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McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

Democrats have openly admitted that the Mueller investigation is a fraud.  Liberal heads are going to explode.  Those of us who have recognized this fact from the beginning are going to sit back and enjoy watching this rerun of the … Continue reading

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Trump not Cowed by Two-Faced Democrats nor by Two-Faced Republicans

Are Democrats just retarded mental defectives or are their hearts so filled with hate that they are blinded to their actions?  They slander Republicans as being sexual molesters, yet it is their own who are being outed and ousted for … Continue reading

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Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

Leftist clowns, their liberal monkeys, and Democrat jackasses bounced and brayed and made a ruckus at the first day of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Hearing.  Democrats are saying that President Trump is denying them documentation, documents they requested that they … Continue reading

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Forcing Rocket Boy to the Table

Democrats are standing in obstruction to confirming CIA Chief Mike Pompeo as Trump’s new Secretary of State even after the two have forced North Korea’s socialist dictator to make overtures to come to the negotiating table.  Democrats are all atwitter … Continue reading

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Schumer Shutdown is Blood on Democrat’s Hands

Democrats feasted and celebrated shutting down the government on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, denying military servicemen their pay, taking their stand to import foreign cheap labor, and to keep foreign criminals in the country while blaming Republicans.  Schumer & … Continue reading

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Democrats Engage in Entrapment to Impeach Trump

The Russian investigation has proven to be a fictional crime liberal Democrats invented to entrap President Trump and members of his administration in the crimes of cover-ups in order to manufacture an impeachable offense. Obstruction of Justice does not mean … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson’s multiple examples of Democrat lawlessness and double talk

Tucker Carlson is FOX News’ new star exposing Democrat double talk, lawlessness, and America-hating fascism as the party of the global elites. As Rupert Murdock’s sons put their testicles in the liberal lockbox of their foolish wives, they caused the … Continue reading

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