Democrats – Two-Faced and Half-Witted

Libtards are being driven insane by end of the world mania to become violent extremists and antisocial sociopaths. Slavery is alive and well in the world today. Only today we call it by different names among Islamists, Socialists, and Democrats. Today it is called sex trafficking, child soldiers, forced labor, and welfare voters. It is also the prisons in which Democrats put blacks after they encourage them to become criminals. Democrats are the “woke” who say criminals are oppressed, want to free them from prison and defund the police, then blame Republicans when crime skyrockets. They claim to be for women’s rights then try to erase them as just “birthing people,” advocate for Islam to shroud them, and put men in sports to crush their dreams. They say they want to stop corporate greed but then feed it so their Democrat masters can censor Republicans and profit. They call for the destruction of fossil fuels and then cry when gas prices go up and their lords tell to buy electric cars they can’t afford. Ever wonder why the term “hypocrite” never sticks to Democrats? It’s not because it isn’t so. It’s because it is an inherent trait. What they say and what they do are opposites. Democrat leaders are two-faced, while the liberals who believe in them are half-witted dupes.

  • Oil Drilling – They say they are against using fossil fuels. So, when they cut off American drilling and prices go up, they go to foreign enemies for oil. Then they say they are giving oil companies permission to drill, but they don’t say that they are restricting them to drilling on worthless lands. They say they are saving the planet, while what they are doing is transferring American prosperity to communist and Islamic countries.
  • Illegal Immigration – They say they are against oppressing foreigners. So, when they open the border to illegal aliens and wages go down as this uneducated, unskilled labor floods the market, they say they are helping the poor. As those poor suck up welfare and vote illegally for Democrats, legal aliens seeking to become citizens are bitch-slapped, put to the back of the line, and forced to pay more while waiting.
  • Abortion – They say they are for the children. So, when they approve aborting babies up until and sometimes after the moment of birth, they call that healthcare for mothers who will not become mothers and is not healthcare for babies. They say Christians do not value life if they call for the execution of murderers and those who commit heinous hate crimes, but claim they are for life when they release those murderers back onto the streets in the name of compassion for criminals “persecuted by the system.”
  • Guns – They say they are against gun crimes. So, when they demand citizens be disarmed, while freeing violent criminals from prison and defunding the police, they blame the people for crime. As criminals and gangsters commit more crime, and psychotics are allowed to dodge FBI investigations, they blame citizens for owning guns saying the solution is to declare Red Flag Laws in which any angry citizen who stands against Democrats is potentially a violent mass shooter who must be disarmed.

[Author’s Note: For personal reasons I will not be publishing more on Liberals Backwards Think. But I will leave it open so the previous 1800 articles I published, along with the two-dozen fixed and many others that are timeless will be available. Also, I will link to my Facebook page, “The Left is Never Right” to post links to great video content there as soon as I get it working again from being blocked, as well as a link to the best American teaching website, Prager University. Watch for the publication of my next blog: “The Left is Never Right” @ with a link to Patreon for support. I will be adding new videos to my YouTube Channel that I believe are the best and most interesting that I find. Stay hopeful, stay free, and keep the faith that Trump, DeSantis, and Cruz will lead this nation back from the brink.]

Fascist Libtard Communists are Irrational Dysfunctional Dystopians

Liberals, who lack a moral compass, believe that what Democrats say is righteous regardless of what they actually do. They pay no attention to the actions of politicians, only listen to their words. They have no concept that they are being lied to and that what Democrats propose to them as being “fair” is to their detriment. The amoral liberal understands the morally righteous as little as they understand the immoral leftist. They hear something innocuous like the meaning of Lucifer’s name meaning “Light bringer” and think that means he was not evil because they do not understand the evil he did. What he did was bring man the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

It wasn’t what he did but how he did it. He stole from God and invited Eve and Adam to break God’s only command to not eat from the two trees at the center of the Garden. Likewise, they fail to understand socialism does not make every equal by being fair but by stealing from the rich to give to poor. The typical liberal will say, “Didn’t Robin Hood do that?” No, he did NOT! He stole taxes back from an oppressive government that was stealing from the people. A socialist government that steals from one group of people to give to another is not benevolent or making things right. It is attempting to make poor people rich by making rich people poor. The result is not fairness but poverty for all except themselves as they keep most of it. #HugoChavez #FidelCastro

Why Socialism Never Works: A Video Marathon

Peace thru Strength or Peace thru Appeasement

Which is better:

  • When a gangster sticks a gun in your face demanding your car, which is better – giving him your keys or a cop spotting the crime and shooting him?
  • When a rapist puts a knife to your throat, which is better – taking off your panties and just laying back to spread your legs and enjoy it or a cop shoots him?
  • When a thug smashes and grabs valuables from a store, which is better – making an insurance claim or a cop arresting him and sending him to prison?

Fascist Libtard Communists are Irrational Dysfunctional Dystopians

Libtards are being driven insane by end of the world mania from coronavirus to climate change, along with bogus ideological witch hunts from racism to gender insanity to become violent extremists and antisocial sociopaths. Jesus never said to submit to evil. We are expected to fight evil. When they shoot us, it is righteous to shoot back regardless of how much they claim to be victims of tyranny, that when the righteous shoot back it’s unjust to punish the crimes of leftists. It is not tyranny to crush criminals. It is justice, libtard lies be damned!

They complain about slavery in the old USA, not the old Democrat South or the new Democrat cities. Slavery is alive and well in the world today. Only today we call it by different names among Islamists, Socialists, and Democrats. Today it is called sex trafficking, child soldiers, forced labor, and welfare voters. A rule of life is that everything leftists say about themselves and their enemies is a lie. Democrats are not for the little guy, socialism isn’t benevolent, and Islam did not preserve science through the Dark Ages. It’s just the opposite. Just look at them today. Democrats are for the billionaires, socialism has killed and enslaved hundreds of millions of people, and Islamists are the most backwards people in the world.

The left’s claim that ballot fraud is miniscule because they won’t allow investigations of their 20 million harvested mail-in bogus ballots is crap. They perpetrated a coup to overthrow our constitutional right to vote. That does not make them democratic. Their mandates, riots, terrorism, crime, and subversion of the Constitution, along with their anti-Christian attacks, are all proof they are establishing themselves as totalitarian dictators. Democrats would convert America from the land of the free to a fascist state of hateful communists.

Constitutional Rights Explained

The U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You cannot any of the latter without the former. There can be no liberty without life and no pursuit of happiness with the prior two. Happiness is not guaranteed unless you work for it with the right attitude. Attaining happiness at the expense is strictly forbidden as you may not take away the rights of others. Abortion and crime do just that.

There is no constitutional right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution. The convenience of being rid of a baby is not covered under the Pursuit of Happiness and is in direct violation of the Right to Life. Likewise, crime and corruption both steal away the rights of everyone by denying them liberty. Liberals lack the fundamental moral understanding that profiting at the expense of others through theft and corruption is not the same as profiting by providing goods and services just because both statements use the word profit. Profit being good also does not mean Prophet of anything else also being good. False Prophets are a scourge on humanity.

Societies are judged according to how they treat the weakest of their peoples. Democrats interpret this as how society treats the worst of their people, criminals and deadbeats. Thus, they entreat the nation with irrational logic to free criminals from prison and defund police, while supplying deadbeats with taxpayer money. The result is more crime, more suffering, and more indolence among their voters.

This is due to their deliberate misinterpretation of the social paradigm of right vs. wrong. They believe that the extremes of the political scale are tyranny and the center is democracy. They think republicanism is akin to fascism. Their error is not understanding the correct paradigm is tyranny/slavery vs. liberty/citizenry as the left and right. Fascism is the same tyranny as communism. This includes democracy which is tyranny of the majority. Republicanism protects the minority. Leftists reinterpret even this to believe minority should rule over the majority.

Christian Nationalism vs. Liberal Imperialism

Liberal fascist communism has proven to be the gravest internal threat America has ever faced. They have openly announced their intention to abolish the Constitution and remake America into their socialist dictatorship. Their deceptions, propaganda, and ballot fraud have enabled them to corrupt our culture, unleash crime and terrorism in our cities, and steal power in our government. They are using this power to cripple our economy and empower America’s communist enemies. Communism and fascism are two of the faces of socialism that have cost more lives and taken more prosperity from the people in the last century than even Islam has done in a thousand years. Democrat rulers are imposing their values of perversion, corruption, oppression, greed, and envy on the people. They say we are intolerant because we do not accept these things and claim that as Christians we should. Jesus did not tolerate any of this!

Charlie Kirk clashes with leftist that wants free college

What no liberal understands is that school is not free. They think K-12 is free because they went to school and didn’t have to pay for it, so why should they have to pay for college? Idiots! Children don’t pay for school, adults do. Your parents paid taxes for your schooling. They paid for schools to be built, teachers to be hired, and books to be supplied. College requires payment also. Teachers are not slaves. College is for people to get higher educations in fields that require special instruction like doctors and engineers. Liberal studies are for general knowledge, not for useful degrees, and that is what liberal colleges are promoting so they can get paid more. Demanding taxpayers foot the bill for your useless degree is just carrying your indolence out to the nth degree.

As for 2020, I would not have shut down the economy. That was the greatest mistake of Trump’s presidency, and it has cost a nation dearly. I had my suspicions at the start, and they were confirmed within a week. We know now that he was given basic numbers of potential fatalities rather than true numbers after mitigation. We know now that Democrats deliberately killed people in nursing homes, claimed false deaths by Covid to increase the numbers and increase the fear. We know that they denied people mitigating therapeutics and just let them drown on ventilators.

President Trump should have known better than to listen to a pack of Democrats telling him that millions were going to be wiped out by this disease that turned out to be nothing more than a new flu. Now Democrats have again stolen many trillions of American taxpayer dollars from our grandchildren to make them debt slaves forever, all while demanding their slaves submit to multiple injections of an experimental drug and wear facemasks that do nothing to deter the spread of airborne pathogens in the presence of their superiors. Americans have been duped and are likely to be duped again this next election when Democrats say mail-in ballots that are easily frauded are legal.

Who does a higher minimum wage help?

Those politicians that collect more taxes from the higher wage earners certainly profit. Those politicians don’t care if those low paid employees who don’t pay taxes don’t even have jobs! Then ask anyone of those workers if they start their own business if they thought they should get paid the same or less than their employees? Democrat ideas sound good but in implementation their results are easily foreseen by those with good sense.


Every Democrat Declaration is the Opposite of Truth

  • Democrats are for the little guy, Republicans are for corporations
  • Trump colluded with Putin to steal 2016 election
  • The Bidens are not a crime family of corruption
  • The 2020 election was the most secure ever with mail-in voting
  • Abortion is for the reproductive health of the mother
  • Guns kill people, not criminals; defund police and free criminals
  • Inflation is caused by corporate greed
  • Oil companies are raising gas prices despite more drilling
  • Democrats are not shutting down America energy
  • Solar and wind can replace oil and coal
  • Illegal immigrants are better than legal immigrants
  • Republicans are the party of the KKK, Lincoln was a Democrat
  • America was founded on slavery and fought the Revolution to preserve it
  • There are no slaves today in America or socialist/Islamist countries
  • The media tells all the truth and never lies – except conservative media
  • Democrats will save the planet from viruses and climate change
  • The far right is fascism, the far left is communism, the center is democracy
  • Obama is a Christian American who never spoke mean like Trump
  • Christianity is Nazism, Islam is Peace, God is evil, Satan is good

My final question for America is this: As of today, we have President Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, and Representative Jim Jordan leading the way in the battle against the leftist liberal fascist democratic socialists that are subverting our culture. While I question why Donald Trump listened to Democrats and shutdown the economy for “two weeks to slow the spread,” when he should have realized they would never let it reopen freely again, I especially question why he did not invoke the Insurrection Act when he knew the election was completely rigged? I expect the answer lies in a corrupt military leadership cadre that was composed of mostly Democrat generals. Gov. DeSantis has stood like a mighty oak against the Democrats and their perverted ideology, as has Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan.

As of now, Trump and DeSantis lead all in the polls for 2024. I believe Trump was forced out of office by a Democrat controlled military. We have so much to be thankful for because of Donald Trump, not least of which is Roe v Wade being overturned to stop infant sacrifice. He protected our border, our rights, and helped the economy boom. I believe he was duped by Fauci & Co. If he would just own up to that I believe he would be a shoe in. DeSantis is every bit as staunch a believer and protector of the Constitution. My question is – would Trump and DeSantis be willing to join forces? It would give DeSantis four years as vice president to learn who is who and what is what in Washington before taking the reins as president maybe with Ted as his VP? The most important issue of all, however, is whether or not Trump or DeSantis or anyone will ever bring Democrats to justice for their crimes? If none of them do, then we can count this country as lost. If any of them do, then they will be the saviors of American liberty.

Liberal Fascists Go Full Roe V. Wade Meltdown Call for Insurrection

The Left loses it over Supreme Court decisions

Ugly Liberal Fascism – Calls truth speak “violent hate crime” to justify their violence

The Gender Perversion Distraction – Two genders and a hundred mental illnesses

Liberal Democrat Socialist Groomers

Which flag will Democrats honor this Independence Day, 2022? Will they stand for Old Glory or bow to the CCCP? Democrats have tied their fortunes to the Chicoms, which explains why they have become so hateful toward not only Russia, but America, and are taking actions to tear our nation apart.

Pray for America this July 4th, 2022, to overthrow the Democrat communists that seized power through their fraudulent mail-in ballot harvesting of 2020.

Wake up Call to Democrat Ballot Fraud to Remake Amerika

What every patriot should be mad about

The Biden crime family is a smoking gun. The mail-in ballot fraud coup is a nuclear blast. If we are able to stop them and regain control of the country this is what must be crushed and everyone involved prosecuted. Every Democrat and media liar who said 2020 was “the most secure election ever,” when they KNOW that mailing ballots is the least secure and easier to defraud than harvesting, must both be banned and prosecuted. Otherwise, they will do it again and steal the country for their communist dictatorship forever. Expect them to do it this November in every state they and their RINO allies control. 💩]


Dustin’s YouTube Channel

The Left is Never Right

Prager U

Democrat’s multimillion mail-in ballot fraud coup vs. their Russian collusion Jan. 6th Insurrection witch hunt kabuki theater. Which party will rule America – the free republic or the socialist dictators?

Democrats “fighting misinformation” by the truth speakers

Republicans did all the good in this country, which people would know if they weren’t indoctrinated into false history. All Democrats ever gave us was slavery, imperialism, corruption, propaganda, indoctrination, perversion, lies, blame, crime, $30T debt, hate, violence, terrorism, end of the world dreadful fear, dysfunctional liberal stupidity, and tore this country apart every chance they got.


What does she think is growing in there?

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