There is no Leftist Media Bias – Leftwing Media is Pure Propaganda

“Don’t listen to FOX News or conservative talk radio.  Everything Christian conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity says is a lie just like Trump.”

Media coverage whose reporting is 60/40 favorable to one side over the other is called biased.  When it is 90/10 that is pure propaganda.  When the left declares the truth spoken by the right is “hate speech” they justify their fascist violence while falsely claiming to be fighting fascism.  No liberal can cite any instance in which President Trump spoke a word of hatred as their people have done on a multitude of occasions.  How do you overcome these pathological lies to break liberals free from their mythomania?  Liberals become indoctrinated by the left to reject the truth believing themselves to be righteously pure and without sin.  They are coerced into listening only to the leftwing propaganda.  They reject all facts presented by the rightwing while simultaneously believing themselves to be “critical thinkers.”  You cannot be a critical thinker when you do not weigh the facts from both sides of an argument.  And you cannot be fighting fascism when you use fascism to fight the facts by rioting and physically attacking free speech.

Ask any liberal why they believe what they do, and you will get either a blank stare, hemming and hawing, incoherent twaddle, accused of racism, mocked, or, at the very least, a change of subject.  Their reasoning consists wholly of reciting the dogma they’ve been drilled on for years.  Ask them about the substance of Obama’s speeches, his qualifications to have been elected president, and his achievements, and you’ll get lectured on his rainbow rhetoric, called a racist, and deluged with achievements that are either falsely attributed to him or don’t exist.

Obama’s promises included making healthcare less expensive and allow people to keep the medical insurance and professionals of their choice.  Within six months of ObamaCare’s implementation, tens of millions of people quickly realized all that Obama promised was a black lie.  They understood they were deceived as many lost their insurance and doctors forcing them onto ObamaCare and the remainder had their premiums double and triple rather than halve as Obama had claimed they would.

(For those of you who are leftist bigots and don’t understand that a “black lie” is not racism referring to Obama’s skin color, a white lie is a minor disclaimer to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, a gray lie is concealing the truth, and a black lie is deliberately deceiving others to bring them harm.  Only ignorant bigots believe a black lie refers to lies told by black people.)

These are some other facts of which liberals are ignorant:

Russian hacking – It is not possible for Russians to have changed any votes. The Mueller investigation is a fraud meant to distract the unwitty from Trump’s achievements.  Mueller’s erroneous charges of Russian companies for “meddling in the election” are against Russia advertisers on platforms like Facebook.  They did not commit any crimes and are protected by the 1st  One company has responded to Mueller’s charge demanding to be brought to trial and he is folding like a cheap suit.

Global warming – Climate change is a natural occurrence over which mankind has no control.  The erroneous belief that CO2 or any trace gas can alter the climate of the planet is absurd if you know any science.  Liberal’s climate change dogma is based on a religious faith in leftist doctrine.  It is not physically possible for the seas to rise and flood the coasts, and certainly not even remotely possible for the lands to dry up at the same time.  The science of climatology proves that the more the planet warms the more water evaporates and the more rain falls on land.  The science of sociology proves that leftists demanding that the United States become socialist to restore the planet’s climate and keep all life from dying in the next century is pure pap.  This is a Chicken Little scam to part fools from their money.

Islam and rape – Women in Europe and America believe themselves to be sexually free, while at the same time leftist Feminazis declare themselves to be “subjugated by the patriarchy.”  These same women of groups like Code Pink embrace Islam in which women are so repressed that they are forced to wear slave garments and serve the men unquestioningly.  If a woman in Islam is raped she must provide four males as witnesses, and even then, if the man is convicted of rape the woman is convicted of adultery.  He goes to prison for a few months and she is stoned to death.  This is the Koran.  This is why Europe is suffering a massive rape epidemic from Moslem invaders who see their women as sluts and whores making themselves available by displaying their womanhood.  This is typical leftist blaming the victim and justifying the perpetrator.  This is what Feminazis endorse?

If you don’t know these facts then you need to take your head out of your favorite hiding place, clean the sh*t off your eyes and out of your ears, and look around and listen.  Stop being oblivious and remaining an ignorant lemming only believing what the leftwing media feeds you because you are starved of the truth.  That’s why the left doesn’t want their subjects to listen to FOX News or conservative talk radio.  Rush Limbaugh imparts more wisdom in three hours a day than all the leftist media does in a month.  He compares what both sides say and reaches of moral common-sense conclusion.  If liberals listen to good sense, then they learn that they have been duped.  The difference between a liberal and a conservative is simply learning the truth.

People on the right have tired of listening to leftist media constant smears and slanders.  That’s not the same as liberals who are told not to listen to rightwing media.  The former is rejection of known lies while the latter is rejection of known truth.  Overcoming these self-imposed delusions is like overcoming Islam’s deliberate brainwashing forcing people to recite identical dogma five times a day.  It is this kind of conditioning that incites liberals to believe that Trump is responsible for one of his supporters making lunatic bomb scares, and at the same time blame Trump for a Democrat bigot for mass murdering Jews in a synagogue.  They blame the victims and justify the perpetrators just like they did last year when a Bernie Sanders fanatic shot Republican congressmen on a baseball field.

The leftwing media demanded of Trump if he accepts “personal responsibility” for these heinous crimes?  Did Bernie Sanders take personal responsibility for his supporter trying to murder Republicans?  Did Hillary and Obama take personal responsibility for abandoning the embassy at Benghazi to jihadis?  The left never takes responsibility for their actions, but demand that the righteous take responsibility for the crimes of leftists.  This twisted, warped sense of justice and righteousness is why the left is never to be trusted or believed.

This is all the result of leftwing media hate brainwashing their lemmings to believe their own hate is righteousness and that the righteous are hateful.  It is a sickness of the mind that will never be overcome until America falls if Democrats are enabled to regain power in Washington.  Many Democrats, especially minorities, have become disillusioned with the left, but not enough to turn to the right.  The result of this is depressed Democrat turnout at the polls.  But this just enables Democrat pollsters to commit voter fraud by filling out absentee ballots for those who don’t show up.  Democrat voter fraud must be exposed, punished, and eliminated to insure Americans that their elections are fair and just rather than pursing the fictitious Russian boogeyman.

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