A white supremacist climate change denier confesses the truth

Liberals would have us confess to their lies.

I confess that the truth of which leftists accuse the Right about white supremacy and climate change is false!  I confess that they are liars and deceivers and I can prove what they cannot.  Trump supporters are righteous Americans, not racists.  The KKK is a Democrat animal like all leftist fascist ideologues.  And Climate change is natural, not man-made.  Man has no control or ability to influence the planet’s climate.  I will not repent of being what I am not.  I will not confess to being what you falsely accuse me of being.  I will not apologize for being what I am not.  You cannot guilt trip me or put me on the defensive with your frauds and slanders.  This liberal scam only fools the ignorant and ensnares the dysfunctional.  Eventually the ignorant will be enlightened and then you losers will be exposed as the frauds you are and no one will give you any mind.

Most of all in the latest liberal scam, I will not give to these arrogant, ignorant, impudent celebrities of the so-called “Hand-in-Hand” hurricane relief campaign for the same reason I didn’t give to “We are the World.”  I knew the situation in Africa and knew their efforts were futile.  Moslem warlords would let that food rot on the docks because they were deliberately starving non-Moslems.  It was another exercise in wasted compassion paving their road with good intentions.  Rather, I gave my hurricane relief to Samaritan’s Purse, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross; good Christian charities that have great reputations for getting contributions to those in need.  Too often so-called charities of the Left like the Clinton Foundation siphon off the lion’s share of funds for themselves.  Leftist charities have been caught numerous times taking funds for charity and giving it to leftist organizations, including jihadi terrorists!  That’s why you can’t trust anyone who comes to your door anymore who says they’re collecting for some school benefit.  Too many scams are run in the name of charity.

But most of all, who the F*** do you think you are demanding charity of me while at the same time insulting my intelligence and morality with your false charges of racism and science denial?  MORONS!  Self-righteous hypocrites!  Were Jesus here he would slap you down and overturn the tables of you money changers!  Since He is not then I will gladly do so!  Only the lowliest kind of thieves use guilt trips, false accusations, and public shaming via falsehoods to coerce money from good people.  That is what makes Hand-in-Hand a scam!  Christians would never tell people that unless they give to the church they are bad people.  Jesus certainly never did.  Anyone who says they are a Christian who tries to shame someone into doing anything is not following the teachings of Christ.  Every Christian knows that there are wicked people who pretend to be Christians so they can defraud good people by duping them.  Hand-in-Hand may not claim to be Christian, but they claim they are doing good.  Will the government investigate just what they take and see where that money goes?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  If I don’t give to you then I know where my money is going will be for a good cause.  Guilt tripping to manipulate Americans and offering something for nothing is what Democrats have been doing for the last century to convince people into destroying themselves.

To obtain something there are only three way you can do so;

  • Buy it
  • Take it
  • Or Trick people out of it

There are two kinds of Republicans; those who are honorable who want to help make America great again, and those who have been corrupted, and two kinds of Democrats; those who are deceitful and those who have been duped.  These Follywood fools have been thoroughly duped into believing that the junk science of man-made global warming is a fact just as they believe evolution is a fact.  They have no understanding of science, but adhere only to their religion of false beliefs along with their pagan fanaticism of destroying those who do not bow to their gods.  If man causes global warming by the use of fossil fuels then why are they contributing so much more to it?  Their hypocrisy reveals their lies.

Tomi Lauren spells it out

Hurricane Hysteria Created by Fake News

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