The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

The Victor Davis Hansen documentary on the “Decline and Fall of California” to Democrat socialism, from the richest state in the nation to the poorest, is a roadmap to how Democrats will dismantle American liberty as they convert the nation into their socialist toilet of communist fascism. All the while they will blame Republicans as they deceive the unwitty, uneducated liberals who follow them blindly to their own destruction. Their actions are reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazis and his rise to power in the 1930s when a small group of violent, deceitful Nazis convinced a minority of Germans to elect them to power from which they then seized absolute power to overthrow the German government. With the United States being forced into decline by the socialist government of FDR causing the great deepening the Crash of ’29 into the Great Depression by massive taxation, the world eventually descended into world war led by the imperialist fascist communists of Japan, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Were the Russians the “good guys” in WWII? An ignorant liberal would say “yes” because Russia joined the Allies against invasion by the Nazis. But at the beginning of the war, they worked with the Germans to invade and conquer neighboring states. Liberal Democrats in America lauded these tyrants in the 1930s even electing Hitler “Man of the Year” in Time Magazine twice! Stalin and Mussolini were no better as they tried to exterminate populations. The Japanese invaded Manchuria and Southeast Asia before going to war with the USA so they could control the Pacific. After the war, the Soviet communists invaded and enslaved eastern Europe until Ronald Reagan brought their back to end the Cold War. Mao conquered China and instituted the worst genocidal murder campaign in the history of the world. All told in the 20th century, more people were murdered by socialism than were killed in all the wars of history.

In the late 20th century, liberals are falsely taught that Nazis are extreme right-wingers, that they are what happens when Republicans become violent extremists. This is revealed as an utter lie to anyone who understands the truth about history, morality, and the left. This truth is also revealed in Hanson’s book that has been banned on Amazon lest anyone learn the truth about socialism being a totalitarian ideology that always leads to fascism, communism, and Nazism. This is the reason getting books on electronic media is dangerous when living in a fascist state such as that which Amerika has now become. Books by VDH will soon all be banned as well as those by the great Rush Limbaugh and all conservative Christian authors espousing truth and righteousness. The truth of WWII is lost on liberals who never learned history. America saved Russia from conquest by Germany, not vice versa. Russia would have fallen without U.S. aid thus freeing up 3/4ths of the German army to stop an invasion of Europe. The history rewrite by leftists that Russia saved America is a huge pile of bovine excrement passed off as good sense.

This is the same as liberals being taught that America stole wealth from the world rather than created its own prosperity. How people are so obliviously stupid as to believe in such lies when it is obvious under even the most cursory examination that trade with America made all other countries rich is beyond intelligent understanding. The stupidity of liberalism is why America has fallen to the totalitarian dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Liberals believe all the world is backwards from what is truly righteous and wicked. Their twisted hearts and minds corrupted by the left is why their ideology is going to lead to America’s decline and the Third World War. As America’s economy declines and thanks to the Americoms of the DNC, the Chicoms will fill the void and create a world in turmoil. This will continue as the world’s economies crumble without American prosperity leading the way and China will eventually move to conquer and enslave all the world under the iron boot of socialist communism.

[Author’s Note: With liberal leftist Democrat socialists making it a federal crime to declare the truth about their stealing the election with mail-in ballot fraud they are making the law of the land, people had best be prepared as they impose more and more totalitarian laws making lawful citizens illegal including guns, cars, Christianity, and free speech. If you speak the truth that the Capitol invasion on Jan. 6th was not an “armed insurrection” but was led by Antifa/BLM who were permitted to enter, that the Democrats enacted a coup via mail-in ballot fraud in the millions, or that Democrats have established themselves as totalitarian dictators, you will be declared a criminal fascist racist bigot. This is leftist liberalism of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. They deceive liberals to corrupt hearts and pervert minds in order to affirm their coup to win their second Civil War through deception, subversion, and sabotage. They declare anyone who speaks the truth as evil.

These are the people who curse God and praise anti-Christian values. Their witch hunts of the righteous are right around the corner. Their leftist ideology of fascist communism is epitomized by New York’s Governor Cuomo who, during the height of the Covid crisis these Americoms and their Chicoms friends created, accepted the help of the Christian organization, Samaritan’s Purse, to set up a field hospital in Central Park, NYC. Rather than use their facility that remained empty throughout to quarantine Covid patients, Cuomo sent the infected to nursing homes where they infected and killed thousands of elderlies. Liberals then gave him an Emmy for acting like he saved lives. The cherry diaper on top of this sh*t show is Cuomo now seeking to collect taxes from Samaritan’s Purse for their employees’ salaries while operating in his state. This is the naked greed, the hate, the murder, the fear-mongering, the theft, and the soul of leftism in its bare essence.]

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  3. Adam peterson says:

    And you fktards thought catholics were “your friends”? You really thought that? Your blockade on the natural right of a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy only fuled their racialism. When you act upon another unnaturally using a government that swore to never do that bred this war you’re losing. You cant legistlate idealism. Your pope ponzi has a hungry eunuch harem to feed. You never knew it that their stance was superficial. Sure tge whole vatican might vite that way, but all their money comes from ponsi scams to feed their degenerate children with your money not theirs.

    You’re fools. Damned fools. Damned as any faggot is damned.


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