Liberals Create Nazis in Their Delusions

My father and mother lived through the Great Depression.  My father fought the fascists in North Africa and Italy.  His brother fought the Nazis in France.  His best friend fought imperialists at Guadalcanal.  Our family doctor landed at Omaha Beach.  My family has fought the evils of socialism from fascists and imperialists in WWII to communists in the Cold War and most recently against Islamist jihadis.  All of these ideologies are branches of their parent ideology of socialism that today’s American liberal Democrats believe to be the ideology of righteousness – and they call us the Nazis claiming we are allied with Communists.  Democrats have always been in bed with their leftist brethren in their desire to have elites rule the masses.  What sickness of the brain causes liberals to create this fiction in their minds that Christians are the evil in the world and those who worship the selfish ideology of self-righteous hate are good?

What Democrats are doing is not defending righteousness against the evil of Nazis and Communists.  In their two-faced pretense of righteousness, they are acting as fascists against the righteous whom they are casting as evil.  There are words for this in psychology called “projection” in which people project their own evil character on to those they oppose, and “mythomania” in which they believe their own lies.  It’s how criminals see themselves as righteous to justify their crimes and cast police as evil oppressors for opposing them.  It’s how Islamists see themselves as soldiers of God to justify their tyranny and cast Christians as infidels for opposing them.  For those who have a moral compass and moral education the truth is clear that those people live in darkness blinded by the light.

Anything that Trump or Republicans do is always portrayed by the left as negative, bad, or evil.  It doesn’t matter how right it is or how beneficial or how much it improves the lives of everyone in the nation.  Unemployment is at the lowest levels in three generations and the economy is booming like the late 90s, and on what do Democrats spend their time concentrating?  Global warming, Russian collusion, fictional Nazism, racism, and sexism.  Liberal lemmings cannot see past their noses.  They cannot see the forest for the trees.  Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.

Hillary tells Democrats to war on Republicans making Trump the new Lincoln

Hillary says Democrats should no longer be “civil” to Republicans who want to destroy what they stand for.  So, they think their riots, police murders, insane protests, and attacking Republicans in public is civil?  Democrats have always been the people of hate and violence in America and no amount of lying about how righteous they are will change that.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.  That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when we can be civil again.” – Hillary Clinton

What Hillary is saying is that losers should spit on the winners and not allow them to celebrate.  That losers should attack the winners until they surrender the trophy.  That losers should be nasty until they are the winners and then expect those they defeated to be civil to them.  Two-faced much, Hillary?  Sore loser doesn’t even begin to cut it when you are also a sore winner like Obama.

Democrats say Republicans were “uncivil” to Obama which justifies their rioting in the streets.  How were we ever uncivil to Mr. “You can put lipstick on a pig” Obama?  Republicans never rioted in the streets in the history of this nation.  Republicans never promoted hate and violence that liberals, in their delusions, believe they did.  Democrats own the violence, the hate, the animal rage, the irrationality, the deceptions, the selfishness, and the bigotry of leftism.

So, what do Democrats actually stand for?

  • When Democrats say they want unity with everyone working together they mean making Republicans submit to their rule.
  • When Democrats say they want taxation to be fair, “for everyone to pay their fair share,” they mean they want to steal from the rich and give to the poor and call that charity.
  • When Democrats say they want to “protect women’s health” they mean they want to kill babies in the womb.
  • When Democrats say they want the economy to be fair they mean they want to regulate businesses that endorse Republicans, Christians, conservatism, and capitalism out of business.
  • When Democrats say they want to save refugees they mean they want to import cheap labor to avoid employee taxes.
  • When Democrats say they want voting rights protected they mean they want to keep voter ID laws down, so they can keep on committing massive voter fraud.
  • When Democrats say they want freedom of religion and free speech they mean they want freedom from religion and the restriction of conservative speech by labelling the truth “hate speech” to hide the truth.
  • When Democrats say they want justice they mean they want criminals to be protected from police and police to be persecuted for upholding the law.
  • When Democrats say they want to end racism they mean they want to punish white men who don’t submit to their rule.
  • When Democrats say they want to save the world from climate change they mean they want to impose socialist dictatorship on the free world and force all the people to pay for the privilege of living under their dominance.

Voters have little respect for their representatives in Congress who all think they should work together.  Democrats are working for the opposite of that for which Republicans are working.  Where Republicans want an economy that gives equal opportunities to all, Democrats want an economy that rewards their supporters and punishes Republican supporters.  Republican voters think the GOP are a bunch of wussies because they don’t slap the crap out of insane Democrats who are shouting and lying about them.  Democrat voters think the DNC are a bunch of wussies because they don’t march into the Capital with guns and shoot the Republicans.

So, when Hillary says Democrats should be “uncivil” toward Republicans she is calling for open rebellion against righteous law.  This is who the left is, what they believe, and how they operate.  They deceive, they dupe, and they destroy.  The people who promote this are the most hateful people in America.  Like children who rebel against the authority of their just and righteous parents they are not standing up for individual liberty, but for the right to commit crimes.

People that get out and vote Democrat after what they have seen that Democrats have been doing for the last ten years tearing down America, the last four committing violence in our streets, the last two years raging manically against Trump, and especially the last month waging war on an innocent man over false accusations, they are not good, decent people.  There is nothing Democrats have to offer America except giving them power to steal the people’s prosperity again or continue their terror campaign against American patriots.  What Democrats need is for their leadership and rabid rioters to be imprisoned for life.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) said, “This president is the ‘poster boy’ for what a mob protester looks like.”

What kind of morons elected this galactically stupid blithering idiot to be their representative in Congress?  She is one of the Democrats telling her followers to inflict violence on Republicans and then denying it.  These people must NOT be allowed to rule this nation ever again and Americans must teach their young to recognize the pathological liars and truly delusional psychotics of liberalism.  Americans need to learn the morality that Democrats have been taking out of our schools and churches.  Growing up Democrat is growing up in the mob that rages against civilization.

“You don’t give power to an angry leftwing mob.  The Democrats have become truly unhinged.” – President Trump

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If Democrat Voters were Righteous they would be Republicans

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1 Response to Liberals Create Nazis in Their Delusions

  1. Roy says:

    The Democrat party is a one stop shopping collection basket of anarchists, self-loathing, guilt-ridden, ignorant and figuratively speaking deaf, dumb and blind people. There are no moderates in that party anymore.
    The media wants us to believe there are more of them than pro-American patriots. If America is to remain free, we must prove the media is full of excretion once again and vote for a Republican majority. Finally, we have a president who is open like a book, honest goal oriented and we can’t afford to throw president Trump’s accomplishments away.


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