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Lessons from Captain Marvel; Conflating Trump with Hitler

A Case Study of Liberalism in American Politics: Making Trump Hitler “He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” – Georg Hegel … Continue reading

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Delusional conservatives think sabotaging Trump will make them heroes

Some in the GOP still think tanking Trump is a good idea. There are two kinds of conservatives in the Republican Party.  Both recognize that liberals are destroying the country, but only one sees Trump as the kind of leader … Continue reading

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GOP has been world class f***-ups defeating Democrats – give Trump a chance!

NeverTrump crowd working to sabotage primaries. The GOP has proven they are no different than Obama.  They say they will do one thing for the benefit of America and then do the opposite to harm America.  This presidential election cycle … Continue reading

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Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

Why would you believe Harry Reid?  Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and already there are self-righteous fools calling for his head.  Just because he is boorish and bull-headed does not make him a tyrant.  And why would being a … Continue reading

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Trump failing to unite the party could be his downfall

United we stand, divided we fall.  Democrats are fractured; 20% of Bernie supporters say they’ll vote Trump, while another 45% say they won’t vote for Hillary.  But there’s also 10% of Republicans who say they won’t vote for Trump.  Even … Continue reading

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Never Trumpers are the self-righteous (non)vote who will elect Hillary

These people are like police on the take; they’re supposed to uphold the law but break it themselves.  The #NeverTrump (non)voters say they’re standing on principles to enforce good while assisting evil to prosper. Being a self-righteous conservative doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Comparing Trump to Obama

Many conservatives are falling back into their liberal roots and the liberal trap of self-righteousness in their anger over Trump’s victory.  They would rather go down in defeat than support anything less than perfection.  Thinking you can make this a … Continue reading

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