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The Sucker Generation – Millenials not waking up to being duped

Encephaloproctosis – the condition of having one’s head so far up one’s rectum that one not only fails to see the light of truth, but can’t even hear it being shouted. In every scandal Obama is ‘shocked, shocked, I tell … Continue reading

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ALL Democrat policies are designed to steal wealth and are destroying families

Do you believe Democrats are for the little guy?  Do you think their policies are to help the poor and oppressed?  For the last century, Democrats have been enacting their agenda even against the will of the majority, yet an … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Obama – The president who wasn’t there

Barack Obama is the absent president when his destructive policies come to light.  Every time some scandal has broken in his administration he professes innocence as if directives never came from his office to commit atrocities on Americans.  Fast & … Continue reading

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Project Veritas blows liberal’s minds exposing Hollywood hypocrisy

Would liberals back Arab oil against American fracking?  Would it bother you if the answer is yes?  Would it bother you if you found this out by luring two unsuspecting libs into a meeting with a fake Arab oil magnate?  … Continue reading

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Better to die with Jesus in your heart than Muhammad on your lips

A Sudanese woman who married an American Christian has been found guilty of apostasy and sentenced to be whipped until dead.  Meriam Yahya Ibrahim was given four days to recant her conversion to Christianity to which she replied it is … Continue reading

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Islam’s war on Christianity discussed on Hannity

[Jihadis are told by Muhammad in the Koran to not be violent except in self-defense.  But in the Hadith they are told to go forth and conquer, oppress, and kill infidels and will be rewarded in paradise if they die … Continue reading

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O’Reilly says how the Left is redefining racism and righteousness in America

“Reverse racism” is a term without meaning unless one ignorantly adheres to liberal beliefs that the definition of racism is; “…when one race – whites – believe they should rule all others.” – Chris Matthews, MSNBC This failure to understand … Continue reading

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Perfect conservatives do not exist, but perfect liberals do

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein No one can be right 100% of the time on 100% of the issues, but they can be wrong.  Conservatives and liberals are on opposite sides, the Right and the Left, but … Continue reading

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Sen. Reid has psychotic break over Koch brothers

No one knows why the Democrat Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has chosen the Koch brothers to cast as leaders of a Satanic cult.  Blaming them for everything from the Republican sweep in 2010 to being the … Continue reading

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Politico-economics of climate change eco-terrorism explained

[Despite being the cheapest, most abundant, and most efficient energy source, liberals are fighting to have fossil fuels outlawed and promoting alternative “green energy” that is more expensive and less efficient.] [Have a second rate product that is losing to … Continue reading

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