The New Follywood – Reverse McCarthyism = Fascism

Liberals deceive themselves into believing their defective political paradigm; that the far right is Nazism, the far left is Communism, and that they are the “enlightened” center of Socialism as the ideal political philosophy.  This flawed logic is based on their belief that the center of the political spectrum is in balance while the ends are for extremists.  But when the paradigm is considered as right vs. wrong then the true paradigm is the right is for liberty, the left is for slavery, and the center is confused.

Left vs. Right – The true paradigm

Roseanne Barr has been a liberal Democrat all her life, but Barack Hussein Obama and Donald J. Trump opened her eyes to her mistake.  Whether or not she will vote Republican after Trump is debatable, but her choice is costing her a reboot of her popular tv show.  ABC fired her on the grounds she sent out a tweet that they consider racist yet is exactly the same as tweets and jokes she has made in the past.  On the left hand is Samantha Bee who didn’t just slander Ivanka Trump in a private setting like Roseanne, but issued a sexist slur on her show, and instead of being fired she is being given an award.  These leftists who say women who don’t support liberal women have a special place in Hell prove they are two-faced leftists first and foremost and above all else.  Since ABC wants to rid itself of Roseanne, but not lose their first #1 show in twenty-four years, they’re trying to remake the show into “Darlene” featuring radical leftist loon Sara Gilbert in the starring role.  Good luck.  Like “Designated Survivor” and “Madam Secretary,” liberals believe they can convince people into supporting their destructive policies once again – if they can fool them into believing they are independents, and that their whacko policies of tax the rich to benefit illegal invaders have become wonderful.

ABC wants to keep “Roseanne” without Trump supporter Roseanne

McCarthyism and the effort to stop socialist indoctrination propaganda

McCarthyism came about during the 1950s when America had new leadership under Republicans for the first time since the 1920s led by General Dwight Eisenhower.  (Most military tend to be conservative Christians due to the nature of their profession.)  Socialism had been on the march for over half a century and had just initiated the largest war in world history.  Russian Communists, German Nazis, Italian Fascists, Japanese Imperialists, and Middle Eastern Islamists had allied together to take on the free capitalist world.  Like Islam centuries before them, their intent was to rule by conquest and impose their ideology on everyone else, which is why the Grand Mufti allied so readily with Hitler.

Liberals use the falling out between Russia and Germany to claim that the two allies were actually opposites and claim that Nazis were far right extremist radical Christians vs. peaceful Communist atheists.  But that lie dies in the most cursory examination of their ideology and their actions in WWII.  There were no Christians in the German hierarchy and no amount of leftist propaganda can make it so.  No matter how often they tell that lie of Russian propaganda, Hitler can no more be portrayed as a Christian than Nathan Bedford Forrest can be made out as a Republican.  Such claims beg the question – who did Jesus say to kill?  When atheists try to tell Christians what Jesus meant, nothing right can come of listening to their version of history.

To stop their spread in the United States, Senator Joe McCarthy initiated a campaign to take leftists out of places of authority wherein they could corrupt the culture.  Socialists in schools teaching, in Hollywood infusing propaganda into entertainment, and in government corrupting all they touched, were rooted out and blackballed from positions of power.  He was demonized by the Democrats for abuse of power because most all of them were from their own party.  Fast forward to today where Hollywood has been overrun by liberal socialist Democrats who are blackballing conservatives and Christians.  People are discovering, perhaps too late, that he was right as those institutions are now thoroughly corrupted by the Left.  And their home of California is making its own national laws of immigration taking in every illegal at the expense of citizens including MS-13 savages as “Dreamers.”

Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as Their Dreamers

Americanism vs. Fascism – A little history goes a long way

McCarthy served under Republican President General Eisenhower who fought Nazis and Communists.  These ideologies are identical socialist totalitarian regimes of government ruling over the masses.  They are no different than Imperialism of the past from which socialism is derived wherein the noble elites ruled over the peasant masses.  Liberals are falsely taught that socialism makes the economy fair for all, when in practice it is always makes the elites powerful as they suck up the wealth and impoverishes the masses making them equal in poverty.  Venezuela is a perfect example of how this happens to a democracy.  People were corrupted till they foolishly voted for bread and circuses only to serve up their prosperity on a platter to Hugo Chavez who died a multi-billionaire while leaving the country in ruins.

In the 1950s, America was enjoying great prosperity, but not because she had engaged in war for four years during World War II.  That is another liberal fallacy that says wars generate wealth.  Wars generate debt as the most superficial examination of history proves just like high taxes generate joblessness.  What made America prosperous was that the rest of the civilized industrial world had been blown to bits and were still rebuilding while America’s industries were all fully intact.  The number of facts that liberals do not understand about wars and socialism and crime in America would fill an encyclopedia.  This is how Obamaite (Obama parasites) Democrats justify forming his armies of BLM and Antifa community agitator fascists claiming they are fighting fascism and racism as they riot and assassinate police.

Islam the ultimate socialist utopia

Socialism is exactly like Islamism.  It is imposed through force because there’s no freedom allowed under a socialist’s rule.  Young people are told that socialism, and its offshoot communism, make societies “fair societies,” sharing the wealth with everyone rather than a few people being able to amass it for themselves.  This is nothing more than parasitism by the greedy and envious who resent those that work hard enough to acquire wealth.  American capitalism guarantees everyone equal opportunity and strives to protect people from crime and corruption.  Socialism guarantees everyone an equal outcome by taking from those who work the hardest and giving to those who work the least.  Although Communism and Nazis share totalitarian governments, they have slightly different economic models, one advocating for the peasantry and the latter forming government unions.  But both crush opposition through genocidal force.  That’s why many liberals can relate to Thanos in the Avengers movie as he wiped out half of humanity for the benefit of the other half.

That doesn’t stop liberals from saying that everyone is treated equally by virtue of being a society that cares for each other, but which punishes those who do not submit to their rule, rendering that claim false.  The fact is that human nature will never allow their socialist utopia to exist because there will always be greedy people who find it easier to take from those who make rather than work for it themselves.  Thus, socialism is the greedy elites leading the greedy masses against the responsible few.  They corrupt the culture to idolize criminals for being able to steal great wealth.  Just look at the movies that come out of Hollywood glorifying criminals committing grand thefts.  They try to justify it by saying that they are stealing from criminals.  But those criminals because corporate CEOs in their minds.

They like to call themselves Robin Hoods.  But when it comes to stealing they are not doing it to help the poor, only themselves.  When government engages in stealing from the rich they are not Robin Hood but Prince John against whose oppression Robin fought.  Robin of Loxley did not steal from the rich to give to the poor.  He rebelled against Prince John’s high taxes taxing the poor to benefit the rich – which is exactly what Democrats do when they impose higher taxes like ObamaCare.  Democrats corrupt history trying to paint Obama has Robin Hood against the evil corporations, but he was just a Prince John soaking the nobles to force them into losing jobs for the people to make them dependent on government.

James Woods slams Obama and Pelosi over Obama’s policies

After Democrats caused the mortgage bank crash, Obama boasted how he added twenty million Americans to his welfare rolls.  He then choked the economy with regulations from the White House going so far as to shut down off-shore drilling and coal mining to make America dependent on foreign powers for energy.  That’s why Trump’s tax cuts and abolition of Obama’s regulations have created vast economic growth, while Obamaism had stifled the country into decline.  But far be it for Obama not to try to take credit for Trump’s economy.  The left has even corrupted American language to try to make words associated with criminals as positives like gangsters and thugs, pimps and hoes, and calls condemnation of their corruption “racism.”

The Delusional World of Liberalism

[Author’s Notes: Don’t get me wrong about prostitutes…  Women selling their bodies for sex because they enjoy it is one thing.  But pimps selling women as sex slaves is another.  I’m not just a conservative Christian, but also a libertarian who believes that morality cannot be legislated.  When government bans drugs and sex that only leads to criminalizing what people are going to do no matter what.  You can’t stop people from destroying themselves with drugs.  You just cause them to commit greater crimes.  These policies such as Prohibition have always been initiated by leftist Democrats.  It’s always politician’s wives who object to prostitution to deter their philandering husbands.  How they became Republican policies, with Democrats reversing course over the last century, has more to do with the corruption of the Republican Party, RINOs allying with Democrats, and the greater corruption of the Democrat Party to wallow in immorality.

Liberal Fascists Blame Trump for Racism

Likewise, condemning Trump for speaking plainly instead of refining his speech like politicians is a poor excuse by NeverTrumpers to bow to political correctness for dignity’s sake.  Speaking the truth, even exaggerating to bring liberal policies to their logical conclusions, is never a bad thing.  This is not the same as leftist’s deliberate deceptions such as trying to create the myth that the Obama regime was transparent and without scandals.  President Trump being a plain-spoken man is a very good thing as there is so much wickedness in leftist ideology that needs to be openly exposed, discussed, and condemned, and you can’t do that if you follow their rules for political correctness and decorum – especially when they violate those rules constantly by mocking and lying about conservatism.]

Dysfunctional liberal minds

The Ugly American – Chelsea Clinton and Liberal Fascism

Two Americas: Americanism or Socialism, Right vs. Left

A conversation with a confused liberal (GoldPopcorn)

Liberals are thoroughly confused and uneducated when it comes to understanding political ideologies and history.  That is why they have striven to take over institutions of learning, so they can rewrite history.  Here is an example of a conversation with a confused liberal who believes Communists and Nazis are not both socialists:

  • wizzid0

I would like to remind everyone that the NAZIs were not Right Wing but were Leftists. It is right there in their name which translates from the German language as “The National Socialist German Workers Party”! That puts the NAZIs far closer to Democrats than to Republicans and Antifa is really confused.

  • 2WarAbnVet

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler, Quoted in John Toland, “Adolf Hitler”, p224

  • GoldPopcorn

No. Socialism was popular at the time. They took the name, but not the ideals. Spin it all you like, you will still be wrong.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

Not so! Communists take the name of republicans falsely, [the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People’s Republic of China, the German Democratic Republican, the Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Venezuela] but Germany’s democratic socialists did not take the name of socialism falsely! The LEFT is the ideology of totalitarian socialism, and both Communists and Nazis are the end results of that ideology wherein the state controls the masses. Both being totalitarian makes them both leftists against the right’s ideology of liberty and republicanism. The leftist paradigm to make Nazis “far right” is false meant to deceive the ignorant like yourself.

  • GoldPopcorn

Yeah, the Nazis called themselves the ‘National Socialists’, and they even nicked some (incredibly benign) socialist policies…   It is, however, a total misnomer, it’s like the World Series, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea The Nazis were fascists. Indisputably. They drew their ideology from Italy’s fascists, who arose in reaction to the Left.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Islamism are ALL branches of the socialist tree. I don’t know what your interpretation of socialism is, but from what you say you probably believe the propaganda that it is benign, fair, and beneficial. But the reality is that all socialism is totalitarianism, which is why it always devolves into its offspring that are brutal totalitarian tyrannical regimes. That is why there is no prosperous socialist country on the planet. Only those that are still sucking away the wealth previously created can make any claim that their socialism works, but it’s just a matter of time before they, too, collapse.

  • GreenSailboat

“took the name and not the ideals” Are you kidding? The Nazis are the [poster] child of Socialism. They wanted to get rid of the Jews because the Jews were rich (and Jewish, there is that) They boo-hooed how it “wasn’t fair” the Jews were rich and how they lost WWI. Give me a break.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.” – ‘The Big Lie.’  The immorality of spreading those lies is why embracing the dark side is so easy.  As Mark Twain pointed out, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  It is the responsibility of the listener to dig out and examine all the facts.  This is called critical thinking and, like projection in which the individual projects their beliefs and reasoning onto others, is known by liberals, but not understood.  That is why liberals always fail in debates, because when they are confronted by all the facts, rather than just those they listen to in their echo chambers, they always resort to denial and name calling like Samantha Bee.  Then other liberals give them awards for their petty slanders and mockery of the righteous.

Leftist ideology is based solely on deception.  They are not an ideology with rightful but different ideas of how to make America great.  Their ideology is wrong for free people and when in conflict with the Right there is no middle ground.  When life is measured in right and wrong then being in the middle making one half right and half wrong is not a good thing.  That is why the Left must not be compromised with but defeated.  As Rush Limbaugh says, “When good compromises with evil, evil wins.”

Obama advocates for revolt if coup fails

Antifa assaults Christians at prayer rally

Schumer trying to cover up Obama’s criminal Spygate

Obamaism vs. Trumpism

Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

[Author’s Note: Having a high IQ and being able to speak does not make one intelligent.  Knowledge is the foundation of wisdom and critical thinking is the key to unlocking the truth.  Millennials have been taught by leftists that their freedom relies on their taking freedom away from those who disagree with them.  I recently saw a book titled, “Bullsh*t” by John Grant wherein the author purported to teach critical thinking in order to undo those who debate with false facts.  The problem was that the author “reserved his harshest critique of those who denied man-made climate change.”  That right there told me this was another leftist fraud.  Critical thinking is a continuous process because fraudsters will die with their lie and continually make new lies when the old ones are exposed.  Take global warming which they claim is caused by the greenhouse effect of man’s CO2 pollution.  Except that CO2 is a heavier than air gas so stays near the ground.  Then it became carbon absorbs heat more thereby heating up the lower atmosphere.  Except that trees feed on CO2 and release oxygen, and all of the Earth’s surface is saturated in carbon that is the basic building block of organic molecules.  Then it became the heat has been absorbed by the ocean depths as a giant heat sink that will eventually melt the ice caps and flood the planet – as if mega water pressure doesn’t generate that heat.  Simultaneously, it will also create a drought that will parch the land because apparently none of that water evaporates in the heat and rains back down.  This is exactly like Obama spying on the Trump campaign and the daily changing stories of his operatives as these leftist criminals run for cover.  Seriously, take the advice of the ditch digger and, when you find yourself digging a hole too deep for you to get out, stop digging!]

Obama advocates for rebellion if Democrat coup fails

Intelligent People Rely on FACTS

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