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The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

This is the same as liberals being taught that America stole wealth from the world rather than created its own prosperity. How people are so obliviously stupid as to believe in such lies when it is obvious under even the most cursory examination that trade with America made all other countries rich is beyond intelligent understanding. The stupidity of liberalism is why America has fallen to the totalitarian dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Liberals believe all the world is backwards from what is truly righteous and wicked. Continue reading

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Communist Democrats Establish One-Party Fascist Rule Via Mail-in Ballot Fraud as Law of the Land

Our Founders warned us. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan warned us. And Rush warned us. President Trump failed us when he stepped down without enacting the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrat coup. No election in the future will matter. They will just be for show as all communist elections are to keep fascists in power and give false hope for those foolish enough to stand against them. Continue reading

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The American Voters – Informed, Misinformed, and Uninformed

Politicians love coming up with bumper slogans. Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Biden’s “Build Back Better.” Now Democrats have come up with one that tops them all – “Re-imagine Policing.” Democrats are asking Americans to defund police departments, disarm citizens, … Continue reading

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$5 Trillion to Save 2 Million Lives

The five trillion-dollar question is: Was this shutdown necessary and successful? Only in America could the president do what Donald Trump has done to save the lives of two million Americans and be smeared for it. Do Democrats credit President … Continue reading

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America at War – Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic

Biden’s “presidential plans for Covid relief” from his shadow government – Blame Trump! This is not helping the nation but dividing and disrupting the nation. Usurping leadership is not acting for the country but against the country. Biden and Democrats … Continue reading

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