesses and seize all wealth, eliminate all teachers who do not indoctrinate youths into the dogma of the state, and murder all those who refuse to live under their yoke.  Modern liberals don’t understand that they have been miseducated and misled to believe in the backwards thinking of leftist progressives who want to regress America right back into a state ruled by the elites.

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