Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

Having faith in Democrats is for fools.  Just consider this statement by their re-elected Speaker:

“Walls are immoral.” – repeat Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Democrats offer Trump a deal to give a penny for a dollar to get the wall.  They call walls “immoral” and say, “they don’t work,’ yet they surround their own homes with them.  Why do they do that if they believe walls are immoral?  What they consider immoral is Republican citizens wanting protection from Democrat criminals.  Republicans protect citizens and prosecute criminals.  Democrats protect criminals and persecute citizens.  This is the essence of the right vs. the left.  These Democrat congresspeople, governors, and mayors giving sanctuary to criminals need to be prosecuted for their betrayal of the citizens!  Their ruse of “helping refugees” at the expense of law-abiding Americans flies in the face of their version of reality.

Pelosi meeting with Trump says “only one dollar for the wall”

Democrats keep saying they are all for border security, but when the rubber meets the road they skid off into a ditch.  They keep saying Trump doesn’t have a plan, but he has laid out his plan as clear as a road map.  Democrats are unable to follow while they spin their wheels in their ditch.  Meanwhile, as the shutdown continues, there are a million “little people” in government who will not be getting paid.  But congresspeople are still collecting their paychecks.  Democrats are proving what they have always been – not the party of the little guy, but elites who f*** the little guy.  They continue to collect their paychecks while the little people they pretend to support are left out in the cold during this shutdown.  Even socialist Ocasio-Cortez is happy to live as an elite while those under her suffer.

Democrats say Trump is pitching a “temper tantrum” over a pittance.  Well then what does that say about Democrats who will not move on behalf of the citizens?  America is going to find out what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force.  Democrat’s approach to “compromise” with Trump on the wall is the same as Moslems “compromise” with Israel to exist peacefully.  Israelis begin negotiations saying they will live in peace with Moslems when jihadis stop attacking them.  Islamists end negotiations saying they will live in peace with Israel when it is destroyed.  How do Israelis negotiate with that?  Likewise, Americans want security from invaders, but Democrat’s endgame is to allow criminals to enter the country freely and take citizen’s rights.

Every government shutdown, like every dollar of the National Debt, is due only to Democrat greed and their refusal to work with Republicans without demanding fortunes for themselves and their cronies.  When they talk of “compromise” and “reaching across the aisle,” Democrats NEVER mean they will work with Republicans, but always refer to Republicans working with them toward the left’s agenda.  When Ronald Reagan was doing great things for America, the Democrat Congress with which he was hobbled did make deals with him.  Everything Reagan did came at a cost to fill Democrat pockets with cash as they ran up the deficit despite revenues increasing well beyond what they said they needed.  That is exactly what is happening now with President Trump wanting border security, except he will not compromise American security and wealth for Democrat greed.

Democrat’s fake news that liberals care about security for others

The birth of fake news didn’t start with Dan Rather publishing a fake story about President Bush going AWOL.  It was the lie that President Reagan ran up the deficit rather than the Congress that is responsible for making and funding the national budget.  So-called journalists always included a leftwing slant to their reporting to bias the viewer.  Now it is common practice to tell outright lies and verify their lack of truth behind the scenes as if that maintains their credibility.  The lies that Democrats believe despite being proven false can fill an encyclopedia.

The biggest lies Democrats believe:

  • Ronald Reagan ran up a trillion-dollar debt.
  • George H. W. Bush raised taxes to tank the economy.
  • Bill Clinton was impeached for having sex with an intern.
  • George W. Bush went AWOL.
  • Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house.
  • Barack Obama is an American Christian.
  • Donald Trump had Russians hack the election.
  • Global warming is caused by man’s CO2 pollution.

All of these are easily proven falsehoods, yet 40% of Americans believe them to be absolute truth.  Like Adolf said,

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Liberals fall for lies that are presented to them concealed as morally reasonable.  They never refer to climate change as man-made, only as their science.  Likewise, they never refer to their assistance of illegal aliens, criminals, and terrorists, but call them immigrants and refugees.  These lies warp and twist the minds of ignorant liberals by Democrats representing their crimes as morally righteous.  This is the kind of tomfoolery that has duped many conservatives into believing President Trump is a crass dictator rather than a righteous leader.  NeverTrumpers betray the nation just as RINOs like McCain did.

Former Utah governor and now Republican senator, Mitt Romney, is taking McCain’s place to stand against Trump.  If Romney is going to oppose President Trump, then why didn’t he run as a Democrat?  Democrats will obstruct and extort rather than deal with Trump.  Democrats will not negotiate in public lest the people see it is they who are making unreasonable demands.  These are the people who lead the fools that believe they know science believing that CO2 will end the world and that there are more than two sexes.  Democrat’s goal is to destroy Donald Trump to seize power in America and they are willing to burn down the country to do it.  In 2008, they gladly nuked the economy to promote a Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world.  Barack Obama is not such a genius that he could dupe 70 million people into electing him on the basis of his worthless character lies without the Democrat’s propaganda machine at his back, blaming Republicans for the destruction Democrats do.

Liberals think they know science like they think they know politics or morality.  Morons like Don Lemon surmised that the missing Malaysian flight might have been lost in a Black Hole.  Time Magazine made Muslim Brotherhood propagandist and murdered Washington Post writer, Khashoggi, “Man of the Year,” and then admitted he wasn’t a journalist but a propagandist without actually saying the words.  Democrats say the world will die if they do not curtail American energy and tax the population to stop all pollution.  Putting your trust in Democrats is unwise.  These are the people who say they are for protecting America’s borders from invaders.  From the other side of their faces they say that building a wall to stop criminals from stealing across our borders is immoral.  Trust is earned to trust others with your name, your money, or your life.  Would you trust a Democrat with your name, your money, or your life when you see them slandering Republicans, stealing taxpayer’s wealth, and importing criminals, communists, and jihadis?

Leftists declare they give people the rights they enjoy.  Human rights come from God, not government.  Leftists don’t believe in God.  Is it so hard to believe there is a being that exists beyond the four dimensions of our perception in which we live?  Leftists believe in globalism to consolidate the powers of the elites.  They believe in the Population Bomb that advocates for genocides of people they detest, i.e. Christians.  Why would anyone believe that achieving happiness relies on destroying others?  Democrats complain that Republicans “falsely demonize” them as promoting criminals over citizens.  This from the people who demonize Republicans as wanting to deny grandma Social Security and kill poor people with no health insurance.

Democrats don’t have a moral compass yet believe they are so high and mighty that they have a right to judge others forcing them to obey their rules while they are free to break laws.  There is no happiness in being such control freaks.  Why be so judgmental?  Don’t take life so seriously.  You’re not going to get out of it alive anyway.

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2 Responses to Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

  1. Antoinette Noelle Pearl says:

    Rusty, I was told last night it is not legal to be on any U. S. public office as a Muslim. Is this correct? I love your work and the change you will make for many.


    • dustyk103 says:

      No. There are no laws or regulations barring Moslems from any government position. We just had a Moslem president. God knows Islam should be outlawed in this country along with all leftist totalitarian ideologies that call for the subjugation of others from socialism to communism to Nazism to Islamism to Satanism. But leftwing justices have made it legal to promote them as part of freedom of speech. How they get the freedom to promote the slavery and murder of others is beyond me.


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