Immigration: The leftist fallacy and subversion of America

Democrats are not interested in making a deal with President Trump that would result in border security.  That is, not unless they can extort money and power from the people.  They want to make foreign invaders citizens.  Becoming an American is not just a matter of being in America or being born in the Americas.  The only people of any country on the two American continents who are referred to as “Americans” are the citizens of the United States.  Brazil, that also calls itself the United States of America, is not referred to that way but refers to the people of the USA as Americans and Yankees.  Democrats trying to conflate the people of the Americas as Americans is just another fallacy of leftist idioms.  Worse is Democrats trying to confuse illegal aliens with immigrants.  This isn’t just a ploy – it’s a criminal subterfuge.

America has an immigration system that works.  It permits those who will work with Americans and want to become Americans to immigrate into the USA.  This system works and works well attracting the best and brightest, most law abiding, productive people in the world.  In contrast, Democrats are importing foreigners illegally to subvert the system and set up their own enclaves within America’s borders.  Many are criminals fleeing justice in their own countries.  Many have diseases that have been eradicated in the USA.  They do not come to become Americans but to establish the same governmental systems they left – socialism.

This is true of Latin American socialists and Islamists alike.  Democrats do this purposefully just as they raise taxes purposefully.  They increased taxes to the point that people could no longer afford large families.  Then they import cheap labor to replace their dwindling work force.  They attract these people by offering them freebies taken from American taxpayers.  The final result of their efforts is that they expect they will either be able to fool people into electing them to be in charge of ruling the country or take it by voter fraud.  What they don’t consider is that the invaders they invited to take part in their coup to usurp the government will eventually turn against their descendants and kill them, so they can take control.  This is what happened to Rome in the centuries after Jesus, and America is repeating those same mistakes.

How illegal immigration ended the Roman Empire

The left presents this socialist fraud as benevolent benefiting the poor and oppressed.  They try to remake morality in their image.  This is all part of the Communist Manifesto to subvert America’s youth, warp their minds, and convince them to surrender their freedom to leftist rulers.  The only difference between Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis is that one is atheist and the other is monotheistic.  But the god of Islam is not the God of Abraham that atheists believe it to be or that the anti-Jew, anti-Christian Islamists say it is.  Allah is more the satanic god of a death cult that works to destroy Christianity which is why they can walk hand-in-hand with unbelievers who seek the same.  However, just as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia allied at the beginning of WWII, the two would eventually go at each other’s throats seeking to be the dominant force against the righteous.

Leftist Progressivism’s Failure: Obama Face Plants into the Wall of Reality

Democrats are beginning their tenure as House majority with the government in turmoil at their behest.  President Trump may have shut down the government over funding the wall for border security, but it is Democrats who are keeping it shut down with their stonewalling against the president and attempting to extort the American taxpayer.  Democrats are passing laws in their states to make them “sanctuaries” for illegal invaders and give them rights and benefits that are taken from taxpaying citizens.  They give them welfare, driver’s licenses, and allow them to vote.  They can deny that they let them vote in national elections all they want.  The truth is revealed when they have districts reporting more votes than registered citizen voters.

This is why the Founders exhibited great wisdom in establishing the Electoral College.  These blue state frauds can stuff the ballot boxes with millions of illegal votes, but their state only counts the number of electoral votes according to its registered citizens.  That is a different matter, however, when it comes to state wide and congressional district votes when their ballot box stuffing of fraudulent votes can turn elections.  That is how Republicans were removed from almost every one of the districts in these states.  Even now, Democrats are filling out fraudulent ballots in preparation for 2020 and storing them in their closets and car trunks where they hid the last batch that they pulled out in 2018 to retake the House.  They even managed to steal a couple of senate seats in red states like Montana and Arizona.

America cannot go forward like this.  If voter fraud is allowed to rule the nation, then America will be lost.  If foreign invaders are allowed to select government leaders that endorse their leftism, then America will be lost.  If Democrats are allowed to commit crimes with impunity against citizens, then America will be lost.  President Trump’s shutdown of government will not avail the nation unless Democrats, who lie when saying that the troops and Social Security will not be paid (which is what they actually want), are exposed as the anti-American, criminal sustaining, tax extorting, drug dealing profiteers they are, and that truth must be shoved down liberal’s throats.  Republicans vs. Democrats has become Americans vs. the America-haters.  Believing that illegal aliens are the same as immigrants is as false as believing that socialism is benevolent rather than a corruption of all that is good and right in the world.

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  1. Trump’s policy causes a lot of questions and misunderstanding in me .. You wrote an inappropriate comparison, but I do not believe in it, it’s just that the president of America is a little out of it


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