Election 2020: Trump – Keep America Great, or Biden – Make China Great Again

Joe Biden has vowed to return America to Obamunism, to reinstate the ObamaCare Penalty Tax, to increase taxes on businesses, to keep the nation in lockdown over Covid until a “cure” is found, to shut down fracking and coal mining, to make red states pay to bail out blue states that kept their economies closed over a farce, and to open the borders to invading communists and criminals along with giving every illegal alien citizen’s rights and benefits. Donald Trump stands for what he has been doing for the last four years. However, we can’t be sure what Biden will do based on his repeated refrain of “You’ll know where I stand after the election,” or even if he will be president with Harris’ constant Freudian Slips saying she will be elected president.

The result of Biden’s policies that we already know, this will be America jobs fleeing back to China to escape high Democrat taxes, not just for cheap labor, but because it’s cheaper to ship products back to America. He will sell out America to the communist/fascist powers of the world by making the people energy dependent on Chinese coal and Islamist oil. As he does all this, he will encourage Democrats thugs to terrorize the people in the streets and use that as an excuse to confiscate guns. The writing is on the wall. America will succeed of fall to Democrat voter fraud forever. President Trump will be faced with fighting another Democrat coup attempt or submitting to the darkness of leftist rule.

Donald Trump offers to reopen the nation’s economy, keep taxes low and our nation energy independent, protect our borders, make blue states pay the penalty for their choices, make China pay for unleashing this virus on the world, and dig out the Washington swamp rats who spied on his campaign and unleashed their terrorists into the streets. That’s good enough for me! President Trump has accomplished more great things in four years than anyone in Washington has done in the last forty.

He has even outdone the great Ronaldus Magnus. Democrats have revealed themselves to be communist dictator wannabes. They have inflicted pain at every strata of society in an effort to impose their ideals on the masses to rule as the elites. Only the most brainless of liberal fools believes in them anymore. Make your choice, America. Choose to follow the leftist Pied Pipers off the cliff with the other lemmings or cast off their lies and come into the fold of American patriots. Democrats plan to pack the courts and the Senate to establish one party rule means they can never be allowed to have power again.

Democrats are declaring that there is a “biological terrorist in the White House.” The biological terrorists are the Chinese Communists and American Democrats that unleashed this virus terror on America and the world! Xi Jinping and every last Democrat in the country from Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, to Democrat governors and mayors, down to every single Democrat in government! This is their Marxist Revolution to overthrow America. They described Trump’s balcony salute to Americans for their prayers for his recovery as his “Mussolini moment.” This past year has been Democrat’s Marxist moment. Obama’s street thugs are his Hitler’s Brown Shirts moment. Their Cultural Revolution to unmake America has been their Maoist moment.

They claim Trump is responsible for 200,000 dead Americans. According to their own terror facts, he saved millions of lives. The truth is that only a fraction of those people actually died of Covid. Most died because Democrats put infected people into nursing homes and denied people lifesaving medicines. Most of the rest died of other causes that Democrats falsely attribute to Covid. The leftist biological terror and cultural war on America has been a vicious civil war and deserves an equally vicious response! Let every last damn Democrat be hanged for their treasons! Don’t give them an inch in their massive voter fraud attempt! None of them should be standing for re-election. They should all be on trial! ARREST THEM ALL NOW!

“Nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight, and so I always am going to interpret these protests [riots] as an essential component of evolution in our country — as an essential component or mark of a real democracy.” – Kamala Harris

A note about mail-in voter fraud. By allowing votes to be posted on Election Day, Democrats enable themselves to know vote tallies in states and districts counted that day before submitting more votes for those they wish to overturn. This is just one of many reasons why mail-in voter fraud must not be permitted. Everyone must be required to vote in person, prove their identity as citizens, and put their fingerprint on their ballot to prove they don’t vote more than once.

[Author’s Note: In the VP debate, Pence wiped his butt with Kamala Harris. Pence talked slowly and deliberately and refused to shut up when the moderator tried to cut him off from making good points. In contrast, all Harris could do was repeat the same big lies about Trump that Democrats have done for years that have all proven to be frauds; Trump said veterans are losers and Nazis are fine people, Trump wouldn’t denounce but praised white supremacy, Trump had Russian help in winning the election, Trump hurt our allies, Trump killed Americans with Covid, Trump molests women, Trump taxes the poor, Trump will take away healthcare, Trump will kill the planet.

She repeated the fiction that Trump inherited Obama’s economic boom and then destroyed it. Obama’s economy the lower classes lost $4000 a year and had to pay the $2000 ObamaCare Penalty Tax. Under Trump those were reversed! That Biden said he would not ban fracking is a fact alright, a fact that he lied as both are on video declaring they would. She had the gall to say Trump lost the trade war with China after taking back over 700,000 manufacturing jobs that Obama said would never return. Obama and Biden gave those jobs to China and we know Biden got $1.5 billion from China to play manage in investments. What did Obama get? Only liberals will swallow the sh*t that comes out of Democrat’s mouths about the economy or anything else.

Harris declared Democrat rioters were peaceful protesters that she bailed out of jail. She proved such a two-faced liar pushing fictions that she said out of one side of her face that she would take a Covid vaccine if it was “approved by the science,” but not if it was developed under Trump as if he’s working on it in his basement. If the number of Covid deaths is accurate, then President Trump saved two million lives. If it is false, then Democrats murdered those people and crushed millions of jobs over a fraud.

Everything she said about herself and Biden were equally known lies that liberal dolts either deny or of which they are entirely ignorant including their liberal “science.” She and Biden are on video declaring they would end fossil fuels in America including fracking and coal mining to push the Green New Deal. She said she was a great prosecutor when she persecuted minorities. She refused to answer about packing the courts and raising taxes on the poor with ObamaCare. She said she was for women’s choice when Democrats want abortions up until birth. The last three months of pregnancy are not abortions, they are infanticide.

Pence handed her back her head stuffed up her ass. The only disappoint for me was that he didn’t bring up the fact that it was she in the primary debates who declared that Joe Biden is a racist and molester of women. Play back her debate performance and watch her say those things to Biden’s face and then wonder why she chose to be his running mate. America is in danger of having her liberty stripped away by regressive progressives. They have corrupted the government, corrupted the culture, and corrupted the system to insure they keep power. Their violence does not lead to liberty but to slavery of the masses. They are not fighting for freedom but for themselves to be the tyrants. We don’t need Democrats to unmake America. We need President Trump to unmake Democrats. He needs to strip away their voter corruption and put elections firmly back into the hands of the people.

P.S. As of this writing three more things have happened. Democrats tried to make the next debate virtual so Biden could have a teleprompter and earpiece to assist his failing mind. Second is Pelosi making stupid bird noises about giving Democrats power over the 25th Amendment, in violation of the Constitution she says she honors, to eject the President for having the flu. This is just to distract from Hidin’ Biden avoiding more debates. Third is a small band of idiots were caught plotting to kidnap Michigan’s governor. Despite the fact that was Trump’s DoJ that uncovered and foiled the plot, Michigan’s governor made the treacherous accusation that it was his plot!

The time for an uprising by Republicans is not now. After the election when Democrats try to steal every seat in Congress and try to send troops to eject Trump from the White House and he refuses, then will be the time for the people to rise up against Democrat tyranny. You may recall the play they made about Trump being like Caesar and cheering his assassination. If you don’t know history, Caesar was also a man of the people standing against his fellow elites in the Roman Senate who used the people for their own wealth rather than served them for the benefit of all.

Donald Trump has proven his great humanity in making America prosperous again. We all know Democrats smear us as white supremacists in order to villainize us in the dull minds of their lemmings. We all know that they are the Marxist revolutionaries trying to overthrow our government from within. As President Trump told the Proud Boys who are not a white supremacist group as Wallace Democrats claimed – Stand back and stand by!]

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