Being a Smart President vs. Being a Stupid One

People argue that Trump is a moron and Obama was a genius.  Does smart depend on perspective?  Everyone is capable of doing stupid things, but few can achieve great things.  What have Trump and Obama done to earn them titles of being the greatest?

What is your definition of intelligence?  Is it someone with a high IQ?  Someone who knows more than you?  Someone who thinks fast?  Someone who is more successful than you?  Someone who understands people better than you?  Or is it someone who can solve problems?  Is it someone who can convince others to follow them?  Is a leader someone who can show others a better way to achieve, or someone who can dupe others into giving him power?

Shortly after joining MENSA I found out from their monthly newsletter that having a high IQ did not make people automatically intelligent.  Just like computers, if you don’t have a hard drive filled with information then it won’t produce anything useful.  Or if you have junk programs that are flawed they produce erroneous results.  It’s garbage in, garbage out.  That is the definition of liberalism.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  That means that liberals don’t know much about how anything works, but are so arrogant they think they have all the correct answers on how to make them work better.  Ignorance is not stupidity.  Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge that can be overcome through education.  Stupidity cannot be overcome.  The immorality is not sexual or criminal, it’s just the hubris of believing oneself to be superior with no basis for that assumption.  It is believing a lie by living in denial of the truth and most people would rather live with their illusions than face reality.

In a lifetime of living and learning I have come to the conclusion that the single most important quality that will lead to living a better life is understanding the motivations of others and realizing that most people will lie to get ahead.  They will lie to get a promotion over others who are better able to do a job.  They will lie to keep someone who performs better than themselves from being elevated beyond them.  They will lie to get more for less when they have not earned it and don’t deserve it.  They will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.  Lying can be gray lies concealing the truth, or black lies deliberately deceiving others.  Cheating can be not being honest in reporting or in actually changing the numbers to break the rules.  Stealing can be done by hook, fooling others into giving up what they have, or by crook, forcing them.  And killing can be anything from destroying someone else’s reputation through lies to actually ending their life through murder.

Trump vs. Obama – the smart president vs. the stupid one

Much as the Left wishes to make Trump out to be a buffoon they cannot so blithely smear someone as unintelligent who built a billion dollar business empire and became President of the United States despite all the forces arrayed against him.  Much as they wish to make Obama out to be a genius they cannot overcome his complete lack of knowledge or experience of how American business operates profitably, nor can they white wash his malicious regulations that kept businesses suppressed during his reign.  The leftwing media has been apoplectic for a two years trying to smear Trump and all he says and does to turn the people against him and he has run rings around them like the Road Runner baiting Wile E. Coyote into destroying himself over and over.  They despise Trump’s genius so they must denigrate him as being childish and demented.

The agendas of these two men are as opposite as night and day.  Anyone who believes Barack Obama’s purpose was to make the American economy better by regulating it under Democrat’s iron boot is just stupid.  If one understands that putting more people on the Democrat’s welfare voter rolls made them more powerful and then say they believe in a strong American economy that is a lie.  Anyone who believes Donald Trump removing those regulations is going to destroy the planet and kill people is just galactically stupid.  If you understand that Trump is pulling the rug out from under the Democrats in their attempt to subvert America then you have opened your eyes to the truth.  Rush Limbaugh made the comparison of smart vs. stupid in the actions of Trump, whom the liberal media is smearing as a dunce, a reprobate, and a mental defective, versus the action of Obama whom they praise to Allah as their righteous man.  Just read it for yourself and see how the truth and lies are exposed for all to see.  As Rush said, these people don’t realize how they have exposed themselves by stripping away their façade of claiming to be objective journalists reporting on events, and revealing themselves to be propagandists attempting to manipulate public opinion to shape events.

“Everybody’s learning that these people don’t wear underwear.  Once you lift the dress, they’re all naked and nude under there.”

Ronaldus Magnus made two great errors during his presidency.  One was facing the threat of Islam’s Jihad with an insufficient force and retreating from Lebanon as they destroyed it.  The second was amnesty giving citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.  Democrats blame every policy they enact that damages America on Republicans while concealing the damage they did under Carter, Clinton, and Obama.  They concealed the economic and foreign diplomacy disasters of Carter.  They blamed Reagan for the deficit they created in Congress.  They blamed Bush 41 for the taxes they raised.  They gave Clinton credit for Newt Gingrich balancing the budget and continuing the Reagan economic boom.  They blamed Bush for bin Laden.  And they gave Obama credit for saving America as he managed her decline.  Is duping ignorant people a sign of genius in the liberal media?

Donald Trump is arguably a genius at building things by producing results and this is what the leftist media is striving to hide from public view.  He built a billion dollar empire before becoming a celebrity, while Obama is arguably a genius at duping the ignorant who became president by playing off on his celebrity as a clean, articulate black man surreptitiously promoting socialist Islamism over Americanism.  Oprah shows all the qualities of being able to do the same, but if she goes up Trump who builds great things her fame will only carry her so far.  Like Obama she has built nothing, only made herself rich by fostering the Cult of Oprah.  Being a true believer in liberal Democrat ideology requires being so two-faced that they can simultaneously believe in the Russian collusion fraud that Trump stole the election and the Wolff book lie that Trump didn’t want to win.  It’s psychotic to think that Trump cheated to become president when he didn’t want the job.  If he did it for ego then why is he still there powerfully enacting the best of conservative policies that Republicans have been afraid to do for fear of inciting the media against them?  Between the Left and the Right, Trump and the media, which group is suffering from delusion and derangement and which is rational?  Who is it that is suffering from dementia and an extreme lack of rational thinking?  The Left did the same thing to Reagan and Bush who were simultaneously diabolically ingenious and complete dunces.  It’s what happens to people whose schemes are thwarted by those who are far more brilliant than they.  The only ways in which one can come to both conclusions simultaneously is to either be a complete fool, an absolutely irrational thinker, or so pathological that they believe their own lies.  Obama will certainly go down in history as the greatest con of all time convincing 70 million Americans to elect him to enact his anti-American agenda.  Trump may go down in history as the greatest businessman who saved America.

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