What America’s Next Civil War Could Look Like

Democrats are so enraged at Trump reversing their march to transform America into their socialist dictatorship that they are slandering him as a racist, the Republican Party as Nazis, and Christians as the evil in the world.  President Trump is trying to take their welfare voter slaves away, and which makes him like the second coming of Lincoln the first Republican who took their slaves away.  And, like Lincoln, they are dreaming of assassinating him and overthrowing him to replace him with a Democrat.  This article is a scenario by which Democrats could go beyond Antifa riots and BLM assassinations to usurp the presidency and initiate open warfare against the American republic once again.  This time it will be the Democrats of the North and the West Coast that will wage war on the southern and western Republican states that refuse to submit to their rule.


American Civil War II

Following the 2018 Midterms in which Democrats thought they could create a “blue wave” to take back control of Congress, impeach Trump and Pence and Ryan until they could establish a Democrat in the White House, their campaign disintegrated as a red tsunami gave President Trump and the Republicans a firm grip on the Senate and House.  Heartened by this, President Trump decided to put an end to Mueller’s monkeying around with the justice system as Democrat’s new 4th branch of government overseeing and restricting Republicans.  The Democrat investigator had already inflicted great harm on many Trump supporters finding crimes other than Russian collusion by which to convict them.  But try as he might, Mueller couldn’t find a crime in all his business dealings by which to charge Trump, nor could he successfully create a crime like obstruction.

So, President Trump put an end to the Democrat’s witch-hunt.  He turned to his AG, Jeff Sessions, to begin investigations into Democrat activities like spying on the Trump campaign.  Sessions refused because he knew this would expose many members of Congress to the public for their unlawful activities and corruption, so President Trump booted him to be replaced by Sen. Trey Gowdy.  The young legal Pitbull from South Carolina took up the charge and launched investigations into Hillary’s violations of National Security with her illegal email server.  He included investigating the Clinton Foundation laundering campaign funds and her Russian ties in which she sold them American Uranium for “donations” to her “charity.”  Most devastating to the Democrats, however, was his investigation into the illegally obtained FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

But the moment this was announced the denizens of the Deep State swamp of Washington, D.C. responded lest their corruption be exposed.  Democrats and their RINO allies banded together to launch an impeachment of President Trump on the basis that he had conspired to steal the election with Russia assistance.  Although there was no evidence to support this charge that didn’t stop them from creating a fictional crime as they pushed their Articles of Impeachment through Congress by majority vote.  Better to remove the upstart billionaire businessman on trumped up charges than have their power torn from them as their utter corruption is exposed to the public.  Conservative Republicans stood by helplessly as the corrupt majority took charge and overturned the choice of the majority of the nation.

President Trump was taken prisoner in the Oval Office that he refused to vacate along with his Cabinet and staff, and the nation erupted in fury!  The Democrat/RINO controlled Congress then acclaimed Hillary to be President.  She in turn declared Barack Hussein Obama to be Imperial Chancellor to establish a hereditary power figurehead to prevent Democrats from being voted out of office ever again.  Free American patriots drove to the capitol with their guns to bring down the usurpers but were met by D.C. police at the city border.  The first citizens to arrive were disarmed and arrested.  Then a large contingent showed up refusing to be disarmed and a shooting war began.  Democrat police and American patriots exchanged gunfire with even some street gangs of drug cartels joining the Democrat police against their mutual foe – the free citizens of America.  But as the citizens gained ground President Clinton called in the National Guard loyalists to stop their advance.  The slaughter of American citizens put an end to the attempted ouster of the usurpers who solidified their position.  There were even some jets people didn’t recognize that bombed them and some said they had Cuban markings on them from Obama’s friend Castro.

With the D.C. police saved, sanctuary cities called on their police departments to instruct officers to take a stand with the president and Congress against the citizenry.  When most officers refused the response was dire.  One city had officers gather unarmed to declare their allegiance and move to different sides of an auditorium.  Then those who had refused were viciously murdered by hidden machine guns.  Sanctuary city Democrat mayors in red states declared for Clinton and Obama and began a campaign of securing the urban centers for the Democrats.  This did not sit well with Republican governors who were forced to take action.  At first they sent in state troopers to arrest the mayors, but the militant leftists in their police departments forced them into a shooting war until National Guard troops of each state were forced to make military assaults to overcome their resistance.  As they were arrested by the governors, the leftist mayors called Republicans “fascists” and “Nazis.”

When it became evident that Democrats were overthrowing the Constitution to establish themselves as a dictatorship a Convention of States was called.  To deal with Constitutional Crisis resulting from the overthrow of the rightfully elected government required the majority of states to overthrow those in Washington who had completely corrupted the government.  But blue states sided firmly with the Clinton/Obama regime against red states.  The result was red state governors being forced to call up their National Guards and organize an invasion of Washington, D.C.  When they announced this, blue states like California and New York threatened to invade red states participating in the operation while their Guard was away.  In response to this threat President Clinton called on the Joint Chiefs to call up the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to deal with the “rebels” of the “Nazi uprising.”

The majority of the Chiefs, along with the vast majority of troops and all of the Marines, however, would have none of it and declared they would stand with the people to defend the Constitution to which they had all taken their oaths.  Small elements of the Army and Air Force stood by the Democrats, but most “defected” to uphold the Constitution rather than take a stand with those who had seized power.  The Battle for D.C. was short and bloody.  The Marine Commandant imprisoned the Clintons, Obamas, and all their Democrat and Republican supporters.  President Trump and his people were reinstalled in power and began to clean up the mess that Democrats had once again wrought on the nation.  The second civil war was over in months instead of years.  But there were still the invasions of California and New York with which to contend that were the least of the difficulties that President Trump would face as leftists around the world called him “usurper” and “dictator.”

The world’s greatest free nation was reborn for the second time, but the nation had been severely weakened.  The seeds of WWIII that had been sown over the years quickly germinated.  While America was being broken the forces of socialism rose up around the world as China and Russia expanded their power.  Islamic revolutions were launched in Europe to rock the West to its core and disrupt any efforts to hold back the forces of totalitarianism.  Before America could recover from its second civil war the world would erupt in flames once again.


It’s not hard to imagine this scenario playing out in some way as we watch Democrats suffering from TDS go to extremes of giving the vote to felons and foreigners in their effort to regain power.  Making their votes “legal” in their states does not make them legitimate, and certainly does not make their actions righteous.  The Washington swamp rats are deeply entrenched and draining that swamp to reveal their corruption could well result in an open civil war as they refuse to go down quietly.  Unless President Trump can stop Democrat’s vast voter fraud, replace Republicans who work with Democrats with Republicans who will work for the people, then an open civil war may well play out.  Such an eventuality would lead to a great weakening of the light of freedom in the world.  The extent of weakening of America will result in the next world war in which socialist domination will again rear its ugly head.  The seeds of this war had already been sown by the left for generations.  But Obama’s weakening of America and empowering of socialists and the Jihad have accelerated their efforts and pushed the world more quickly toward the brink.

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[Author’s Note: Marvel Comics Civil War – Ironman vs. Captain America: This is the comic book version of Globalism vs. Americanism as Ironman chooses to serve the global socialist side of corrupt politicians over the righteousness of Christian America.]

Captain America and the New World Order

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  2. Roy says:

    So many say ‘this is America, it can’t happen here’ while before their very eyes the foundation of American belief’s has been removed from schools. The Left is hateful and very well funded while supported by the media. Defying logic and nature, college kids are brainwashed into believing gender identity is biologically wrong. I can pray that the media reporting that most American’s now believe America is bad and Socialism is good is as fallacious as the predictions that Trump would lose by a longshot. The hatred for Trump and America has exposed just how corrupt we have allowed our government to become. Time for the Democrat party to become extinct.

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  3. LAPhil says:

    I’m glad the good guys won in that scenario. 🙂

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