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Best hour of political television; everything you need to know about Obama

Greta Van Susteren had a one hour interview with Rush Limbaugh on July 30 in which he outlined everything people should understand about the man who is running the country.  With his straightforward analysis, Rush went into depth on Obama’s … Continue reading

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Obama killing the Golden Goose from on high

FOX News’ Britt Hume said America’s economy is the Golden Goose that has made America the most prosperous nation in history that didn’t steal their wealth from other nations.  America’s economic engine grew on free market capitalism that allows entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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Black vs White in America, Obama sets back race relations fifty years

When Barack Obama became president the Left portrayed him as a uniter and said that racism in America would end.  Instead, in just four short years, race relations between blacks and whites have been devastated, falling from a positive rating … Continue reading

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Censorship of Rush, Hannity by liberal businesses

Liberals are doing their best to silence conservatives in media.  So contentious have Americans become that even businesses are taking sides.  Liberals are saying they do not want to advertise on conservative talk shows like Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s.  … Continue reading

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Liberals say it’s ok to beat on gays, Trayvon’s hate crime

When Rachel Jeantel talked to Piers Morgan, she revealed that she told Trayvon that Zimmerman might be a gay rapist.  Jeantel said she told Trayvon to run from him, then said he might try to follow him home and get … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional liberal minds: Engaging liberals is an exercise in futility

Meaningful discussion is Kryptonite to a liberal.  When it comes to debating in the arena of ideas liberals have only two weapons; censorship or mockery.  Two voices of righteousness stand out in America today, those of Rush Limbaugh and Sean … Continue reading

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An inconvenient truth about inconvenient facts in Zimmerman case

An inconvenient truth in life is that liberals deny facts like those of Travyon Martin.  Denial is an ugly thing.  Yet liberals continue to deny the facts in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin shooting.  This is part and parcel in keeping … Continue reading

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