Left vs. Right – Democrat’s War on America

Liberal, Progressive, Socialist; they call themselves by many names, but their true nature is in what they do rather than what they say – Haters.  The Left hates America and everything for which it stands.  They despise American Exceptionalism that is founded in the rule by the people.  Government tyranny is what they crave as children crave the authority of parents who take responsibility for their children’s care.  At the same time, they rebel against the restrictions put on them by that same authority.  It is the psychotic dichotomy of dysfunctional minds.

The Psychology of the Left

As the Left wages war against America and all for which she stands they seek to tear down America’s past and remake this great nation into another banana republic socialist toilet.  This is a list of the articles I’ve published on my blog since July 5th, 2017 after the first Independence Day when the media escalated their all-out war on President Trump and Republicans:

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Democrats have STOLEN the Moral High Ground

Investigate Trump’s finances?  Investigate Congress’ finances!

The Feminazi Rat Pack on Cover of Rolling Stone

Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

Educating Young Liberals with Chicken Brains – The AOC Model

Democrat Terrorists Create Phony Republican Racism to Justify Their Hate

Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Why the Left is Manufacturing Racist Hate Crimes

More Backwards Liberal Thinking – Congress Paving the Way for Illegal Aliens

AOC Gives Amazon and NYC the Socialist Shaft

Trump Declares Emergency to Finish the Wall, Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation

McCabe and Mr. Mueller – A Democrat Coup Exposed

Democrats Fight the Noble Cause of Saving the Planet

Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining

AOC – Future Pelosi-in-Training

How Liberals are like Children

The Green New Deal – How Liberal Science Will Save the Planet

President Trump’s State of the Union vs. the Democrat Response

Slandering President Trump as Racist

Last Gasp of the Republic

The Socialist Inquisition

The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

When MAGA Caps “Trigger” Liberals

American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

Arrogant Millennials Indoctrinated to Reject Wisdom as Obsolete

The Face of Evil

Appeasing the Climate Change gods – the Science of Duping Liberals

CNN Fake News Terrorizes Christian Teens

All Democrat Dogma is Based on a False Premise

Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege

Axis of Evil in America

When Stupid Liberals Talk – Their Anti-Wall Insanity

Honest Democrat is an Oxymoron

Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

Immigration: The leftist fallacy and subversion of America

Trump is Murdering Refugee Children which is like Killing the Baby Jesus

Schumer Keeps Government Shutdown to Prevent Border Security

Trump Abandons Obama’s War as Leftist Media Tries to Slut Shame Him

The Trump Shutdown Show

WHY?!?!  WHY?!?!  Sick of Slanders by Lying Democrats!  Shove it and Shut it Down!

Liberal Values Ruining TV/Movies: Rewriting History in new “Robin Hood” Movie

Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

The Righteous Prosecute, Leftists Persecute

Trump Takes Pelosi and Schumer to Task

The Dignity of Donald Trump

Democrats LOVE to Bury Republicans

Leftist Progressivism’s Failure: Obama Face Plants into the Wall of Reality

Democrat’s Rally Their Invasion, Spread Disease, and Cheer Market Decline

Racism, Voter Fraud, and Corruption in Every Election Result

Democrats in the House begin their onslaught of the Trump administration

Midterms Week 2018 – Days of Crime and Poses

Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Extreme as They Cry “Foul! Thief! Fascist!”

Communist Victory as Democrat Voter Fraud Regains the House

Vote Democrat to Restore ObamaCare taxes on the lower class

Leftist Media Gaslights America

Democrats Plan to Take Invading Army of Illegal Immigrants Straight to the Polls

There is no Leftist Media Bias – Leftwing Media is Pure Propaganda

The Immigrant Crisis is a Creation of the Democrats

Toxic Two-Faced Democrats

Migrant Army Marches Through Mexico Intent on Invading the USA

Angry Democrat Mobs, Foreign Invaders, and – Republican bombs?

Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Fear the DNC – Democratic Nazi Communist Party’s Thugocracy

Invasion America – Building the Great Wall of America

Democrats Prove Themselves Wrong

Socialism Means Free Sh*t

American citizens vs. Uneducated Mob

Liberalism and the Science Stupidity of their Global Warming Religion

Hillary Clinton Mobster Boss

Trump’s Americans vs. Hillary’s Mob

Liberals Create Nazis in Their Delusions

If Democrat Voters were Righteous they would be Republicans

The Kavanaugh Effect – All of my Heroes are Christian Soldiers

American ISIS – the Democratic Nazi Communist Party Endorses Terrorism

Trump Triumphant as Republicans Flush Democrat Sewage

Lock him up – Nazis vs. Christians; Democrats Make the Nation INSANE!

Trump not Cowed by Two-Faced Democrats nor by Two-Faced Republicans

Why are Republicans Conceding to Democrats?

Democrats are SCUM!  Obama Murdered Hundreds of Navy SEALS

Republican Voters are Severely Outraged over Nasty, Hateful Demonrats

Liberal Democrats are #MeTwoFaced

Fool Me Once, Twice, Three Times I’m Out!

Obama’s 2nd Coming

The SCOTUS Witch Trials

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Anatomy of Evil – the Demonization of Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump

Democrats Just Pile It Higher and Deeper

Chelsea says Baby Sacrifice is Christian, Carrey says Yes to Socialism

What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Liberals say Hurricane Florence proof of man-made global warming

Democrats expand definition of “hate crime” to include being a Republican

9-11 We Will Never Forget!

Democrat Monkey Business

Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

Democrats Declare in One Voice – “I am Stupidus!”

Democrat Operative Inside White House Brags About Sabotaging Trump

Nike Shoots Itself in Both Feet

Democrat Monkeys and Clowns Perform at Media Circus Court Hearings

Democrats say no Republican is “qualified” to hold office

Only Monkey-Brained Democrats Believe Trump Republicans are White Supremacists 

Liberals, Leftists, Democratic Socialists – Sex, Lies, and Racist Ties

How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftists are trying to criminalize Republicans

Raise the Voting Age to 25

Republican vs. Democrats: Results vs. Violent Resistance

John McCain – A Great American Tragedy

Trumpism vs. Obamaism: Restoring American Prosperity vs. Managing America’s Decline

The many (non)crimes of Donald Trump

Are Democrats Obvious or Oblivious?

CIA reveals SECRET VIDEO of Trump asking Russia to Spy on Hillary!

America was Never Great – the new Democrat Ideal

Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

Voters lagging in Midterms because GOP support for Trump lags

In Search of a Crime – the Saga of Mueller’s Witch Hunt

Leftist says Media are like Soldiers in Harm’s Way Protecting our Freedoms

Who is Wrong – Trump or the Media He Says are the Enemy of the People?

What you should understand about a Trump government shutdown

Which party of haters came first – Democrats or Republicans?

Liberals are Oblivious to the Realities of Socialism, Business, and Taxes

Trump’s Lawyer Cohen Drops “Truth” Bomb

The First Purge – Liberal’s Deranged Dystopian Future

The Treason of Trump and Obama

Democratic Socialism Taxing Away Your Wealth

Democrats cheer as liberal stupidity sweeps the nation

Democrats are not Capable of Civil Discourse Because They Must Lie

Trump P*sses on the Democrat’s Parade

Trump destroys the world – again – for the umpteenth time!

Democrats say Trump betrayed intel community; GFY!

Democrats Trying to Shame Republicans are a Disgrace

Trump Taunts Democrats Every Day

Obama’s Fruits

Subliminally Programming Liberal Stupidity Through Movies

Democrats are the Party of Hate Poisoning America

Democrat’s Violent Resistance Fringe is Their Mainstream

How Lib Comics Like John Oliver & Co. Keep Democrats Dumbed Down

Invasion America – Leftists use Children as the Tip of the Spear

Democrats vote for more extreme leftism

Who the Nazis are in America

Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Democrat’s Immigration Hell

Liberal Whackos Run Amok

Hysterical Liberals See Fascism in Republicans

If your baby is born with the Zika Virus say, “Thanks, Obama”

Right vs. Left: Propaganda, Alternative Facts, and the Weapons of War

Chris Pratt Proves Righteousness is Not Dead

When Obama does it, it’s saintly, but when Trump does it, it’s demonic

Obama’s Scandalous ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency’s Mother of All Scandals

Millennial’s Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

The Cult of Trump – Why do you let other people tell you what to think?

Democrats Show Their True Colors

Liberals Pray for Blue Wave to Destroy America

How I Know Who is Lying; Trump or Democrats

The New Follywood – Reverse McCarthyism = Fascism

Shades of Sharia – Democrat Socialists Embrace Islamic Evil

Liberal Fascism – Histrionics for the Ignorant and Gullible

Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

The Ugly Truth of Prejudice and Bigotry

The Ugly American – Chelsea Clinton and Liberal Fascism

Memorial Day is to Honor All Who Sacrifice

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

Will Trump Mandate Spies in Democrat campaigns?

Democrats Glorify the ‘Spark of Humanity’ in MS-13

The Delusional World of Liberalism

Liberal Democrat Media Makes MS-13 Terrorist Animals Their Dreamers

Obamaism vs. Trumpism

Liberal Media is Nothing but Smears, Slanders, and Trump Hate 24/7/365

Mr. President, Release the Kraken!

Republicans are for Immigrants, Democrats are for criminals

Trump Dumps Obama’s Iran Deal

Mueller’s Conspiracy Revealed when Redactions are Exposed

AG Sessions may be held in Contempt of Congress

Democrat Persecution MUST BE DESTROYED!

Why isn’t Sessions Investigating Obama and Hillary?

How Liberal’s Hate-Fest Poisons Young Minds

Liberals Justify Their Hatemongering as Righteous, even as ‘Jokes’

Kanye West Hunted Down by Modern Slavers

How Conservatives and Liberals Can Rid themselves of their Radicals

Liberalism and Conservatism Defined – Defeating the Left’s Coup

Forcing Rocket Boy to the Table

Life imitates the artless lies of liberal television fictions

Liberal Democrat’s Incestuous Media Relationships

Liberals Imagine Christian Conservatives to be Neo-Nazi KKK

Cardinal Comey the Two-Faced Liberal Saint

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

Trump the True and Righteous Man

They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, They are Raiders and Invaders

The Great Trump Depression

Democrats are Running from Hillary for 2018 Campaign

Taking Christ Out of Christianity

Obama’s Deep State Corruption of the FBI

NeverTrumpers – Agents of Hydra

Democrat’s Create Myth of Blue Wave

Trump Could Fire Mueller and it Wouldn’t be Obstruction

Trump Playing Grandmaster Chess to the Media Democrat’s Checkers

America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

California Democrats Ready to War Again to Keep Their Slaves

AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

When the Liberal Fascist Wolves Cry ‘Wolf’

The Only Chaos in the White House is the Liberal Media

Sessions Needs to Investigate the Investigators

Dear Young People, We Know You are Scared

Leftists Lie – Why Democrats Always Get It Wrong

Rush Exposes Liberal Lies and Democrat Subterfuge

Vote for Democrat Insanity to Get More of the Same

Democrats or Republicans, only one is the party of lies, slavery, and death

CNN Shows what Deranged Indoctrination Looks Like

The Lie Heard Round the World

Weep for the Children: Democrats War on American’s Self-Defense

Liberal Democrats Claim Illegals are Law-abiding

Rush Limbaugh Speaks Righteous Truth to Power

Democrat Liberalism is the Root Cause of Mass Murders

Democrats are Quietly Winning Elections Unseating Republicans

Liberalism Fails at Understanding Life

Sex, Lies, and Redacting-Gate

Democrats Play the Shutdown Game Again

Souls of Envy, Hearts of Hate: The Ideology of Leftist Social Liberal Democrats

Democrat Coup – The “Nothing Burger” Democrats are Desperate to Suppress

Democrats of the Obama Regime Weaponized America’s Government

How Liberal Contempt Slanders Everyone

Mueller Russian Investigation vs. Nunes FISA Warrant Memo

Somehow a “Nothing Burger” Comes Crashing Down on Democrat’s Heads

How Democrats Have Suckered Immigrants, the Poor, and Workers


Democrat’s 2 Faces – Now the “Pigs” are Noble

Trump Extolls His Triumphs vs. Democrat’s Spewing Darkness and Hate

A Conspiracy Theory with Teeth

Should Children of Embezzlers Keep the Money Their Parents Stole?

Donald Trump Brings Back Virtue, Not Sin

Obama Takes Credit for the Trump Economic Revival

Corruption in the FBI

Presidential Crimes and Corruption at the FBI

Neo-Democrat’s Race of “Brown People”

Schumer Shutdown is Blood on Democrat’s Hands

Apple’s “Windfall” is America’s Boon Thanks to Trump

The Government Shutdown That Isn’t

The Twisted Ideology of Liberal Democrats

The 1st Amendment Does NOT Protect Fake News and Heckling

Playing the Trump Card Against the Race Card

Liberal Journalism is the Sh*thole of American Media

Life on Planet Obama

Trump’s Best Response to Charge of Racism – Go F*** Yourselves!

Trump’s ‘Insanity’ on Display Playing on Media

Social Media ‘Shadow Ban’ and Crime of the Century

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Very Real Mental Illness

Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

Surviving Tax Cuts, Net Neutrality, and Democrat Duplicity

Afro-Americans blame white people for their own murder rates

Democrat Myths vs. the Legend of Trump’s Success

Pope Francis Fails Bible Study

Trump Saves America with Epic Tax Cuts That Aren’t

Democrat Corruption Runs Deep in Federal Agencies

Truth and Lies about Trump’s Tax Plan from Democrats

Alabama Falls as Republican Swamp Rats Sabotage Trump

The Liberal Who Cried ‘Rape!’

Republican McCain Makes an Excellent Democrat Promoting Fake News

Democrats blame Trump for making America unsafe

The Rise of Fascism in America – Hearts of Hate

Liberal Democrat Fascist Vomits Hate, Racism, and Genocidal Rage

Robespierre Mueller needs to face the guillotine

Democrat’s Plot Revealed How They Plan to Overthrow Trump

Democrats Repeatedly Getting Trumped

CNN fears Democrats are losing the moral high ground

Steinle verdict is liberal’s message – we can get away with murder

The Trump Bump, NeverTrump Obstructionists, and Congress’ “Hush Fund”

Not “Toxic Masculinity” but Liberal Immaturity

Liberal Democrats Grandstanding and Their Morality Play

Every Republican Must Be the Perfect Man

Conservatives who say Trump shouldn’t be “punching down”

Hillary on Earth II would persecute Trump

End Corporate, Wall Street, AND Blue State Welfare

Don’t Talk About Politics – riiiiiiiiiiggghhht!

The Swamp Rats attempts to drown Moore over false allegations

Hillary Clinton says she is above the law

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore molested me when I was ten years old

Dems declare Republicans guilty of sex assault over baseless accusations

Democrats win America – in their dreams

Democratic National Committee head confirms Hillary-Obama conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh – Why does the Left aid Islamic jihadis?

SQUIRREL!  Manafort “smoking gun” just a smoke screen for Hillary

Mueller Indicts Trump for Russian Collusion


Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality

How Democrats funnel your tax dollars to their corrupt states

Why should Trump let yapping dogs bite?

Undoing Obamaism

Shame on Democrats and their psychology of hate

Disgusting Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers

Democrat’s fake news that tax cuts must be paid for

Liberal Media labors to equate Trump with Weinstein

NFL’s Black Slaves, Denial of Constitutional Rights

Democrats, RINOs, and NeverTrumpers require a public spanking!

Cognitive Dissonance – the master mentality of liberalism

The Liberal Code of Conduct

What Democrats Actually Believe Proves Liberals are literally INSANE!

Beloved by Democrats Harvey is the pig they imagine Trump to be

Where are the black athletes opposing black gangsters murdering black youths?

No Bail Out for Puerto Rico

Sen. Schumer’s Ingenious Solution to Gun Control

Liberal’s Hate Trumps Love in Puerto Rico

Hillary gleeful over the slaughter of Trumptards in Vegas

Vegas shooting proves leftist fascists, not white nationalists, are the ISIS of America

NFL Links Arms against Police; Fans should shout, ‘BACK the BLUE!’

It’s not about the flag – liberals believe Americans are stoopid

Putting the ‘I’ in Team – the mental disorder of liberalism

When you take a knee…

Black Privilege: Deconstructing America and Literal Stupidity of Liberalism

CNN Democrats get Delusional over Antifa and Illegals

Is President Trump losing his way?

They can’t be LIbEralS without telling LIES!

A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Which came first – the dysfunctional thinker or the liberal fool?

Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

China would never go to war over North Korea

Irma the Most Powerful Hurricane in History! (of the last half century)

Killing America with Compassion

Democrazis – the neo-Fascists of the modern Democrat Party

Trump’s crude nobility drives leftists to deranged hate

When you see Antifa point and shout “NAZIS!”

Hatred is Inherent in Liberalism

Alt-Right is the Fictional Creation of the Left

Trump empowers America battling Democrats and Republicans alike!

Behind every Lie there is Truth

When Flag Burners Become Flag Wavers

Charlottesville neo-Nazis Organized by Obamaites

White supremacy vs. black supremacy

Leftists try to Color the Right as White Racists

The ‘Madness’ of Trump

Why Children Shouldn’t Play with Guns or Nuclear Bombs

Leftist America Haters vs Rightwing Patriotic ‘Racist’ Xenophobes

President Trump’s Amazing Affirmation of America as a Nation with Immigrants

When Republicans talk like Democrats

Priebus and Sessions beset by lack of confidence

God Bless President Trump for his support of our military

Democrat’s 2018 Slogan – A Better Deal to Demonize Success

Special Prosecutor Rapes Trump’s 4th Amendment Rights

Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

Democrat controlled states try to make their own immigration law

Russian spooks, Psychological disorders, Global Warming, and Moon Cheese

The Media War with Trump

This next is a compilation of my first articles when liberal fascism came out in the open to declare the Democrat Party against America four months into the Trump presidency:


My best Articles are all stickies at the head of this blog.  Be sure to pay close attention to those on Global Warming and the Jihad of Muhammad.  God bless America and all patriots to save this great nation from leftist lies!

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