Lock him up – Nazis vs. Christians; Democrats Make the Nation INSANE!

Democrats are stoking an insane rage in their lemmings with their lies and when Republicans respond in righteous wrath say we have no right to do so and declare that proof that we are the haters.  This is Obama’s America where Democrat Nazis want to assassinate an innocent man they have demonized in the minds of their blithering idiot liberal lemmings.  Judge Kavanaugh will require Secret Service protection for the rest of his life, like Sarah Sanders the first Press Secretary ever to do so, because of liberal wackos who want to kill him over their lies that he is a serial rapist.  They’ve adopted the chant of “lock him up” in reflection of Trumpster’s chant of “lock her up” for Hillary’s actual crimes against the country.  (Another example of how liberals corrupt the truth for their own malicious intent.)  They still applaud her husband the serial sexual predator they voted for and kept in power despite his crimes.

The mental disorder of liberalism is becoming more and more violent as young skulls full of mush are filled with delusions of righteousness fighting evil.  Millions of Americans are infected with the sickness of liberalism.  Not just the sickness of greed and envy, not just the sickness of self-righteous hypocrisy, but the sickness of delusional hate.  Liberalism is the ideology of believing in lies to the point of being willing to murder people over them.  This is Islamism wherein some distant sociopathic Islamist will murder a nearby innocent person, believing they are justified because they somehow associate them with a story they heard about some distant person that they hate.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Liberal wackoism.  Libtards.  Leftwingnuts.  Agitators, activists, anarchists, America haters, man haters, Christ haters.  Radical resistance is the tactics of leftist socialist black shirt fascists of Mussolini and the brown shirt fascists of Hitler and the proletariat bomb throwing Bolsheviks of Marx.  Alinskyites, Obamaites, Hillaryites – parasites all.  The shrill irrational screeching of Democrats exemplifies all that is wrong with leftist politics.  None of them are listening.  Abortion, global warming, Russian collusion, rape trains, tax cuts for the rich, welfare, socialist tax theft, Islam, atheism, and foreign invasion.  Everything they believe is a lie and they are not willing to hear the truth.

These people are neither decent human beings nor civilized.  The sickness of the anti-civilization ideology of the left has not only severely damaged the mentality of borderline psychotics to make them raving lunatics.  Ignorant young people who have not been educated are easily duped into believing whatever they are told, and Democrats want to give these young simpletons the vote.  They deceive them with their lies and young fools follow them blindly like the Piped Piper of Hamlin.

Democrats want the FBI to investigate Republicans until they find proof of guilt that doesn’t exist, or they die in the attempt.  Sickness.  Liberals don’t understand how investigation works.  How could they when they don’t investigate the least little fact but are spoon-fed their delusions?  They don’t understand math, history, sociology, economics, biology, science, or psychology, but they think they are all geniuses.  Monkeys have more sense.

Liberals are becoming more hysterical, more irrational, and more violent.  Not because they are seeing their rights taken away, but because they are losing the power to take away the rights of others, and that is what leftist control freaks live for.  Leftism is about having power over others and being willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get it.  That is why the righteous are referred to as the right and the lying thieves are referred to as the left because they are always wrong.

Democrat leftists declare the innocent guilty until proven innocent.  Kavanaugh accusers give the FBI fictitious names that they cannot investigate and then declare the investigation a fraud when they don’t interview these fictions.  This kind of evil is why debate doesn’t work with Democrats.  In their deranged minds they believe the Christians to be the Nazis and themselves to be angelic without sin.  There is no other way to describe this except as being the mental disorder of mythomania; a person who believes their own lies.  There is not providing proof of reality to them as they don’t accept the truth.  They are blinded by the light.

This entire episode is not about truth, quality, or facts.  This is not just about dirty politics.  It’s about leftist Nazis vs. righteous Christians with the Nazis believing they are acting as Christians and that the Christians are the Nazis.  It is the mirrored world of liberal delusions and there is no escape for the mindless control freaks immersed in them.  There is only their rage and hate and the violence that comes of it.  When a righteous person tries to explain the truth to them they respond by declaring that person has no right to free speech.  This is the evil that America is up against and will either beat down in November or be consumed by.

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I want microphones on everyone in Congress at all times and the FBI to investigate every congress person’s finances and activities 100% of the time.  These people represent us and when they engage in thuggery in the halls of power they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Were this the socialist republic of their dreams they would be taken out back of the Capital and garroted for their crimes.  Democrats and their RINO allies need to suffer the consequences of their crimes instead of being permitted to make laws exempting themselves and rewarding themselves for crimes.

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