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Liberal Washington economic policy superior to conservative Texas

At the end of 2013, the top performing economies in America are those of conservative states like North Dakota and Texas that rank 2nd and 3rd in economic growth and wealth creation.  However, they lag far behind the greatest wealth … Continue reading

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Republicans setting themselves up for another fall 2014

There is no doubt among conservatives that had Republican leadership backed TEA Party candidates in 2010, not only would they have control of the Senate, they would have won the White House in 2012.  Instead, moderates led by Boehner and … Continue reading

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Military benefit cuts designed to shake down taxpayers

By cutting benefits from those who have sacrificed the most for America, liberals and moderates perpetuate the scam that government spending cannot be cut.  Having again increased the deficit by 50%, Obama Democrats and Boehner Republicans are once again foisting … Continue reading

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Hitler had Jews, Obama has the TEA Party

Muhammad Morsi is Egypt’s Obama.  He represents a faction that is recognized as a terrorist group that wants to empower Islamists.  It only took him a year to wreck Egypt’s economy with his incompetence, persecute Christians, oppress those who were … Continue reading

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Black Santa, gay marriage, and a lawless president

Contrary to the galactic stupidity of Chris Matthews, black Santa is a product of racist blacks like the Black Panthers and NAACP who hate all white people, believing in their bigotry that no white people are good.  They are every … Continue reading

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Black Christmas and the bigotry that comes from the black hearts of haters

The Pharisees were the Leftists of their day who would brook no contestation of their policies.  They convinced the ignorant Romans that Jesus was a radical spreading dissension that needed to be silenced.  Today, the Left condemns anyone who advocates … Continue reading

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Veterans shafted by Obama, Democrats, and RINOs

Obama and the Democrats, with the help of moderate Republicans led by John Boehner (R-Ohio), cut a new budget deal giving America’s heroes the shaft.  Increasing deficit spending by $350 billion, they give more aid to freeloaders, illegals, and crony … Continue reading

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America is dying as the Left speeds the fall of their Great Satan

The Left, composed of liberal Democrats and their moderate Republican allies, are striving to bring down the great American capitalist system that forged the American Dream.  Liberals are hoping for the death of the TEA Party following the announcement by … Continue reading

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Republicans concede to Obama’s trillion dollar deficits

Yesterday, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) announced reaching a budget deal with Democrats to roll back sequester cuts and increasing the deficit back up to make trillion dollar deficits the Washington standard.  Following the results of the partial government shutdown … Continue reading

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Democrats are horrible human beings

People are thoroughly confused as to which factions in government are the most corrupt.  They see Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.  They do not understand the truth about each of the factions vying for control; … Continue reading

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